Week 35


I feel like I am writing these post like every day. Its a little scary and super exciting how fast this is coming. 5 weeks!! (or sooner- fingers crossed). Last night we got diplomas that we graduated from Birth class. haha. Crazy! We have both really enjoyed our birth class. It always seemed like a special night during the week. It was dedicated time each week we spent together learning about the baby. It was fun. I am a little sad its over. We do have a baby basics class coming up and a breast feeding class- so its not completely over yet.

There have been some changes I have been feeling over the last week…
1. Sleep has gone out the window. I have been sleeping like 3 hours a night if that. I am so uncomfortable. Anyway I lay- it just feels like so much weight pulling somewhere from my belly. Last night I made a cocoon of pillows around every side of me. It was pretty funny BUT I actually slept thru most of the night. So Watch out Kev, me and my pillow army are taking over our bed. hehe. I can not wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again and Kev cant wait to snag my pregnancy pillow after for himself.

2. Nauseous! like whoa! I thought I was way past that 1st trimester feeling. But it is back with a vengeance. I do not like it one bit!

3. Appetite has gone thru the roof. For the last few months I have had a pretty regular appetite. I did not have any crazy cravings are anything. I would have to remember to eat because I really was fine just eating small meals here and there. For 2 months almost I gained no weight and even lost a few pounds. Now all the sudden I am so hungry all the time and if I don’t eat something then the nauseous feeling comes on hard.

and now a question for moms out there that have gone thru labor before. Did you listen to music while you gave birth? What kind of music? Did it change as you progressed thru your labor? I am trying to figure out music to put on a playlist on my ipod and I am wondering what will be best. Our birth class talked about slow calming music which I can see, but all I keep thinking about is when I was training for my marathon and what type of music got me thru that. Is there a place for very upbeat rhythmic songs? I am sitting here now listening to Florence and the Machine “Dog Days are Over” on repeat and thinking this would be an awesome song to distract and motivate me thru. Is it just different for everyone? I’d love to hear what you listened to! and any advice you have and what styles helped you and if it changed at the different stages.


Dear Baby Girl:
Oh boy is it hard to not tell the world what your name is! I have to consciously not say it when I talk about you to others, because we are so use to calling you by your name at home. We are so excited by it. Its so pretty!! Sometimes when strangers ask I want to blurt is out because who are they going to tell but I resist. I don’t know if I can make it to the end though. Hehe. Speaking of names. Mommy is going to be officially changing her name soon. When you are born you will def. be a Richardson. That is your Daddy’s last name. My maiden name is Lula. Well its still my last name. I never changed it because I am a Canadian Citizen and it was more hassle and costly than it was worth to have to change everything I had over- green card, passport, and everything else that goes along with it. I know your daddy cringes every time we have to sign papers at the hospital and I have to sign Lula and he signs Richardson. Its hard for me though. I love being a Richardson but I love being Lula too. Its more than just my last name. No ones last name is Lula. Its such a cool name. I mean a super awesome Fashion magazine is called after us! (hehe thats what I tell myself). All thru school I was not called “Jen” but “Lula” and then your aunts were called “little Lula’s.” We are a special breed. We have a “thats how we roll” motto and have crazy things happen to us.

Well tomorrow I get sworn in as an American Citizen (*tear) and yes technically I will have dual citizenship because Canada will always recognize me as a citizen, when I get sworn in tomorrow I have to pledge to give up all allegiance to foreign countries. How sad is that to say. I have always just been Canadian and thats been my thing. I’ve been a Lula and a Canadian and now all the sudden its changing and its a little weird. I know its not a big deal and maybe its my pregnancy hormones but its making me feel sad about it. Hmm I guess I don’t really know the point of this letter to you today. I just wanted to share what was happening with Mommy and how she was feeling. I just want you to be a little bit Lula and Canadian too. I dont want that to disappear. I want you to feel a special connection to Canada. I want you to know what real smarties are, and like Shreddies, and cherry blasters and eat chocolate popsicles (not fudgesicles) and like getting Shirley temples and treasures from the toy chest at Swiss Chalet. I want you to know what the lakes smell like in Northern Ontario, and chase Northern lights thru the sky. I want you to go to a Royal Winter Fair, and see the Snowbirds and go to The Ex. I want you to be proud of where half your family is from. Your mommy loves it there very much and she wants you to love it there just as much. One of the first gifts your Grammy gave us was a little hooded sweatshirt with a moose on it that says Canada. I can not wait till you fit into it.

Just a side note: I want to change my name to Daddy’s. I know I wrote that I am sad and I am a little but that doesn’t mean I don’t want my name to be Richardson either. I am excited for us to be our own little Richardson Family.
Love you little one!
-Your Momma

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  1. I think that’s really sweet how you want to change your name to Richardson too. I think that’s a great idea! Congrats on getting your citizenship too. Even though it’s a sad thing for you there are thousands of people waiting for this to happen to them and you are very blessed to have the opportunity. Best wishes!

  2. I know you’ve already decided on the name, but if her middle name was Lula that might be a way to incorporate your Canadian heritage with the Richardson last name. 🙂 Pics are adorable, as always!

  3. julie •

    I had a playlist on my iPod all ready to go & speakers in my hospital bag, but totally forgot about it when i was at the hospital. I was very much “in-the-moment” during both of my labor & deliveries. The best thing i did while i was in labor with my first daughter was to call up one of my best friends & chat about everything except for my labor — it was a great way to take my mind off of it, esp since i knew i wasn’t far enough along to go to the hospital. Also, my mom had good advice — when she was in labor with me she had my dad drive her to the hospital, but she wouldn’t check in, she just walked laps around the parking lot. It made her better to be close, but she didn’t want to be stuck inside a hospital room. You’ll do fine whatever happens, you just have “ride the wave.” (I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it always makes me feel better!)

  4. I totally understand about the name thing as I felt the same when I got married. But as a compromise, I added my maiden name as my middle name (via Deed Poll). So I now have 4 names as I already had a middle name! It confuses people but it makes me feel special knowing that I’ve still got a little bit of my old name there. If we have children they will probably have my maiden name as their middle name. This would work really well with Lula as it’s such a pretty name. Just a thought 🙂

  5. I’d like to know your play list for marathon training I’m training now, and am finding my playlist a little too familiar….need to switch it up!!!

  6. Kaytee •

    I had a playlist all set up too, and I forgot all about it once I was at the hospital, I was so distracted by everything around me that I didn’t even think to bring my ipod out. I was too excited thinking about how soon I would see my baby Olive that I didn’t care one bit about my surroundings!

  7. I had a baby last fall and all I can tell you is that it is really hard to plan exactly how it will go. You might be in the mood to listen to music and have the time and presence of mind to do it and you might not. So make a play list that you like and if it works out, great. If it doesn’t, you’ll listen to it later and it will make you think of the time you were getting ready to have the baby and it will cheer you up that way. Labor and delivery is a really intense time with lots of surprises, but it is also amazing.

    I also didn’t change my name when I got married. I haven’t changed it still, but sometimes I want to for the sake of unity. If my sister-in-law (husband’s brother’s wife) didn’t have my exact first name, I might be more interested.

  8. Addie •

    Just found you and love your site. I too am 35 weeks pregger, but we’re on #4 (in five years.) I always have grand plans when it comes to music, but have yet to actually implement it. I personally like silence as much as possible, anything too upbeat would cause me to tighten up my jaw (which, of course, is just a sign that the rest of our body isn’t relaxed.) Everyone is different though, so be prepared for either feeling. Another thing to keep in mind, I have home births, so blocking out the normal hospital sounds, may be advantageous!

  9. So beautiful. 🙂

    I wanted to ask, where do you take birth classes?

  10. Cast my vote for you! Can I suggest “Fifteen Minutes Old” by Snow Patrol for your playlist? I love them and think the sentiment of this song is just so sweet. I’m not a mom, but I think if you make a playlist for the birth of your baby you should totally include whatever you think will motivate you and speak to your heart at the time.And I’m so excited to learn her name and see how you announce her birth here on the blog!

  11. Damien and I are in the middle of making out “Max” playlist right now. We started a few nights ago and I probably have about 70 songs on it so far. I am going to post it once it is done, although I am sure I’ll be adding here and there, so I’ll let you know when it’s up. It’s kind of a multi-purpose list, for him now, during birth and it will be on an iPod in his nursery so he can always have some great music to listen to. We wanted to expose him early on to our favorite music; it’s so important.

    I know what you mean about the non-sleeping. I am up every morning around 1 am, nevermind the 4 trips to pee in the middle of the night. But very soon…


  12. oh yes the sleep- pillow totally help though!
    and I am back to feeling queezy again too, what gives?

    I did have music going for my labor. I played mostly super melow music. I think at one point I asked to have it turned off because it was making me crazy, but then had them turn it back on again. I have been thinking about what I want for this birth. It was nice to have something going in the room to set the mood (the nurses would walk in and comment how much they liked the calm music) and to block out any of the machine sounds that might be going.

    Best of luck to you!

  13. he could change his name to lula. history doesn’t have to continue to be patrilinear. plus, lula is way cooler than richardson. i wish there were a better solution so both partners can keep their names, but when you start having kids you can’t just hyphenate all over the place. if everyone did that after a couple generations we’d end up with kids with 8 last names, which is just too ridiculous.

  14. For me, I think fast music would have annoyed me. I listened to my hypnobabies tracks that have that calming instrumental stuff in the background.

    Everyone is different, though. You are gonna do great!

  15. I find it so strange that I don’t even know you in person, but I’m even excited to find out what her name will be! I love how you just feel like everyone in the blogger world is a friend of sorts after following their journeys through life for so long. Hope everything goes well with you for your delivery and the time until then. I’m a little nervous for whenever I end up having kids… because I ALREADY love sleeping in a cocoon of pillows! Who knows what will happen if I’m ever pregnant 😉

  16. funny, but it seems it has now become my blogging mission to get you and your adorable blog to #1! 🙂


  17. You’ll always be a Canadian to me.
    I know how you feel about the last name. I didn’t take Matt’s because no one else has my family name around here (it’s very different) and there were so many Mrs. H’s already (Matt’s last name). My last name has certain qualities that I associate with it so I’m keeping it…:)

  18. Laura •

    First off, about the music. All I remember is that what I wanted changed every time I had a contraction. I wanted everyone and everything to shut up when i was having one and I wanted the blanket and my socks off my feet because I’d get really hot and sweaty. But then after I would be freezing and shaking so Anthony would put my socks back on and cover my feet back up. That was like his job. I know a lot of people talk about music and all that, but I needed it to be quiet. I felt sick enough and any music or noise kind of made me feel more sick. Like when you have a bad migraine and you wanna puke – you just want silence with a pillow over your head. I’m sure that was encouraging to you. I hope it’s different for you, especially if it’s something that’s important to you.

    I know you don’t need me to say this but nothing is going to change who you are or where you come from. I think it’s nice that you’ll be taking Kevin’s name. I can see that it would be important to him. You guys never really strike me as the couple with 2 different last names. Cuz you’re like the ultimate pair. I’m sure your baby will know about all those cool things that you love from Canada. Can’t wait to see that sweatshirt on her, how cute!

  19. My father is from Argentina, and has lived in America over 40 years and isn’t a citizen. I’m not sure if it was because back then you had to give up your other citizenship, or as you said, you had to swear that you have no allegiance to another country, but whichever it was, he didn’t do it. (Almost did it to vote for Obama, but we ran out of time!) I just wanted to say that even though I love being American,(Some years more than others!), because of my father I feel connected to Argentina, too. Also, Germany (where his parents are from) and Italy (where you mother’s parents are from.) I’m sure your little one will love Canada as much as you do! I bet you thought of this, but I think Lula would be a fabulous middle name!

  20. Lindsey •

    I love reading your blog and I came across this website while shopping for baby items for my pregnant sister who’s husband is Canadian. They have the cutest little Canadian inspired leg warmers that are on sale and so cheap!!

    xxx Lindsey
    p.s. I started a little jewelry business a few years ago and named it “Lula,” I love that name!!

  21. How about “Push it” by salt n pepa? LOL!

    Ok, have been through a natural birth twice, with no drugs either time… and had no music. There was a CD player and it was mentioned that if you want music, then bring some, but it wasn’t really my thing and honestly, how you WANT to do it and how it REALLY DOES end up happening is likely to be different, so just dont get caught up with planning too much just in case you get disappointed.
    For me getting into the right frame of mind to get my little girls out was all I needed (and knowing my hubby was there holding my hand and that the nurse was there to help too!)… I think music would’ve been a distraction.

    Congrats on changing your name… it is hard but I think your children knowing their parents have the same name is just special for them… and it gets too complicated when they start school!! (i’m a teacher, i know)

    The last few weeks of pregnancy can be cruel because you want to sleep so bad but can’t and you know you want sleep before the baby comes as you’ll be up for regular feeds.
    Enjoy the last few moments with Kev!

  22. Supermom •

    I had the TV on when I was pushing actually I don’t even remember hearing it, I just remember concentrating on the nurse and her counting and telling me to push. I couldn’t hear anything else. I didn’t even realize my mom and sister were silently crying on the side. They hated seeing me go through it. But, the first sound I remember hearing was my daughter’s cry. You definitely want to hear every sound of that.

  23. I’m secretly hoping that the name you’ve picked is Lula! 🙂

  24. Aw Jen I love these little updates so much! I can’t wait to “meet” Baby Girl and I don’t even know you!

    PS “Dog Days are Over” is an awesome song and you should play it during labor regardless. 🙂

  25. #1 Music all the way during the laboring part. I kept my upbeat music from the half-marathon training. It helped me concentrate on breathing and diminish the pain during the contractions. I suggest bring it with you and then you will decide when you are there. Also I prefered headphones to completely block out the hospital world around me.
    #2 I am a double citizen too. Slovene and American. Still to this day I don’t feel American, but have the citizenship because of my two children. And they are dual citizens too. I hope as they grow and explore my motherland they get to be very proud of their roots. In World Cup when Slovenia was playing USA I was very into Slovenia winning. Friends told me I win either way, but to me it wasn’t true. I am Slovene through and through. Passport is just a paper. What is in your heart and what you will be teaching your daughter is more important.

  26. I love the commenter that said she hopes the baby’s name is Lula. What an adorable first name for a little girl! My husband and I don’t have any children yet, but I completely feel you on the last name change. I’ve had my married name for 2 years now, and I still miss my maiden name. Interestingly, I think my husband does too, as he affectionately calls me by my maiden name often. He knew me as my maiden name when we met, so to him that is “me.” I’d change it back if it weren’t such a hassle and really expensive (new car title, new license, new passport, etc). So excited for your little one to arrive!

  27. I kept my last name, and don’t regret it, although we don’t have any kiddos…yet. I grew up with my mom having a different last name from mine, and I don’t think I ended up too traumatized. People still look at us funny when we sign with different last names, but that’s life, and we do what works, right? Enjoy your last few weeks alone with your husband! Can’t wait for your babe to arrive, I am sure she will be perfect. Praying things go smoothly!

  28. Carey •

    Getting closer! I did load up the mp3 with things like DMB, Bob Marley, Caedmon’s Call, but didn’t end up using it. The only thing I listened to (on repeat) was a hypnobirthing CD our teacher had made.
    A few things that didn’t dawn on me about post-partum life until I was in it:
    – I, too, was REALLY looking forward to being a stomach sleeper again once the baby came, unfortunately my chest is still preventing that! That hadn’t crossed my mind as an issue – oops.
    – From you earlier post about getting back into your normal clothes after baby comes- the wardrobe is still limited now, thanks to nursing. Dresses are totally out, unless they have a top you can get into without hiking the whole thing up. Boo. And all my button up shirts that were slim fitting are busting at the buttons – hmm. Tops with a pattern are key to hide a multitude of nursing issues. 🙂 I wasn’t prepared for any of that beforehand.

  29. Christy •

    Hahahaha…music. Before going into labor I thought it would be nice to have some music playing. Maybe something tough, like Nine Inch Nails, to get me through the pushing. BUT the minute I went into labor it was like my insides were being ripped apart and I was being turned inside out. The very last thing on my mind was music. It was…OH MY GOD GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME! It’s sweet how people have birth plans, and music picked out, and cute little jammies to wear…but let’s get serious here. Labor is HARD, painful, bloody and you’re IN THE ZONE. All you care about is surviving the next contraction. You’re at war and you couldn’t give a flying flapjack about the soundtrack. 🙂

  30. hehe I actually had the tv on for most of my labours. I like white noise so I mostly had news stations or the country music channel on very softly- my doctor found it funny, but I found it “not irritating”. I think the most important thing is removing irritations! but much like some of the other comments – it’s only really useful in the beginning when labour is slow, once you’re close to the end, you wouldn’t even know if there was any music.
    Meanwhile – on to more fun stuff – you are looking so cute!! and yay only 5 wks till your due date!! xoxo

  31. Meredith Ryness •

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a little while now but never commented before! I had a little girl almost a year ago now and I wanted to weigh in on music. I was just like you – I wanted something to pump me up, like a great workout mix. That was wonderful in early labor but as things progressed I had my husband on “Pop/Rock Patrol.” Every time a pop/rock song came on my mix he would have to change it to something more soothing. So maybe a mix of soothing and upbeat would work! Good luck and trust your body.

  32. Hello beautiful!
    I guess your baby will come as a present for your birthday, september the 4th-which is also my b-day- right?
    You look amazing and I hope you feel the same.Have a lovely weekend!

  33. so many changes happening all at once for ya, chica! exciting!
    remember this, a name is only a name and not a test of your true character. a name does not make a person. it is your actions and reactions to life and to humanity that defines who you really are. as a woman you are a daughter, a sister, a wife and soon…mother. who says you can’t be the person Lula represented as well as a Richardson. :o)

    cheers to you and to all the new journeys ahead of you!

  34. hi jen. i just found your blog for the 1st time. you are such a hip mama already!

    i made various playlists for birth: one upbeat, one mellow, and one of the first songs we wanted our baby to hear. we were so prepared. the funny part was once we got to the hospital to labor, i didn’t want ANYTHING playing. i wanted complete silence. i think it was hard for my husband to hear no music for over 40 hours, but that is the way it had to be.

    good luck!

  35. you look so beautiful! The weeks are going by so fast! I feel like you just announced your pregnancy!! You know..you could always name your daughter Lula 🙂 I think it’s a beautiful name and then you’ll never really have to give it up!

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