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I bought this dress at the goodwill way over a year ago. I had planned on wearing it on Easter 2 Easters ago. I never did because I had not gotten a chance to hem it shorter. I still haven’t hemmed it shorter but I kind of liked the length it was when it was paired with these high high heels and my new little boater hat. It seemed so proper. I just got this boater hat in the mail last week from Modcloth and as soon as I had it on my head I knew I wanted to pair it with this dress. I love the polka dots in this dress with its fun flutter sleeves. I think it fits better non pregnant. You have more of a cute waistline at more of your natural waist on your body instead of up right under your boobs but Hey! it fit so that was a win for this very pregnant lady. Aren’t my giant pearls awesome. They were my Grandma’s and I love them to death! They are so classic yet William Flintstone all in one. haha!

We live in a very old industrial town outside of Albany. There are lots of old factory buildings (as I am sure you see from backgrounds in my photos a lot), we live in one of these factories that they converted to Lofts. Anyways, when I was taking these pictures some creepy old man walked by and said “you’re taking these pictures for school right?” I nodded because saying yes was easier than then explaining that I have a fashion blog to a man who was missing teeth and wearing overalls. He then said “I have keys to every one of these old buildings, even the roof, you could take some really good pictures up there” at first in my mind I was like ROOF! I have been dying to figure out how to get on the roof of these old buildings. I laughed and said “yeah that would be cool” starting to feel a little uncomfortable and thinking maybe I should throw in a line like “My husband would really like to take pictures up there too” or something. haha. Well next line from the guy was “if we take pictures up there though you wouldn’t be able to bring them into class.” Umm hello time to leave! With that my photoshoot was over. I quickly grabbed the tripod and said goodbye and dismissed any idea I had of getting keys to the roof. Oh photoshoot stories you are always the best!

Dress: Thrifted via Goodwill
Last Straw Hat: c/o Modcloth
Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell via
Pearls: My Grandma’s

  1. fantastic outfit, the dress is utterly cute and looks great with the clogs

  2. I kinda like the length of this dress! It keeps with the vintage feel of it.

  3. Kev is a great photographer, but I believe he probably also deters creepy men from hitting on you, another necessity when it comes to taking outfit pics. Haha That is too much! Great dress!

  4. oh my gosh that is freaky. Glad to hear you had the instincts to get the heck outta there!

  5. Oh god, that is creepy. Uuuggh! You look great in these photos; love the look.

  6. Omg, creepy! I love the shoes with that dress and I love the sleeves on that dress.

  7. Whoa. That guy definitely had designs on you! Scary! But I love the hat and shoes. I’m too scared to wear hats. You’ve inspired me to try one. I’ll go hat hunting today. ^_^

  8. ummmm that is the CREEPIEST story ever. Before reading his final line about the photos being inappropriate for class, I was already hoping that you wouldn’t go up alone on the roof for photos with a strange toothless man.

    Glad to know you’re staying safe. Great dress, by the way! I think it was a great find. And the length totally does work, though I bet it would be super cute if hemmed a bit, too. Maybe once you’re ready for a change.

  9. Shudder!! what a creep!

    The dress and the hat look great!

  10. I still am amazed on how you look so good being so pregnant…I am very in awe.
    That dress is so pretty….

  11. That is ridiculously creepy but I’m glad you got out of that situation ASAP! You look lovely and the boater with the clogs are such a sweet complement to the pastel dress. Looking lovely, lady!

  12. Ewww….creepy old man. Not that I blame him, you look super cute.

  13. killer hat, killer shoes and killer dress, you are one stylish mama 😉

  14. LOL fantastic story, but creepy! This look is terrific on you! Love everything about it! -Angela

  15. Cute dress, and I am in love with those shoes! I have a really similar pair from Steve Madden, but yours look much comfier!

  16. So creepy! I never understand what makes people think they should say such things. On a lighter note I love the polka-dots.

  17. Lauren •

    You look positively adorable and so, so classy!
    The polka dots look perfect with the dainty little boater 🙂

    Oh, and that is so creepy about the toothless man!
    I can’t blame him for taking an interest in you though.
    You are so gorgeous to look at and have that beautiful pregnant woman glow about you!

  18. dude sooooo creepy. glad you were able to bail before the situation got any weirder!

  19. this is beautiful jen! i love you in vintage wear. that boater hat is just perfection.

  20. Oooh glad you are okay! Im always amazed at what we are exposed to as bloggers!

  21. this is soooo cute. what a great goodwill find!! these heels are fabulous with it, kind of modernizes it all.

  22. Oh eeeeew! I always throw the “I’m married/My husband” line around in such situations even though I’m single. That doesn’t always stop them though :/.
    But on the bright side: great outfit, I do see the Wilma vibe 🙂

  23. Laura •

    ewe, feeling very weirded out by that one. But you do look cute. And I wish Kev was with you when you’re hanging out in old alley ways with homeless people taking pictures.

  24. Hannah •

    I just lol’d at that story! Oh my, what a creepy old man.

  25. Jeepers creepers!

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