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I have to say I am pretty excited to share these pictures. I have been meaning to do a post like this for a while. I am excited because I love our place and I love the art that’s up around it. Most of it is stuff that I have made, but it all has some sort of meaning behind it, so it makes it special to have it around. Hope you enjoy this little virtual art show… is our little letterpress. I bought it off a guy in Rochester for Kev’s birthday one year. I love this thing to death. Kev and I always say we fell in love in bookmaking class in college. That is one of Kev’s letterpress books he made in that class and that’s our last name in old type. is my tree. I made it in college in a mixed media class. I like trees a lot and they show up in my artwork a lot as well. The old photos I found on the side of the road in someones trash (yep, I like other peoples trash.) There was a set of like 12 of them. All of the same 4 people. I think they are from the 40’s. I have made stories up about each one. I am pretty sure it was a family that was at a photobooth. A Dad, Mom, brother and sister. like to sew little creatures a lot. I also like finding old/vintage fabrics to use for these little guys. Kev and I use to do a lot of art and craft fairs. We made handmade journals and screen print things to sell. We called our selves “Scaffolding Journals” I made some of these creatures for one of the fairs and we were trying to come up with a name for them. My mom suggested “scaffies” like scaffolding haha but it kind of just sounds more like an STD than a name for a soft little sewn cat. is my lovely wooden easel. Its from college. They were getting new ones the year I left school so I snagged one of the old ones. Here are some owl paintings I did and also 1 piece from the series I did for my art show last year.

kevphotos is one of Kev’s photos, we have a few of them nicely framed and hung on the wall in our office. This picture was taken in Boston. love making tunnel books. The one on the left is of pictures of Kev and I when we went to NYC for Christmas a very long time ago now. The one on the right is layered with tree cut outs. That one can close up into a complete box. is a shelf in our bedroom. I love the things that are on it.

1. is a intaglio print I made in college. Have I told you how much I love drawing anatomy? well I do. I always have. Some times I wonder if I should have gone to school for medical illustration. I had just had my wisdom teeth out when I made this print.

2. This was one of our very first screen printing attempts. We made a bunch of t-shirts that said “don’t be an art killer” with scaffolding journals underneath. I love those shirts. We still wear them.

3. This is the cd cover of the band we went to go see on our very first date. I will always love Silent Drive.

4. This is a picture of me drinking what I can only guess is mint tea at a bagel shop. Did you know that is my favorite?

5. This is a deer painting I made. It was part of a series of 6 paintings I did for an art show.

6. This is Bruins Cat. haha. He has a theme song and I am trying to get Kev to write a song for the baby about Bruins Cat that he will sing with our ukulele to the baby when she comes. We both love hockey and I found this super old Bruins patch at a goodwill one time and made this cat with it.

7. An old comic I found at a thrift store. It was just cute and its title was “I love you” is a close up on 2 items at the end of the shelf in the last picture. Every year I make books for Kev for different anniversaries or holidays. I just love making books. I also love book cloth!! I am really nerdy about. Here is a little collage book I made him and the other one is a book filled with artwork and funny notes and pictures. I made it for him for valentines day one year. I screen printed one of my favorite little sayings to him “now and forever more” on the front. this isn’t artwork but no house would be complete without a photo collage wall. is one of the newest pieces of artwork I made for Kev. I just made it for him for our wedding anniversary this year. Our wedding song was to a Mates of State song with the line “And I will be your anchor, drop me in the bay and watch me hold you steady” as the chorus. This painting only seemed fitting. It is sitting on our dresser in our bedroom. I wrote I love to draw anatomy? I also love painting flowers. I love making random paintings that just have mixes of items that don’t really have any relation to each other. I painted this a few months ago. are some old screen printing screens we used. Did you know we have a 4 color screen printing press? its pretty awesome. We use to use it way more- but its very time consuming. Anyways, I love saving all the old screens that have all kinds of ghosted images on them. I made these mixed media pieces with different random junk. The parts are from our organ we bought the first summer we were dating.  Do you see anything familiar in the piece on the right?? Look at the left corner of my site. Now see? Its the same pictures!!

Yay!! We have finished our virtual art show. Did you enjoy it! I sure did. I makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside talking about all this stuff. It all means so much and is a big reflection of the place we call home.

  1. jen, you are such a talented artist! seriously, i admire you in many ways! and in answer to your question, i absolutely enjoyed the virtual tour. thank you so much for sharing, lady! and keep it up! xo.

  2. I love how meaningful everything is. That’s the way it should be!

  3. Wow, the two of you are quite talented. I love all of it. I also love the idea of having personal artwork and momentos everywhere in the home to make it your own.

  4. wow!!!!! I love it! Thanks for a peek into your home and your walls 🙂 cute…. maya rudolph does anatomy drawings in “away we go” that movie is ridiculously cute and reminds of of that.

  5. Wow, they are all such amazing pieces of art! You’re so talented, you should totally think about opening an Etsy shop or something and selling your artwork!

  6. this is so freaking cool. both your marriage and artistic talent are amazing and enviable!

  7. Oooh I love seeing other people’s houses and artwork! Love your little cats and the old screenprints as artwork is such a brilliant idea!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. wow, love this post, thanks for sharing

  9. Loved this entry. It was nice to see some of your artwork and how nicely you’ve incorporated them into your home.

  10. I Love every single piece of what you showed us, i love to paint & do everything that includes art… your ideas are brilliant & very creative… congrats 😀

  11. wow. you are incredibly talented!! it’s funny because i knew you were an art teacher and i had seen a few of your pieces but for someone so talented, it’s strange that you don’t focus more on your art through your blog. i loved seeing these though and you have such an incredibly unique creative process as i’ve never seen anything like any of your pieces…a multi-talented gal you are!!

  12. Get our of here! That mates of state is one of mine and my husband’s wedding songs!! That is crazy. That song is so so so amazing,ahhhhh. Well your work is just amazing and inspiring! I think I want to make a tunnel book now. Annnd I know what you mean about medical drawings, I LOVE da vinci’s anatomy work, I have one of them tattooed on me.

  13. Everything is beautiful… such amazing work! Thanks so much for sharing with us 😉

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! You and Kev are both so talented in so many ways!

  15. I can’t get over how unbelievably talented you both are. It’s wonderful that everything has so much meaning to it. That’s really what makes a house a home. 🙂
    Now that you’re at home all the time you should be making more! And maybe even selling those adorable stuffed things on Etsy. Art is so good for you.

  16. This was really fun Jen! I loovvee all your artwork and the way you’ve decorated. Very envious. Are the tunnel books difficult to make? They look really cool and I think I’d like to try one.

  17. I love this post. You have so many amazing pieces.

    Lulu Letty

  18. Your home is absolutely beautiful – what lovely touches all the artwork makes! The letterpress is also gorgeous and I love that you have a little story for it! Amazing pieces of art.


  19. i love seeing your artwork — you two are a talented pair!

  20. Oh my! I wish I had a letterpress… or maybe a screenprinting set up! I love seeing peoples houses especially ones filled with art! My boy (Kevin haha) and I have a ton of work we’ve aquired from friends and artist we admire… and then there is our art… too much in storage! Since I moved (months ago) I still don’t have my collections out.

    I think I am inspired to try to get my house in tip top shape like these photos! 🙂

  21. Thank you so much for sharing…such a gorgeous, eclectic mix!!!….loved your tunnel books…and was that a little block printing peacock on one of your shelves?? Gorgeous!

  22. I love the tunnel books, so cool!

  23. This is such a great peak into your art and your home. Everything looks so lovely and you really gave me a lot of inspiration for my own art!

  24. Impressive post. I love seeing what an artist you are

  25. Oh I just adored this post.
    I lovelovelove seeing what art people decorate their lives with – and that so much of it has stories behind it and has been made by you is just an added bonus!

  26. This is so cool! I wish I were as artistic as you and Kev. Your baby is going to be super hip. =)

  27. You’re an amazing artist and so is Kevin. Your home is so full of love and personality. I hope to create something similar one day 🙂

    B from A plus B

  28. oh, I love every piece! So fresh. You are so talented!!

  29. i absolutely adore that letterpress!

  30. Natalie •

    Hi Jen (and Kev),

    I love your “Don’t be an art killer.” print. Would you consider making a few (prints, possibly t-shirts) for your shop (hint hint, wink wink)?

  31. Jen,

    I just wanted to say that your artwork is beautiful! I love the personal touches in your house 🙂

  32. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! I know I mentioned it last time you posted a pic of your house and I spotted a gorgeous painting that you guys did yourselves. i have been wishing you’d do a post like this and i’m beyond thrilled to see all these images! thank you!

  33. I love some of the artwork and digital imagery you have. Even some of the frames

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