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So its super early. The sun is coming up and I can’t sleep. Its getting worse and worse every night! I am eating some green apple slices and cocoa covered almonds (new obsession- thanks carrie!) and well I stumbled upon this cute clothing site for kids. Now when I say cute I mean so adorable that it hurts. I just had to share because I have been sitting here wishing this little one would come out toddler size just so she would already fit into these outfits. I mean how cute is that cape? or that peter pan collar dress??

All outfits are from My Rocking Wardrobe.

  1. Aww how cute is that little red coat?


  2. How do they find children this adorable? I think one of the things I look forward to when I have kids one day is dressing them in adorable clothing, which is not at all surprising considering how much I enjoy dressing myself. Haha

  3. If you want more adorable kid clothing, check out — love it!

  4. The last three pictures SO CUTE!

  5. hahha those ARE so cute. I want to buy a million of them too….and I am not even close to having a baby! lol

  6. Erika •

    Jen, If you need an Asian toddler, we have plenty in this household 🙂 Cute clothes! Erika

  7. oh my goodness i love the little babushka!
    i love the idea of using one’s daughter as a model!

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