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Yay! It’s Friday!!! We are off to the White Mountain in NH today for the weekend. We are staying at Kev’s family’s cabin on the lake. It’s so awesome up there. I love it! There is a natural lazy river, waterfalls from the mountains, cliffs to jump off and rope swings. So fun!! We are going with our friends Jon and Carrie. Can’t wait for late night campfires!!

We are down to 1 car right now because the element is getting fixed from the accident. This leaves me a little stranded some days. Yesterday I went for a nice walk to the post office to mail out all my thank yous for the baby shower. Can you see how hot I get from being pregnant?? I was dying of heat while I was taking these pictures. Haha anything I do outside I get so flushed. I’ll just call it my pregnancy glow. Haha.

I am not sure if this top is suppose to be a dress or a top. I feel like that is my major problem lately. Are things getting shorter?? I don’t think I am getting taller. Well I had to add a little black skirt under it to add some much needed length. And of course mustaches are awesome!!

Dress/top: Thrifted via Savers
Cotton skirt: H&M
Mustache Necklace: c/o Modcloth
Flats: Dollhouse

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!
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  1. aw – you look BEAUTIFUL! ill call it your glow too – because you are glowing!

  2. Things are DEFINITELY getting shorter these days. I hate how stores control how short or how long things are and we basically have no choice in it at all. I would much rather be covered up in the first place and adjust the hem if I need to.

  3. Love the dress!

  4. I love the mustache 😉

  5. You know, I was thinking the same thing about length while shopping the other day! I was at the mall so I know what I was trying on were intended dresses, but apparently to get an appropriate hemline I’d need to lose six of more inches of height. I wish I could say this was limited to stores like Forever 21, but sadly it was not. There was a completely adorable anchor print dress at UO that some lucky short gals were going to get and I’d never be able to have! 🙁

  6. Our element is getting fixed right now too!!! Have you guys tried putting a carseat in it (yet)? We got a Graco Sungride and I’m just afraid it’ll be super heavy to be taking in an out. Let me know what you guys do/find/think!

  7. Love the floral skirt, I wouldn’t think mixing stripes with flowers, but look great together 😀

  8. Hot Mama! You look great. I love this funky, summer outfit. Have fun at the river and be careful on the rope swing (kidding! stay off the rope swing.) 🙂

  9. I get so flushed from the heat too, so I can only imagine how hot you must feel.

    I always wanted to get up to the White Mountains!!! I hope you have a lovely time.

    Lulu Letty

  10. i know, right? good luck keeping your bits covered if you’re any taller than 5’2″! and you can’t bend over in anything. i sit down and i’m sitting on nothing.

  11. Gorgeous skirt! I love stripes and florals.

  12. Short dresses are the bane of my existence! It’s so hard to find a cute, well-priced knee-length skirt or dress now. Love the outfit, you pull off stripes and florals so well!

  13. you look so great!! love how you added a skirt so it was long enough not to give everything a show.
    when I was 33 weeks the last thing I could do was get dressed up like you, let alone go on vacation. I give you alot of credit!

  14. ahhhh that bag is SUPERCALIFRAGINCREDIBLE! i love peacocks. you’re right – every detail is perfect. love

  15. My goodness, you don’t even look pregnant in the second photo! Love the stripes w/ the floral!

  16. Clothing is DEFINITELY getting shorter … sigh … I am 5’9″ and it is so tough to find affordable dresses any more that are long enough for me to be comfortable in but still cute (most of them are kinda old-ladyish – I would hem/alter them if I had any skill with a sewing machine!).

  17. Lol – Just scrolled up – Looks like me and Chaucee are on the same wavelength!

  18. Laura •

    What a clever idea to wear another skirt under it. i wouldnt have thought of that. I do think everything is getting shorter. I cant believe you’re almost there! You dont look like you’re due in 6wks. You are a cute pregnant lady.

  19. your hair looks lovely styled like this!

  20. I’m SO eager for a moustache necklace at the moment. They’re so cheeky and perfect. And I’m loving the mixed print on the dress. Cute, as usual!

  21. I definitely think hemlines are getting shorter — you’re not crazy at all!

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