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What a day! Emotions were high and if it wasn’t enough to be getting sworn in today, all my family is in Canada for a huge 80th birthday party celebration for my Nana that I had to miss because of the ceremony. Geez. Way to kick me when I am down America. hehe. Well, it was a nice ceremony and there were 56 other people getting sworn in as well. It was fun when they called your name and your country to hear where everyone was from.

Dress: Johnny Martin
Lovebird Necklace: Figs & Ginger
Owl Ring: Target
Volcom Sandals: c/o Pac Sun

I have been having the worst luck lately taking my pictures. I feel like no matter what I find a spot where no one else is around, set up, start taking some pictures and then someone shows up and doesn’t leave, making it super uncomfortable. Ahh so annoying. They just keep staring at me. I don’t know why its so weird that a super pregnant girl is taking pictures of herself. haha. I know I would stare too I am sure, but come on? Can you tell I am turning into a crabby pregnant lady. I didn’t want to leave either because I really like the purple spray paint with the little purple flowers in my dress. I tried to wait him out but he didn’t want to go. It was just me and the land surveyor.

Here is a picture with the judge after they called my name to come get my certificate…


Happy Weekend Everyone! I am excited because I get to go see these tomorrow for some more clothing swap goodness!!!

  1. Kayla •

    Welcome to America (err- officially) My fiance was born in Canada. Though he’s lived in Texas since he was 12. He didn’t have his ceremony till last year. Crazy guy. I loved going and watching him. I also have the same owl ring. Just a day full of similarities today!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Welcome to the club! I hate when people STARE at me when I’m taking my picture – like, I get this is a little strange, but come on! I want to say “take a picture, it will last longer”…but I already am…

  3. You look lovely congrats!

  4. congrats on your citizenship!! i know it was probably super hard swearing allegiance to a different country and all but we are happy to have you 🙂 and i love the spray paint on the wall too. looks great with your outfit!

  5. It’s been a breath of fresh air to see such a stylish pregnant women wearing (mostly?) non-maternity clothes and today is no exception. You have provided inspiration for me in the future, thanks!

  6. My citizenship ceremony was also a group affair, with about 200 people at Veterans Memorial. It was the first large-group one they’d ever done in Columbus, and it was a disorganized mess, and I was bummed it was so impersonal. Plus, I didn’t get a cool folder for my certificate, I’m a little jealous!

    it’s amazing being able to vote, and I now have a fed. gov. job that I love (that I needed to be a US citizen to get)! My boss gave me cool Democrat and Republican mugs from Fishs Eddy so I could celebrate being a registered voter:,929.html,930.html


  7. That is SUCH a cute dress Jen! That is a bummer about the birthday party though :/

  8. Congrats, Jen, my fellow American! 🙂 Looking cute as always!

  9. So now are you gonna root for the US next time we play Canada in Olympic hockey?!?! 😛

  10. Congrats! Your dress is so lovely on you.

  11. Congratulations! You always look so cute and stylish.

  12. Mandy Paige •

    Congratulations!! Lucky you with the clothing swap, and no doubt another celebration now that is Julie is engaged (what a fun post she did this morning)!

    And as always, you look so super cute!

  13. Congratulations!! You look great – I absolutely love that dress on you!!!

  14. this post made me laugh out loud, it’s so awkward when peepers come around! I love this dress on you, so pretty!

    congratulations on your citizenship, I’m sure it was super emotional, but i’m glad it went well!

  15. Congratulations! That dress looks great on you!

  16. Laura •

    I love that dress on you! Congrats on your citizenship, you’ll always be my canadian friend.

  17. Congratulations, Jen!

  18. Congratulations! Super cute dress! 🙂

  19. Congrats lady face!!
    See you in the morning!!

  20. don’t know what it is but you look even cuter today than normal (which is a lot, for the record!). congrats!!

  21. Congratulations on your Citizenship Jen! Sucks that you had to miss the party though! That dress is sooo pretty and i love the purple wall there. Luckily i’ve never had anyone stop and stare when i take my pictures, but im pretty sure i will someday haha!

  22. Lindsey •

    Congratulations on your citizenship! I love your dress.

  23. That dress looks so beautiful on you! It stinks that you had to miss the big party, but the initiation ceremony looks fun as well. Congratulations on your citizenship!

  24. Congratulations, Jen! What an awesome post! Your baby bump is looking SUPER cute!

  25. your dress is SO pretty! with the gawker, next time you run into one, you should tell them they make you uncomfortable. this will freak them out and whatever manners they have should kick in, hopefully. otherwise, you should say, “Didn’t your momma teach you any manners??”
    oh wait…land purveyor? he wasn’t there to check out the building you were standing in front of was he? d’oh!

  26. purveyor? oops! i meant surveyor. lol

  27. Congrats on getting sworn in! And the dress is adorable. 🙂

  28. congratulations – im sure it was a difficult day for you. when my mom was sworn in she cried the entire time (i was 12 or 13 at that time)

    and you look stunning in these photos… stunning! xox

  29. 4 eyed •

    My Canadian mother lived in the states for 40 years before finally giving in and became a US citizen. She celebrated her new homeland by decorating the Christmas tree with American flags. We all bought her books on America for Christmas that year. Welcome to America. You won’t be bored or disappointed.

  30. Congrats on your citizenship!

  31. Salut chers lecteurs comment trouvez-vous de mon nouveau site sur l’ immobilier ?

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