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We are going with a laid back summer look today. Nothing super fancy but its my staple kinda look for down days. Jean shorts, a tank, hair up, long necklace and a cardigan for evening walks with Kev. I think I would have liked being pregnant into the fall ( I don’t want to go longer- just for fashion reasons). I would have enjoyed the light layering that comes with early fall. I found these dexter shoes at goodwill last year and have been in lots of style files but they really are the most comfortable shoes- like slippers especially when I don’t tie them up.

Like my crazy headband? haha I love it! I got it in the mail last week from modcloth and I have been wearing it non stop. It has wire in it so it stays in whatever position you put it in. Its like the most ingenious idea ever. I don’t know why I haven’t owned something like this before. Any bad hair day can turn into something super cute with this thing.

So did you know I had gauges in my ear? I have never said anything about it before, or taken a close up but I have been getting a lot of emails about them. I guess some of you are starting to catch on. I have had them since I was 18. I tired once to take them out because I thought I was enough of a “grown up” to not have them, but it lasted like a couple months and I felt so much not like myself I had to put them back in. I am not sure when I will finally take them out but it’s def. a part of me for now. So to answer some of the questions I have gotten. They are a 00g. I stretched them myself slowing. It did hurt just a little when I would stretch them. No, I didn’t have a punch taken out of my ear. I don’t know if they will ever close all the way back up and I usually just get my earrings at Hot Topic (haha I know cool right?) Yes, I had them as a teacher- I did not hide them and The kids would whisper a lot when they would find out and then ask a lot of questions. It is not for everyone I know, but to each there own, right?


Hope you all try to have a laid back relaxed kinda day today!

Through the Wire Headband in Roses: c/o Modcloth
Boyfriend Cardigan: Banana Republic
Key Necklace: c/o The Refinery Boutique
Tank: Maternity Tank from Target
Shorts: Liz Lange for Target (maternity)
Shoes: Thrifted Dexters from Savers

  1. Totally awesome shoes and headband! Those touches really make the outfit 😀

  2. Jen, you look amazing! Love your outfit, but really, you could be wearing anything and that glow would come through. 🙂

  3. Ha I’m soooooo unobservant!!! I never noticed before! I just thought you were wearing big studs. Haha i’m such a goof. Meanwhile, even though you feel comfy – you still look super cute!

  4. Oh wow, I never noticed the gauges before!
    I love it. When I was in high school I wanted to get gauges but I never did. Ohh well. Instead I get tattoos now. 😉 I only have two so far but I have plans for many more. Like you said, it’s not for everybody…to each his own. 😉

  5. Love the scarf on your hair looks great. 😀

  6. My God Jen, Can I just eat you for dessert? You are unfairly darling for a 9 month pregnant woman. I was a beast at this point – and here you are, fashionable and adorable.

    I don’t look that good in jean shorts now.

  7. You look adorable as always Jen. I noticed your gauges a few weeks ago and I totally love them. They 100% work on you and give you that little bit of an edge that just rocks. I know what you mean about feeling like to much of a grown up and thinking you should let that stuff go. I’m 37 and have a bright red streak on one side of my hair and I would not feel like myself either if I got rid of it.

  8. you must not show your ears a lot because ya, after all this blog reading i have yet to notice that either! i had mine stretched to the same size as you and i took them out a few years ago and they closed up just fine, so no worries for when you do decide to take them out!

  9. oh goodness, i almost forgot…this is such a cute outfit! i know sometime i will find myself looking ‘boring’ when i wear jeans and a tee or tank however that headband just livens everything up, doesn’t it? that’s what accessories are perfect for! also, that IS ingenious to have wire in it…it’s one of those “duh” things that you’re just like, really…someones just thinking of this now?! haha!

  10. I’ve been reading your blog for the last year and all this time I have known you’ve had gauges! I never saw you mention anything about them, and I always wondered in the back of my head if you were trying to hide them. I guess that makes me extra observant if a bunch of other readers never noticed?! Ha! You look great, I love your laid back outfit! You are so lucky to be one of those cute pregnant women!

  11. rebekah •

    love your shoes with that outfit. thought you might like a friend of mine’s etsy necklace. can’t wait to see your little girl on this blog!


  12. you look SO adorable in these pictures!

    i had my ears to 00 also (started at 16 and took them out at 26) i took them out about three years ago and i still have visable holes in my ears – i can wear normal earrings but sometimes they look a little silly, depending on the style. i dont know why i thought it was time but i think i missed having the option of wearing whatever style earrings i wanted. i often miss it though.

  13. Oh, I definitely noticed 😉 It’s nice to see fellow bloggers (fashion bloggers, even) proudly displaying stretched ears. Mine are at 1/2″, and yes I even took them out for a year when I got an office job. Eventually I started missing them and they are now back up to my perfect size. I love them and I would not change them at all (even for my boyfriend who is not too keen on them).

    I love being able to put natural materials into my ears (bamboo, wood, stone), and my favorite pair are the ones found here because they are bright and vibrant and have white streaks across the faces.

  14. I cant believe that i’d never noticed that before! Thats so weird! I love the laid back look, casual lazy days are just the best! Such a great outfit! I really need to get some denim shorts that i can actually fit in now, but i guess theres no point with summer nearly being over!

  15. just 1 thing…… fall in love with affordable plugs.

  16. Your headband is the first thing I noticed on this post – adorable! I love the way it sits the way that you’ve worn it here. I also admit that I never noticed the gauges, but they definitely suit you!


  17. I always just thought you were wearing big studs….I used to have piercing in each ear including cartilage….but one day I devcided that I had to be an adult now and took them out. I wish I hadn’t…they were part of my personality and to me they told a story.
    As I always say…you are such an adorable preggo!!

  18. Cute headband! I never went to a 00 with stretching my ears, but I went as far as a 4 gauge when I was a teenager. I couldn’t wear studs for the longest time after taking them out because they’d just fall out of my ears. Over the years they’ve closed back down to ‘normal’ piercing size though.

  19. I think this is my favorite Style File ever!

    I saw a woman with hoops and dangling pearls threaded through her gauges. Stunning and so elegant!

  20. I’ve been wondering for a while if they were gauges, or if I was just seeing button-style studs. I like that they are gauges!
    I have one gauged hole in my ear (I have one earring hole on one side, two on the other, it’s this second one which is gauged) to 0g and noone notices it! It kind of bugs me.
    I guess it does get noticed occasionally but, like with my tattoos, I still don’t look like the kind of person who would have body mods – I don’t think you do either (but we do, and that’s rad).

  21. Cute casual outfit, and what a great headband! Like the gauges, too! 🙂

  22. Oh wow, I never noticed your gauges (and I didn’t know that’s what they’re called either, I learned something today). I always feel the urge to poke my finger through them when I see someone with big gauges 🙂 but I’ve restrained myself so far, I have a feeling they wouldn’t appreciate it.
    I know what you mean about them becoming a part of you. I have two big rings that I always wear. If I don’t wear them I feel naked and not myself.

  23. i love your gauges! man – makes me really miss mine – i took mine out about 6 years ago! my husband was just telling me to put them back in the other day. i had one size up from yours (1/16s) and they are pretty much fully closed. heavy earrings = bad idea because they look like slits when the weight pulls down the holes but otherwise you should be just fine if you ever take them out.

    ps – you look sooo cute! love your outfit! xo

  24. cute outfit! i also have gauges. what size are you?

  25. Love the headband. Very I love Lucy.

  26. I never noticed you have gauges, that’s awesome! I always wanted them in high school but never got around to doing it. & I love your headband and shoes, you look darling as always! You’re pretty much the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen, no lie 🙂

  27. I never noticed you had gauges before either! I love them – such a sweet little “punk” detail about you 😉 Like my septum piercing! I usually don’t wear it down much, but it’s just the kid in me still that I can’t let go of!

  28. whoah I never noticed the gauges! suit you though!!

  29. this might be my fave look of yours! adorable & awesome

  30. absolutely adorable but i have to ask how comfortable those shorts are? Are they full / semi panel? i’ve been debating on finding some maternity shorts but haven’t gone in to try any on yet.. let me know!

  31. i’m a very silent long-time reader of your blog, and if i’m ever pregnant, i only hope i look as cute as you!

    just a note on your earrings…. i think they’re great! i don’t even have my ears pierced, which is it’s own sort of uniqueness these days, but i do like the look of gauges.
    my sister got her ears pierced for christmas, and started stretching. she’s at a 8G now, and debating when to size up -she likes her current earrings too much!-they’re some sort of seashell, alabone perhaps? and hang down looking like little wings.
    if you’re ever thinking of getting some non-hot topic earrings, you should check out – they have some adorable/awesome plugs that i would love to have (if my ears had holes). made of wood, some with inset stone/gems, some with laser etched designs or even pandas! (i have nothing to do with this company, i just like the look of products, and thought you might too – when i see things i like but can’t have, i want other people to get them so i can live vicariously! )

  32. Elissa •

    I never noticed the gauges! Admittedly, I am not a fan of gauges in general, mostly because it makes the rest of one’s ear look disfigured and saggy. But YOU, you have practiced moderation in the size of your gauge which is key, and it’s actually rather subtle and cute! Nice!

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