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Do you like maxi dresses? I have never owned one before. I always try them on and I always hate them instantly, but then I see them on other people and think they are adorable so the next time I see one at the store I try it on again. Its a vicious cycle. I think the reason I hate most maxi dresses are they always have like a dust ruffle thing at the bottom and they are usually out of some jersey cotton that is just too clingy for my liking. I feel more prairie girl than anything. Thats why when I saw this dress at the store I had to try it on. 1. it was not made in a jersey fabric 2. There was no gathered hem at the bottom 3. it had a cool corset top and chunky exposed zipper 4. it had pockets!! and 5. it had a bold bright pattern. I tried it on and I actually liked it! Its still a new feeling to wear a dress that goes down to my ankles but it is very comfy and very cool in this heat wave of a summer.
(pockets in dresses are like my favorite thing!)

Dress: ELLE/Kohls (on sale only $29.99)
Necklace: From my sisters wedding
Volcom Sandals: c/o PacSun

  1. Stacey •

    I also REALLY enjoy pockets in a dress. It’s like a nice little surprise.

    You look great Mama!

  2. POCKETS! I love pockets, and I love the print of this dress.

  3. Gorgeous. You look fabulous.

    And I too love the pockets. It makes life in a dress so much easier!

  4. Glorious dress! What a great pattern.
    I own 3 maxi dresses, but they’re either too dressy (think wedding) or too casual (think beach) to wear much. But when I do I feel great! So I’m still looking for a maxi dress I can wear at the office. No luck yet, as I also have an aversion of the ‘dust ruffle’ bottoms.

  5. finally, someone else that hates the dust ruffle! haha!

    This dress is amazing on you, I can’t believe it’s from Kohls. The pattern reminds me of 60’s marrimeko prints. the zipper is really cool, I think it balances out the weight of the fabric on the bottom. you look beautiful as always!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about maxi dresses! Jersey fabric can sometimes reveal the lumps and bumps that I’d rather not be there anyways πŸ˜€

  7. Love this look. I love the bold print.

  8. Cute dress! I love maxi-dresses, and for months, I ended up doing the same thing that you did: trying them on, and leaving them.

    Until I found one that was long enough for my 5’11” stature. Then I was sold, and now I love it. Their fun, and I know I’ll keep wearing them even when the trend dies down. πŸ™‚

  9. Meagan •

    I’m 5’9″ and always have a problem with length in maxi dresses. I also do not care for the ‘dust ruffle’ on the bottom. I actually just bought this dress for myself from Kohl’s and now that I see it on someone else I can’t wait to get it!

  10. Great pattern – I am also so in love with those sandals – Cute!

  11. Katie •

    I think it suits you well!!! Very cute!

  12. this is such a beautiful dress!

  13. I love this dress on you, it looks great and it will look great post-pregnancy too! πŸ˜€ Lovely bright pattern.


  14. pockets in dresses just make me so darn happy …

  15. I usually hate maxi dresses, too, even on other people!

    However, this is so beautiful. Correction: YOU are so beautiful!

    The dress looks amazing, super flattering and a beautiful fabric. Plus, those glasses are the shizzz.

    /fan girl rave over

  16. Sinéad •

    I am the proud owner of two jersey maxi dresses. They are the most comfortable things I own and they keep me so cool in the summer heat!

  17. I love this! I feel the same way about maxi dresses but you definitely found a winner. The pattern is perfect.

  18. Laura •

    this is very flattering on you. I got one of those dresses from Kohls with the zippers, but it doesn’t fit me anymore, boo. Oh to have a waistline again. Love the pockets too.

  19. i feel the same way about maxi dresses but i am a firm believer that there is a style out there for everyone- you found yours! it’s pretty cute, love the zipper too.

  20. I love pockets in dresses too! They truly are the best! That dress is really adorable, the print, cut and colors are so flattering! And I love your glasses. Maxi’s are probably perfect for you now, too, since they are a breeze to slip and (and no waistline) PLUS will still fit after you have your baby.

  21. Love it! The pattern reminded me of marimekko, too! With a six-month old puppy, long dresses are out this summer (little ankle biter goes after all things swishy)

  22. I am not usually a fan of maxi dresses either, but this one is super cute! I love the bright print, too! πŸ™‚

  23. Hannah •

    This is a really lovely dress. It makes you look very tall, which I think is always a positive thing. πŸ™‚

  24. Love this dress on you! Totally adorable! xo – Karrie

  25. Ashley J •

    I love maxi dresses because I think they are so comfy and your beautiful find looks both super cute and comfy!

  26. Erika •

    Love, love, love pockets too. Can never find them in a dress, so score! Off to Kohl’s I must go… or learn to sew, I must…

  27. I agree with you on the points of why not to like maxi dresses, but this one’s great! Love the pattern/colour, pockets (!) and exposed zipper. You look great in it as well!

  28. The pattern is so pretty! Maxi dresses are funny to walk in at first but they look so effortlessly chic. This one looks beautiful on you!

    Also, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this may be my first comment. I preface with that b/c I saw this project and thought of you (see that would sound weird if I didn’t preface!)… a DIY baby bird mobile: Based on all the other fun crafts you’ve posted and photos of your baby room it just looked like it would fit so well! xo

  29. Pocket dresses are pretty much the best thing ever. And I’ve been trying to climb the maxi dress hurtle myself lately. I’m doing a fashion challenge with a mandatory maxi dress moment. I’m not ready for it, but you’ve upped my confidence to rock it out! πŸ˜€ Love the pattern!

  30. Just found your blog and it’s so cute!! I love the dress and the fact that is has pockets is a huge plus – I love almost any dress w pockets πŸ™‚

  31. that dress looks great on you. I love that pattern and the pockets…perfect!!

  32. This looks absolutely AMAZING on you! And pockets?! What a find! :]

  33. Jen, this is so good!!

  34. you look amazing in this jen!

  35. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress on you!! Stunning! And yes, its a bit out of your usual element but I think that’s what I love about it πŸ™‚

  36. That dress is seriously fabulous on you!! And I love the way you styled it as well, really a great look!

  37. I became obsessed with this dress after I saw this post. I totally agree with what you said about maxi dresses- I’ve tried on a million and liked NONE of them. Well, I went to Kohl’s last night and bought it and it is my new favorite dress ever, I can’t wait to wear it! I am pregnant- but not showing yet, and I love that I can wear it through fall and spring (while growing!) with a little cardigan and then it will be a great after-pregnancy dress for next summer too. Thanks for the inspiration, I love reading your blog!

  38. […] and is the only thing i directly have bought after seeing it on a blog.  The blog big surprise, JenLovesKev, is where i first laid eyes on the beauty of a dress, though it was while she, Jen, was pregnant […]

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