The Swapaholics

I think one of my new favorite things are  clothing swaps and no one does it better than the duo behind The Swapaholics. Punky and Melissa are awesome and know how to run a good swap. I look forward to them everytime. This one was especially fun because Kev came, Julie and Chris came and our friend Adam was there. Want to hear a funny store. Adam is high school/band mate best friend of Kev and he is actually the one that introduced me to Punky. He kept telling me that I should met his friend Punky because he thought we would have so much in common. Well he was right and now we are all a happy friends family. The building the swap was in was this amazing old factory. I think Kev could have moved right in and died in photography heaven. He got some really great pictures that day.







The sweetest reader came up and introduced herself to me. It was super nice to meet and I am glad she came out to the swap and that we got a picture together!!

After the swap we all hung out all afternoon outside on a porch laughing, bbqing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a really great day!

all photos taken by Kev.

  1. This swap looks like fun – I’ve always wanted to go to one but the opportunity never seems to arise!


  2. Swap day was super fun…even if my mom did embarrass me with comment about my diaphragm.

    Let me know if you want to come back to the building for a photo shot, My friends own it and let me use it for shoots all the time. Even Haberdash gets stored there in the winter.

  3. I found your blog from enSTYLEpedia and I have to say I LOVE your style. So classic and vintage but with a modern twist. Love your blog.

  4. Looks like a super fun day. Whos that handsome guy in the red plaid shirt?

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