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The baby post will be up sometime by monday. This week has been sort of up and down for us. Its been hard to have time to take the pictures together for the baby post during the week nights. So whats the best way to bring up your spirits? (or well mine anyways?) Getting up, having a yummy breakfast and then playing dress up in your closet till you find something that makes you feel good. I love this dress. Its the prettiest subtle pink (pictures don’t really get the color very well). I kept this outfit pretty simple, no real accessories other than my socks, shoes and belt. I liked it that way. Now I just need Kev to come home from work and take me on a nice date. hehe.

Dress & Belt: H&M
Socks: JCrew
Heart and Sole Wedges: c/o Modcloth

Yay! Guess what? We are going to the Horse Races tomorrow in Saratoga!! I am super excited. It’s my first time. My friend Carrie is coming over tonight so we can make ridiculous hats to wear!! Now I just need to figure out what I am going to wear with this hat!

  1. This dress is very flattering on you! I’m sorry that things have been tough lately : / I wish this whole experience of being pregnant was more of a positive one. Have a great weekend Jen!

  2. that dress is gorgeous and i love your hair! you look lovely. how exciting about the horse races!! i’ve always wanted to go–it’s one of those places that is frozen in time in my mind but probably isn’t nearly as elegant in real life.

    i hope your ups and downs turn into ups and ups 🙂

  3. I love the soft wrap detailing on this dress, you look gorgeous. Hope that lovely husband of yours takes you out somewhere nice!


  4. You look gorgeous! Love the dress! I have the same from H&M, but it’s dark blue with white dots. It’s one of my favourite summer dresses this year.

  5. Jen, you look absolutely beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your racing hat!!

  6. This dress is an absolute dream on you – you look fantastic in it, and those sweet wedges with the socks!! Adorable.


  7. Obviously the dress is lovely but the side pony looks effortless yet chic today. Beautiful.

    I hope you see some harness racing! The jockey is in a little carriage behind the horse – it’s the strangest thing to see in person.

  8. I did exactly the same thing yesterday with the whole taking pictures thing. Love the dress and wedges! 🙂

  9. oh my my my…that is one gorgeous dress and those shoes are soooo cute!! i love them with the socks. one day i’m going to find your house & steal your wardrobe, xo

  10. You put your best effort everyday to look gorgeous, congrats, that dress is lovely… and the shoes with dots so cute 😀

  11. Hi, Jen! After your last post sent me over to Etsy, I started shopping around to see what things I need to spend my money on. I came across this print and thought of you immediately – you NEED this print to go with your moustache photos!×11 🙂

  12. This is so grecian and amazing on you!

  13. Oh my gosh i die!! This outfit is ridiculously adorable!!

  14. You look radiant! I love the simplistic look. Can’t wait to see your hat.

  15. u are so freakin precious. and no matter what you wear, u exude this happy glow. gorgeous 🙂

    xo, Kim

  16. this is such a sweet outfit. Love the dress!

  17. you are the sweetest little preggo lady! I love your outfit. and I hope you do get to go on a nice date and feel better!

  18. Horse races are so cool. My friend has a horse races themed wedding and everyone wore fantastic hats. Have fun , Jen! Prettiest outfit from you yet 🙂

    B from A plus B

  19. The dress is so beautiful, you look like a greek goddess 🙂 An dthe shoes, they re so cuteee 🙂 Have fun at the races!

  20. What a pretty dress! And those shoes are super cute!!! 🙂

  21. that dress looks great on you! plus you make socks and sandals look so cute 🙂

  22. BEAUTIFUL !!

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