Timberlands City, Cycles and Style


So a while back I got invited to come down to the city and attend Timberland’s City, Cycles and Style Fall Preview event. At first, I was like have they seen my style? I don’t really wear what I had thought was Timberland style. In my head all I could picture were big yellow work boots. Not really my cup of tea. I looked around the website and saw they had a very well designed site and offered a lot more than my vision of the Timberland boot. They were also very nice sounding in their emails so I thought hey why not?


The event was called City, Cycles and Style and was held at a restaurant in the West Village called Market Table. I brought my friend Erin with me and we were picked up at the train station by a car service and brought down to the West Village. I was completely and pleasantly surprised by the whole event. I had such a fabulous time. It was so laid back and real (if that makes sense?) Everyone there was down to earth and so friendly. We chatted with a bunch of wonderful ladies from Timeberland and enjoyed a delicious brunch at the beautifully styled restaurant. Their fall boots were awesome. Totally not your yellow work boots. If I were you I would look out for these fall boots!! They are going to look great with a lot of your fall wardrobe. I really loved a pair of laced up boots they had and also these very tall riding boots. So pretty and so well made. Timberland is doing a lot of work with using reusable materials in their boots which is awesome. I really suggest you check out their site and keep checking back and their new fall boots come out!!


One great detail about the event was that they had a bunch of vintage bikes there that they were giving bike tours with around the West Village. Super Fun!


Thank you Timberland for hosting such a fabulous event!
Thank you to Oh! Darling Photography for some of the photos above. p.s it was awesome running into Whitney and her Husband at the event!

The winner of the Vanessa Boulton Peacock Handbag is… Andrea


Thank you all who entered!

  1. Wow I’m actaully impressed with Timberland right now! I guess they totally redesigned their company to fit with more fashion forward people (and to get more women, who are the shoppers at home, interesting in their products).

  2. there’s a reason why Timberlands were primarily work boots. the quality of the material and the sturdiness of structure are all impeccable! that 12th pic down, the one with the uber tall boot shaft….*SWOON*!!!

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