Week 34


Ok, we are late again with this post. Eh? whatcha goin’ do. Things have been going pretty great for mamma and baby. We went to our midwife appointment last week and she said everything is perfect. If there is one thing that I can suggest to make sure you do when you our pregnant is find the right fitting hospital and doctor/midwife practice. It seriously makes a world of difference. We feel so blessed with our choice and it has made for a very easy and comforting pregnancy. This weekend when we were away was the first time I started having the thoughts “ahh what if this little baby comes early and we are out here in the middle of no where?” I was so scarred and upset at the thought of having to deliver the baby somewhere other than at the birth center we chose. I love everyone there and I love there philosophy on everything. I am so confident in how they choose to do things there that I am not walking in the day I start labor with a written out “birth plan” but a birth game plan. I fully trust that they know what is best for the baby and for me and because of that I don’t feel the need to have written out every detail of how/what/or what not I want done. I seriously can’t say enough about finding the right choice for you. Everyone is different and no one choice is right for everyone, but for me my game plan is to have a natural birth. This is not something I decided on a whim, I have read, read, read many books on both sides and have decided for me that is the right choice. I don’t want to get all preaching on the subject but if you are interested on how I made that decision or why I think it is the best way for me you can def. email me (jenloveskev@gmail.com) and I would love to talk about it with you.

(not so tiny baby movements anymore)http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/4830909758/

Dear Baby Girl:
You are getting so, so, big! I can tell because when you move you make Mommy make faces like the one above. They are not little tiny movements anymore. The midwife showed us how to feel around my belly and tell how you are positioned the other day. Now we are always trying to tell how you are laying in there. Last week we had a little bit of false labor one night. I could not sleep and you daddy rubbed my back for a long while and then I went and took a hot shower and you decided to settle down. I want you to come early but let’s wait until 37 weeks little girl (after that you are welcome to come anytime!). We are starting to feel pretty settled and ready for you to come. We have all your things put away and ready for you. We are not setting up a nursery for you yet because our lease is up in Nov. and we are not sure what we want to do yet. Somedays I am ok that we dont have a nursery for you, but other days I feel bad and want to set one up for you so badly. I love decorating and its hard not to make a perfect little place for you. I know that it wont be forever and even if you had a nursery you would be sleeping next to us in your pram for the first little while anyways but its hard sometimes. haha, I know it’ silly because when I think about it you wont even know the difference, but still.

Every night when we go to bed your daddy likes to lay his head across the top of my belly and talk to you. He tries to hug you a lot too, its pretty cute (picture above). He is so excited for you to come. Everyday that goes by he gets more and more excited to see you. Sometimes out of no where he will turn to me and say “I just love her so much, I can not wait for her to be here.” Seriously, he says the most adorable things about you all the time. I always feel like I am going to instantly start crying because you have changed him so much over these last 8 months. He was always a great man, friend and husband but you have made him so much more. I don’t know if everyone changes when they are going to become a parent but for us you have really shown us the things we needed to work on and also just enhanced every good thing in each other. You have brought us even closer together and in a way I don’t think possible other than for you. I always feel like as you get older your marriage gets better and I think its because you go thru different milestones as you get older. Its a funny thing how each one of those things changes you. I have very much loved every min. of my “my” time with your daddy. Sometimes its hard to think it wont be just be the two of us anymore, but then I think about you being here and this new journey we are all taking together and I am appreciative for the time we have had but am so looking forward to having you here. Eeek- it can not come soon enough now little girl!

With all my love,
your momma

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  1. you and Kev are so great together. your daughter is the luckiest girl in the world!! 🙂

  2. These are such great pictures 😀

  3. your letters make me cry. They are so sweet.

  4. such sweet pictures…
    and yea for midwives! i was named after my two midwives and needless to say i’m a pretty big advocate for them 🙂

  5. Your letters to your little baby girl are so cute. Reading them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I am sure I will come back and read all your letters from the start. Its the most genuine feelings on paper that I have read anyone write. You write straight from the heart Jen and reading your posts makes me very very happy. Thanks for this blog, post and every post that will be written in the future. They make my day. They inspire me to write to my husband even if we live in the same house. Its ridiculously romantic! 🙂

  6. These posts are such a priceless treasure for your family. What an amazing momma you already are…and Kev too… equally amazing poppa!

    Good for you on the natural birth decision. That was what I did also with all three of my babies…If you know before you are in labor what you want it makes it so much easier while you are there! My last baby was unknowingly 9+ lbs which is ginormous for my little 5’4 frame but I knew that my body and I could do it and we did! You will be as marvelous in labor as you are pregnant! I know it!!!

  7. you are adorable, the letter is such a great idea to do and a brilliant memory of this time for you!!

  8. good for you for doing your research, girl! i am a doula and i can’t tell you how important it is to be well read and informed about birth. i had a natural birth with my second child and it was the most amazing experience of my life. it was worth every second and the euphoria i felt after was amazing. you can do it!!! with my first baby i was sick with preeclampsia, so i had to be on every drug, every machine, every intervention was used, and i had a c-section. as someone who has had an epidural with one and no epidural with the second, i really recommend doing it all natural. my epidural sucked. you couldn’t pay me to get another one.
    good luck! i hope you get the birth you want.

  9. It took me forever to find the perfect doctor. I seriously switched like 3 times! I don’t want to put my life and my daughters life in just anyone’s hands. Also I’m glad to say the hospital I will be delivering at is one of the best in the country so that makes me feel way better! Not to mention my mom gave birth to my older brother and sister in the same hospital so its really special to her. 🙂

    They also have birthing tubs which I’m excited about lol even though I don’t think I’ll use it but its still exciting! lol

  10. Sophie •

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I’ve been clicking through the old posts, and your letters to your daughter are beautiful. I’m a little young/ I’m not married so no baby for me in the near future, but I am loving your maternity style! Your baby so blessed to be loved so much already! I’m going to be saying a prayer for more blessings for your new family tonight, and I will definitely subscribe to this blog 🙂

  11. Good luck with the last few weeks (but certainly the longest wait!) I’m at 39 weeks today and am planning a natural, active birth too. I’ve had so many conversations with people where I feel like I’m having to defend my decision for a natural birth as if I’m some crazy hippy for not wanting to have medical intervention, so its great so see someone else going down the natural route too! Have you read Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth? It is amazing and everything you need to get you pumped and informed about exactly what’s going on during labour.

  12. Oh my goodness. These posts are just beautiful.

  13. so so so so sweet…makes me excited to be a mom one day! thanks for sharing!

  14. Jen! You are gorgeous. So glad you emailed me. Your site is fabulous. Best of luck over the next 6 (or so) weeks!

  15. Hey Jen, very random question here: my coworker told me the other day he had been able to see his unborn son’s face via a 3D echo. Is that a common thing now? Have you been able to see your daughter’s too?

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