Last Nights Dinner 07.27.10

Tex-Mex “Burger” Subs


So this is a special last nights dinner because it was created and cooked by Kev with no help from me at all. Now, he is no cook (sorry sweetie) but he recently joined and started a website called BBQ Wars with some other super talented designer friends. Its basically a place boys can be boys and post about their grilling conquests. hehe. Of course all are great photographers, so it even makes this vegetarians mouth water a little looking at their nightly bbq’d dinners. They have challenges they compete in (like this weekend was a Burger Bun Alternative challenge). Its been fun seeing Kev cook more because I think he has learned a lot from our Hawaii days and his “surprise dinners” he use to make. Hmmm maybe I should make him cook for me more often!!

Boca Burger
Grated cheese
Sub buns

Here is what he wrote for this entry:
(he of course made a boca burger sub for me!)

“I took this first BBQ challenge/battle on the road with me to New Hampshire. I headed up to my family’s cottage with my wife and a few friends and started grilling. I was a little out of my element so I kept things simple. I hollowed out wheat sub rolls to fulfill the alternative bun requirement, then filled it with cubes of hamburger. I wanted to keep a slight Tex Mex theme, so I topped off the burger with salsa, fresh avocado and sprinkle cheese. To add to the presentation I aggressively grilled the sub roll in the flame that was shooting through the center of the grill (it was a really old grill). A side of regular ruffle chips seemed to compliment the fairly simple entree well, so I went with. Overall it was really good and it seemed to fit the atmosphere and attitude of the day really well.”

One of my favorite style files yet will be up later this afternoon!

  1. Haha what fun that must be to be in a BBQ War! 😀
    And this dinner looks AMAZING! I think I might suggest it tonight.

  2. Yum, looks delicious! BBQ wars sound fun. Kev gets points for going veggie!

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