The Ardent Sparrow Giveaway!

Yay!! A giveaway!! Want to win a $35 dollar gift certificate to The Ardent Sparrow? I sure would! I was trying to pick just 2 images to use for this post but I couldn’t even pick my 2 favorites, there were just too many beautiful pieces of jewelry!! Haha I ended up having to make this 9 picture grid because everything is too pretty!!

To enter this $35 gift certifcate giveaway all you have to do is go and visit The Ardent Sparrow and pick your favorite piece and leave the link here in a comment. Simple as that!

Giveaway will be open from now until Tuesday Evening. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday.
Good Luck!

  1. The Between the woods and Frozen Lake necklace is incredible, and pretty much describes my life in winter in the Adirondacks!

  2. Choose just one?!?!?!
    They are all soooo nice!!!

  3. all of the items are so wonderful! adorable! perfect!

    I think that if i had to chose just one it would have to be:

    i LOVE it all though… i hope i win so i don’t have to break my shopping ban! πŸ˜‰

    thank you so much!


  4. Ahhhh so many cute pieces–it’s hard to pick just one!! If I HAVE to, I’d say the Lilac Fair Necklace is my favorite ( A close second is the teapot necklace!

  5. im going to have to go with this one, i have a bit of an owl obsession! haha! between the woods had me at a close second though!! =)

  6. Oh wow, there are so many amazing pieces! I love the darker color of the Catherine necklace for fall.

  7. I absolutely love this butterfly necklace:

  8. This one seems to be a front-runner:

    I love it too!

  9. Ok, please believe me when I say I went to the etsy shop. Pick one? I can’t do it. I would honestly be happy with anything from the whole shop. So gorgeous!!!!!!

  10. So many lovely things – you are right it is hard to pick just one but I think my fav is the I’ll Love You Forever… I’ll Like You for Always, Necklace.

  11. There are so many lovely things. But if I were to choose one thing it would be the Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace!

  12. Alisha •

    It’s so hard to pick one! I actually think I like every single thing in this shop, but this one is my favorite:

    I love owls.

  13. I love the “I’ll Love You Forever… I’ll Like You for Always, Necklace”. Thanks for letting us know about such a cute shop!

  14. Oh they are all so wonderful! I LOVE When I Consider Every Thing that Grows, Necklace the most! Oh how I want it!!


  15. everything is so lovely! i want it all! i absolutely love this necklace especially: so simple and beautiful.

  16. oooooo …. this is a good one. I’m not sure I can officially say which is my favorite. But I do LOVE LOVE LOVE this: Just a huge fan of the twisted band of the ring with the gorgeous flower. But I also fell in love with about 3 items that came before and thirty items that came after in the short ten minutes I’ve perused thus far.

    Also a huge fan of the “I Wrote You a Love Letter” necklace that you have featured in the photos you selected….it’s amazing.

    Adding this shop to my faves immediately. Great find!

  17. Such a hard choice, but I think I like the Nesting necklace ( best.

  18. sondra •

    lots of cute things to choose from! and great prices!

    it was hard to choose, but I have to go with:

  19. Jennifer •

    Everything is so pretty! This owl necklace is too cute!

  20. Maggie •

    These are SO cute! I’ll definitely be shopping on this site… My favorite would have to be:

  21. connie tacazon •

    I love lost at sea. Wow, I think seahorses is my new addiction.

  22. Maggie •

    I love this:

    I would even write my own tiny love letters and tuck them in there! So lovely.

  23. Wow! There are truly so many cute things! I wanted to buy half the shop up. My favorite is the one below:

  24. Dotty dot dot •

    First, I fell in love with this owl (… and then I fell in love with the fact that these are Canadian-made!! Woot!

  25. It’s so hard to pick just one! Everything in her shop is gorgeous!

  26. I don’t wear rings that often, but I think I would have to make an exception for this one! It’s so beautiful with that ever-so-pale pink πŸ™‚

  27. The “Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace”!!! The owl is so freakin’ adorable!


  28. Wonderful pieces! Thanks for sharing her with us!

    I can’t pick between two! So I choose the Antoinette Earrings or the If I had to pick just one… gah… don’t torture me! Maybe the necklace??

  29. I loved everything in her shop..I’d like to win these:

    They’re so unusual. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Oh my, I am in love with this one:

    Gotta love an owl on a branch!


    ^^That one! I have an obsession with heart shaped jewelry:)
    Fingers crossed!

  32. I really like the “What Can I Do But Love You” and “Minty Fresh” Earrings. Both would look fantastic against a black top. Thanks so much!

  33. Yes, oh man this shop is AMAZING. My fave has to be the Lily necklace. Sooo pretty.

  34. Holy mackeral I LOVE the “Between the Woods and Frozen Lake” necklace. Beautiful!

  35. The twice as good ring. I love it πŸ™‚

  36. elizabeth •

    I want everything! But mostly I want the Hold Me Close to Your Heart necklace.

  37. MeganS •

    So hard to pick just one favorite, but the How Do I Love Thee Necklace ( made me stop and go, “Oh. OH.”

  38. Ok so I have to give you two granted I love all her peices and own two pieces already! but here you go!

  39. I love them all but one of my favorites is this cute little owl charm I think if I won I would share this with my daughter maybe

  40. So many choices! But I had to go with the bc it was just so romantic!

  41. You’re right…it’s definitely hard to pick just one! I love the From You Have I Been Absent in Spring Necklace.

  42. Meagan •

    Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace is one of my favorites! πŸ™‚ I hope I win ::crossing fingers::

  43. Hannah •

    Oh my word, her jewelry is so dainty and beautiful. I love the little owl on the
    “Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue, Necklace”.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! πŸ™‚

  44. I LOVE the steel magnolias ring! it’s so simple but very different. i can see why it was hard to pick just a couple of pictures!

  45. The “Or So I Have Been Told” ring, because I have earrings to match!

  46. They are all so lovely but the Cherry on Top Ring is adorable!!

  47. OMG…Thanks for sharing about this site….everything are so pretty…It’s too difficult to choose probably this is my fave ….

  48. What a great site! The pieces are just so romantic looking! I looked through the whole site…but this one on the first page caught my eye right away! The color is beautiful πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  49. So great! I love the I Wrote You A Love Letter necklace πŸ™‚ Pretty!

  50. Flying By The Vine is gorgeous; it reminds me of those displays you see of butterflies that have been preserved and you can see their beautiful wings. πŸ™‚

  51. Kirsten •

    I love the Venetian Gondola Ride Bracelet!

  52. It is definitely the “Hold Me Close Next to Your Heart Never to Part Baby of Mine” Necklace. I am a huge fan of Matryoshkas. And bacon, but I did not see any bacon-themed jewelry.

  53. Bonnie •

    The colors in all The Ardent Sparrow’s pieces are so pretty! I loved the “semi charmed kinda life” necklace right away! (With the little owl and a branch) Thanks for hosting the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  54. after seeing all the lovelies in the shoppe, this pixie-haired girl picked the prettiest of pretty Sweet Treat Bobby Pins as her fave to sport around while her bangs haphazardly grow longer in these lazy summer months. too cute!


  55. Bernadette Hobson •

    I think the Sweet dear in gold earrings are lovely.

  56. Do I have to pick only one? This necklace is beautiful:

  57. Such cute stuff! I’m loving the rings.

    My favorite:

  58. love love LOVE the good night, sleep tight necklace! But it was very hard to pick!! Everything is sooo adorable!
    Crossing my fingers that I win this one, because everything is so cute and I never win giveaways!


  59. Oh my goodness, soooo many beautiful pieces. My fave however, is the “If I Could Write the Beauty in Your Eyes, Ring” – perfect cocktail ring.

  60. wow it really is hard to pick just one! her jewelry is amazing. I’d say it’s a tie between Silence Gets Too Hard To Handel ( and Montmartre (

    Thanks for introducing this seller to us! and the giveaway πŸ™‚

  61. this was really hard to pick just one!
    but it would have to be:
    expecting my first baby in september so this seems fitting. =)

  62. Erin A. •

    Everything is so pretty! I really like this necklace though:

  63. Supermom •
    I love birds so this is just so darling to me

  64. All of this stuff is amazing!! I love that it is cute and affordable- my favorite combo.

    If I had to choose it would be these bobby pins:

    I am “known” for always having a flower in my hair (something I can get away with as the wacky art teacher!) and these would totally match my new favorite maxi dress that you inspired me to buy πŸ™‚


  65. Shannon •

    It is tough to pick a favorite! I would have to go with…. either a) the carosel , b) the peacock , or c) an owl
    I’d probably end up picking the owl though, it is just too cute!

  66. These are the cutest things I’ve seen in such a long time! Love them!

  67. My favorite is the I Wrote You A Love Letter Necklace! So Sweet!


    thiiiiiis one!
    wow – so so SO cute. love the bright colors on the antique-y everything else.
    tres cute.

  69. I’m loving all of them. But i think this one is really cool.

  70. Beautiful! The rings might be my favorite!

  71. Sarah O •

    So much to choose from! Out of six things I really loved, I randomly chose this:

  72. Wow. Just my type of jewelry- dainty and pretty.

    I like the Bring me sunshine bobby pins. To die for!

    B from A plus B

  73. So many beautiful things! My favourite is the “From You Have I Been Absent in Spring Necklace”

  74. Rachel •

    I love all the jewellery! My favourite piece is…


  75. Annette •

    What beautiful jewellery! Love the ‘I Wrote You a Love Letter, Necklace’ –

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    Love Annette xx

  76. I LOOOOVE the high tea necklace…I drink my body weight in tea on a daily basis and have been looking for a teapot necklace for a while….

    soooo perfect!


  77. katiemax •

    Gorgeous pieces! I couldn’t choose just one – here are my two faves:

    Between the Woods and Frozen Lake
    A Distant Star

  78. Wow, it was so hard to pick only one item! But I absolutely love the “Dream a little of me”-necklace.
    – Liss

  79. Stefanie Domingues •

    I have been looking for that “I love you” necklace for so long. I need it πŸ™‚

  80. Wow, what beautiful jewellery! It’s going to be hard to pick a favourite but this is definitely one of mine:
    So beautiful!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway πŸ™‚

  81. What gorgeous jewelry!! My fave is the “Silence Gets Too Hard to Handle” Necklace. I love finding great new artists on Etsy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. OMG, just one??? How can I pick just one. I couldn’t even finish looking at all the pages because I already picked 5 things!

    Here is my #1 out of the 5 I picked:
    The Silence gets to hard to handle

    I also love these:
    Wrote you a love letter- HOW cute is this!!

    here are some more pics of mine:

    I am sure I would have picked more!!

  83. There are so many beautiful pieces!! I love this one..

  84. I love it all but I am particularly fond of “From her heart did fly” Necklace. Pretty!

  85. I had hard time choosing only one as well but … I adore this one: I love birds, they seem so free and calm

  86. I love the “between the woods and frozen lake” necklace!

  87. Absolutely gorgeous jewelery, especially these:

  88. That was difficult! Everytime I thought I had found what I wanted to post, I would turn to the next page a nd see like 5 more things! It is all quite beautiful, but if I HAD to pick just one, it would be this one…

  89. They’re all so beautiful, my favorite is The silence seemed to speak bracelet:

  90. Seems a lot of people agree with me – – this necklace is quite beautiful in its simplicity!

  91. So feminine and beautiful! Great giveaway – I’m trying to pick my favorite from these two …

    Love the boldness of this one …

    … and the sweetness of this one!


  92. Ohh my goodness! How to pick just one! I can see why you had a hard time!

    I looooove this one:

    I also love this one too:

    Everything in the shop is amazing!!! Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  93. So many pretty items!!! I love the ‘Thy End is Truth’s’ earrings. So lovely!

  94. I never try for these things, but this is too good to pass up! I would like this one!

  95. I just love all the rings. They are so gorgeous. My favorite is the raspberry sorbet ring So many beautiful things, I made sure to add them to my etsy favorites!

  96. Ashley A •

    So hard to choose just one. All the pieces are just lovely!

    Love reading your blog πŸ™‚

  97. that store is so darling! I would love to own every item in there including the The Silence Seemed to Speak, Bracelet! I love the colour and the vintage feel to it!

  98. Maegan •

    Oh my gosh, all of it is so adorable! I’ve been looking for a new necklace and this one is so adorable. Amazing! Thank you!

  99. Melissa •

    I canÒ€ℒt pick just one! So many beautiful pieces! And theyÒ€ℒre so reasonably priced so that gift card could get me a couple pieces 


    Love these earrings. Not too fussy but make a dramatic impact.

  101. Jennifer H. •

    I love the Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue Necklace! That little owl is adorable. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! My fingers are crossed!

  102. I love, love, love the If I Could Write the Beauty in Your Eyes, Ring

  103. Natasha •

    It i so hard to pick just one but since I have to, this bracelet is it!

  104. It’s all so cute! This little owl would be my best friend…

  105. Stephanie L. •

    Everything is so beautiful. It was hard to narrow it down to just one, but I think I would get the most use out of this necklace:

  106. I LOVE THE RINGS! Seriously, they’re all amazing.
    That would have to be one of my favorites!

    Again, great giveaway!

  107. The necklace with the owl on a twig! It’s adorable!

  108. Wow! almost everything from them is so beautiful! But I’m really digging the love letter necklace!

  109. rebecca •

    the catherine necklace is so pretty and perfect for fall!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  110. Beene31 •

    This bracelet is so cute…and I have the perfect outfit to go with it!

  111. Eleana •

    I love this necklace!
    I adore bird necklaces and love the little blue accent beads!
    have a good weekend

  112. Audrey •

    my favorite were these earrings! thanks so much for hosting such great giveaways!

    These pretty purple and silver earrings. Purple is my favorite color!

  114. The Refuge from a winters wind is pretty. But that love note one is adorable too. Thanks for highlighting this website, I have been looking all the time and the jewelry on etsy and this one is quite special. She has some really pretty things.

  115. Geraldine Joanne •

    The Silence Seemed to Speak Bracelet is so pretty! Would love to get this elegant piece.

  116. my favourite…
    reminds me of earrings i had as a kid!

  117. I really like the ‘ll Love You Forever… I’ll Like You for Always, Necklace! I’m going to a wedding soon and wearing a nectarine-colored dress, and i am obsessed with the combination of that color and the aqua of the necklace. everything is so lovely, thanks for putting this together!

  118. Heather Pogor •

    “When I consider everything that grows” necklace… Love!


  119. While everything is beautiful in the store, I think I have to choose the “Between the Woods and Frozen Lake Necklace.” I am originally from the Northeast and two things that I miss the most are the trees (and the birds that come with them) and the lakes/rivers. Now that I live in Texas I appreciate these things so much more than I did when I lived in the area.

  120. It’s soooo hard to pick just one! I’m obsessed with owls so I love this one I also really love all the rings. I added Ardent Sparrow as a favorite on my etsy account πŸ™‚

  121. How delicate these all are! As I do not have pierced ears, I peeked at all the beautiful necklaces and rings. Quickly found my favorite with:! How could one not fall in love with a miniature movable carousel? What a treasure trove this is!

  122. Phew, you really made us work for this giveaway. There are so many beautiful pieces its hard to choose just one. I finally narrowed it down to this necklace:

    I hope I win!

  123. i’m in love with the “cherry on top” ring…so cute!!

  124. Jessica T. •

    I agree with all of you! I’m loving all of the items in this shop! But this is my favorite…

    I love that it’s gold, which makes it seem classy and timeless, but the bloom on top gives it a little bit of whimsy, and I love whimsy :o)

  125. Heather M. •

    So I didn’t have to look far… I instantly fell in love with the “Don’t Call It Love, Earrings”
    So pretty!!!

  126. I love this rasberry sorbet ring I’ve been looking for a silver ring with a pop of color and this one is perfect!

  127. Caitlin •

    The “Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue” is adorable! Love the shop!

  128. Meghan •

    I’m loving anything in a dusty rose color right now, so I would totally go with the “My Love A Lilac Fair” necklace!!

    Thanks to both Jen and The Ardent Sparrow for this giveaway!

  129. Natalie C •

    I Love love love the jewelry on this etsy site!!! I really like the My Voice a Beacon in the Night necklace! anything with owls makes me smile!

  130. It’s all soooo gorgeous! I love The Leaves of Brown came Tumbling down earrings… really unusual and so pretty!

  131. Jessica Eubanks •

    I love the Semi Charmed Kinda Life in Pink and Blue necklace! And pretty much everything else, too πŸ™‚

  132. Caroline •

    I love the ‘I Wrote You a Love Letter’ necklace! All of the jewelry is beautiful, but this is definitely my favorite!

  133. I love the steel magnolias ring!! So cute!

  134. I am digging the “between the woods” necklace. I am absolutely in love with nature themed jewelry.

  135. Oooh! Love!

  136. I forgot to add a link! I love the Lonely Lotus Earrings (

  137. Picking just one was so difficult!
    It came down to either the Lily Necklace or the I wrote you a love letter.. but in the end I have to choose the Lily, it’s just so cute and darling! (

  138. Oh my goodness I couldn’t decide! But definitely the envelope necklace, or the high tea, or the monmatre! Okay all of them!

  139. i wrote you a love letter is so precious!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  140. I really like the Bounteous Gift earrings, and all of the rings

  141. Thank you for introducing me to this store. I love it.

  142. Every piece is stunning! I do think the Nesting Necklace is my favorite, though. Such a simple, pretty piece.

  143. emily f. •

    Ooh! I’m lovin’ the “Put Your Heart Back Together” earrings! Cute shop!

  144. I love pretty much everything on that site! My favorite is the ‘If I Could Write the Beauty In Your Eyes Ring’ though!


    I’m delurking for this give away! What a beautiful Etsy shop, and I love your blog!

  146. Well, I think I could pick about 37 things but I really need some new earrings and these are just perfect! Gorgeous!

  147. Lindsey •

    The “I wrote you a love letter” ( necklace is unbelievably cute!! I love it!!


  148. Erykah •

    I LOVE everything!! It’s SO shabby chic style..sooooo cute! If I had to choose I would definetely go with this because I love the combo of colors and overall look!

  149. So many beautiful pieces, and such thoughtful and creative names.. I lovelovelove the Warm Whispers necklace The colors are just gorgeous!

  150. Elissa •

    Akk! Everything is so pretty! I’m especially fond of this bracelet:
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Pick one???!?! IMPOSSIBLE!!! This ring is tied for first among all the rings I love:

    Love Love Love!

  152. Ashley •

    My Voice a Beacon in the Night Necklace is adorable!!! I’d LOVE to win this!!!

  153. meeyeehere •

    The Leaves of Brown Came Tumbling Down, Earrings are so wonderful! I just want to wear them every day and be buried in them when I die!!!! I was gonna be cremated but If I win then I won’t be because it would hurt my lovely earrings!!!Thanks and got my fingers crossed.

  154. So many cute stuff. Even I had a hard time picking just one link. πŸ™‚

  155. I really love the fly far far away necklace! This shop is absolutely gorgeous!

  156. I love the I wrote you a love letter necklace. It’s such a great and simple design but really touching. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  157. The Semi Charmed Kinda Life or Sleep Tight necklace are so cute!

  158. Rebekah •

    i love the middle one!

  159. My Voice a Beacon in the Night, Necklace
    High Tea Necklace
    its unbareable to decide!!

  160. They say that nothing grows ring is just adorable! Its so hard to pick my favorite!

    Great giveaway – crossing my fingers I will win!

  161. My favorite piece is:

    I really think these would look lovely in my hair!


  162. vanessa •

    SO lovely!
    My favorites: When I Consider Every Thing that Grows Necklace & Unlooked Necklace


  163. Melissa •

    Most definitely this!!!

    I have been looking for a perfect envelope necklace and this might take the cake!

  164. Oh, man, so hard to choose! It’s all so precious! But, if I haddd to choose, it would be the Semi Charmed Kinda Life necklace! I can’t resist pretty little owls. πŸ™‚

  165. Jennifer •

    I really love these Tinkerbell earrings:

  166. You always have such cool giveaways, and this one is no exception! I love the name and look of the “Semi Charmed Kinda Life” necklace!

  167. I love SO many things it is so hard to choose!! But I really love the Steel Magnolias ring, it’s so dainty & elegant!

  168. Margaret •

    I love SOO many of the pieces on her site! I had to settle on just picking one of my faves:

  169. Mandie •

    I LOVE your stuff… all so cute and sweet! This is one of my favs!

  170. Her stuff is so cute!! It was hard to choose but this necklace is absolutely gorgeous, has to be my favorite

  171. I love the Venetian gondola ride bracelet!

    Love everything in the shop!

  172. Jessica •

    Thank you for introducing us to such an amazing artist. I couldn’t help falling in love with the I’ll Love you Forever necklace. I can hear Robert Munsch being read to me by my mom when I saw the name.

  173. Brittany •

    I really found it hard to choose my favorite piece. There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from and if I had the chance I would probably buy them all. I am in love with the ‘Steel Magnolias’ ring. Its absolutely stunning.

  174. I *love* the “Grateful” earrings!

  175. I am absolutely in love with this I Wrote You a Love Letter necklace….so cute and creative!

  176. I love the Cherry Picking, Earrings!!

  177. I love the montmartre necklace!!

  178. I’m loving the Raspberry Sorbet ring:

  179. hey!
    some of the most beautiful things I’ve seen lately :X i really love the montmartre necklace,

  180. i’m crazy about the “high tea necklace”…the first thing that caught my eye <3

  181. Amanda •

    wow. this was a real challenge. i would love to own any of the pieces from this shop.
    i love butterflies, and this ring is simply stunning.

  182. wow, what a find! such beautiful, high quality jewelry!
    my favorite:

    though it was hard to choose just one! πŸ™‚

  183. Definitely adoring the “Between the Woods and Frozen Lake, Necklace” – it’s stunning and totally my style. beautiful, beautiful.

  184. Marissa •

    I love these pieces…so pretty and delicate. A definite conversation piece!

  185. I would have to say Semi Charmed Kinda Life in pink and the Tinkerbell earrings are my faves. Such beautiful work!!

  186. Elissa •

    It’s a tie between the brass cathedral earrings and the “I Wrote You a Love Letter” necklace. That necklace is one of the most original (and charming) I have ever seen!

  187. Johanna •

    I just love thee High Tea, Necklace. So fun and it’s a tea pot. Who wouldn’t like that?

  188. Hmm – hard to choose! This might be my favorite though-

  189. i love the My Love a Lilac Fair, Necklace! πŸ™‚

  190. All of these items are so adorable, it was a challenge to choose just one! The one item that stood out to me the most had to be:

  191. I love everything, but have been in the market for a new bracelet. Love this:


    it’s almost impossible to choose one ring that i love.. but this one is simple, unique and vintage at the same time. i LOVE it. i’d love something this simple for an engagement ring.
    i’m a simple girl. haha.

  193. Wow, I really love all their jewelry! I think regardless of whether I win or not, I’ll be purchasing something from their store! Thanks for introducing us to a great shop.

  194. I am just head over heels with that cute little owl.
    And I’m probably at the end of this never-ending list of comments too! Great giveaway & great blogs.

  195. Elizabeth Ann •
  196. I wished I didn’t have to choose just one favourite, but I’ll go for the “For Love of You” ring:!

  197. between the woods and the frozen lake is my fav. I always read “the runaway bunny” to my son and my fav line is about the mama being the tree the lil bird/bunny flies home to and the necklace reminded me of that.

  198. What an amazing shop! It’s very very hard to choose! This is one of my many favorites:

  199. I am in LOVE with the As I Shall Search for Words Ring. What a beautiful store!!

  200. OMG this stuff is so cute! I love your blog and u have such good taste! Thanks for showing us this gorgeous jewelry!!!

  201. Oh my goodness! Everything is so adorable!

    I am diggin’ the Lily Necklace.

  202. So hard to choose a favorite but I love the Crimson Tide ring!

  203. refuge necklace is my fave!! πŸ™‚

  204. Shelley Gomez •

    I love the Semi Charmed life owl pendant necklace…although it was very hard to choose just one favorite….everything is so Beautiful!!!!


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