Style File 07.21.10

There is nothing that I love more than getting a new dress. I just love it! It can make any day brighter. Any new clothes can, but a dress I feel like is something special. When I got this dress in the mail last week, I could not wait to try it on. No, it is not a maternity dress, but the waist hits high enough that I thought I could get away with it, and boy was I right. I love it! Its a cotton dress that has a little bit of stretch to it which makes it super comfy and cool to wear in this hot heat. Aren’t the details super cute? I love the gold buttons and high ruffled neck. A little military inspired.

I paired it with only a gold cuff and some gold sandals and then left it at that. I didn’t want to over do it and my sandals are pretty jazzy already. haha! I have been taking outfit pictures myself lately and I have to say I think I am getting way better. Except, I always pick the wrong time of day to go take them. The old factory building we live in is being renovated right now- they are adding like 90 new luxury lofts to the other half (and pool and spa-yippie!) so there are A LOT of construction works around. I tried twice yesterday and each time it was when what felt like hundreds of them were walking by me (lunch + quitting time) doh! Its hard not to feel awkward taking pictures of yourself but even more awkward when its in front of construction works and you are very pregnant. Oh well!

If you havent checked out Shabby Apple’s Dress selcetions yet- I would go check them out. They offer some great stuff. I really LOVE this yellow ruffled dress as well. Its just so pretty!!!

Have a great Day everyone!

Cortez Dress: c/o Shabby Apple
Gold Cuff: c/o LOFT
Sandals: Steve Madden

  1. Loove Shabby Apple. This dress is adorable. I totally feel your pain with taking pics, but your story really takes the cake. Construction workers? I would have ran back inside. Haha!

  2. You look so lovely, that outfit is gorgeous, totally military inspired, i feel the same for dresses when i used them i become in a different person with a different mood. And all the stuff with contruction workers is really ackward, understand u totally.

  3. Jen, you look adorable. I really admire tha tyou haven’t forgone style during your pregnancy. Make the most of that pregnant glow, girl!

  4. Hi,
    I’ve never commented before, but have read your fabulous blog for a while now. Can I just say, that the more pregnant you get, the more beautiful you look.
    Hope you are staying cool in this wicked heat!

  5. SOO cute!the ruffles down the front are awesome!

  6. that dress is absolutely adorable! very true that a new dress can change your whole feeling and mood during pregnancy!

  7. Love that dress! It looks so cute on you. I checked out the Shabby Apple website and lets just say, it is going to be dangerous for my bank account.

  8. Ooh you look adorable in it! Really pretty!

  9. you look beyond fabulous!!!! and now im obsessed with shabby apple and wish i could afford all the dresses i just put into my check-out bag….

  10. i have to delurk to say that this first photo of you is so pretty–you look glowing and beautiful!

  11. Jen you’re like the cutest pregnant woman ever. I love this whole outfit! I think you’re taking such great photos!!

  12. Ooh I love those shoes! Very cute look!:)

  13. Such a cute outfit Jen! I love the militay-esque details on the dress,

  14. Love the dress! The pretty pops of gold look nice behind the navy color. Honestly, from the front you can barely tell you’re pregnant. camouflage.

    I recently ordered 2 dresses from Shabby Apple & I really wasn’t impressed (especially for the $$)! I loved the Parisian inspired collection, but wasn’t a fan of exposed white side zippers on a black dress 🙁 or the fact that their sizing says ‘fits generously’ yet I couldn’t get the skirts to lay right on my curvy hips. oh well…

  15. The length of that yellow dress is so ladylike!

  16. I love that dress! It looks so fab on you.

  17. Candy M •

    You look so beautiful, love this color and style on you!

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