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Happy Monday! After a very laid back weekend I woke up this morning ready to start a productive week. I was able to get a little head start yesterday afternoon which left me feeling excited and refreshed for this week to start. Also, THANK YOU ALL for the kind and encouraging words about the accident. The main reason I love blogging so much is the community you become a part of.

Anyways, we went to the pool on Saturday to relax and escape the heat a little. We meet some friends there and Kev and Dave ended up playing full court basketball next door for a while in flip flops/bare feet. This lead to the largest blood blisters I have ever seen on the bottom of Kev’s feet. I have no idea how he played for so long with out realizing how sore his feet were. Needless to say, he had to be set up on the couch the rest of the weekend with his feet up unable to walk. He hobbled off to work this morning still unable to put pressure on the pads of his feet.
Poor guy.

This left me yesterday to play a little dress up and practice some more photography on my own. I was super excited to finally get dressed and off the couch. I received these cowboy boots last week from Fossil and I have to say I was a little scared at first. I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots before. I didn’t know how to wear them and wasn’t sure I was going to like them all that much. Well let me just say, it only took trying them on with 2 outfits before I was totally head over heels. They instantly gave me this fun and carefree attitude- hehe. I know it sounds funny but they were super fun to style an outfit for. I can’t wait for it to be just a little cooler so these boots can come out more often to play.

I am also not much of a lipstick person but with my new attitude from wearing cowboy boots- I felt it was only appropriate to try out this new lipstick from Talbots. They created a shade called CHARMED and is available for free with any $150 purchase at Talbots from now until Sept. 9th. For not having picked out the color myself I have to say this red is pretty universally flattering. I really did love it when I put it on for the first time, and as a non lipstick wearing girl that says a lot.


Dress: c/o of Modcloth
Necklace: Gift from BFF
Belt: Target (on sale right now for only $5.94!)
Boots: c/o of Justin Vintage for Fossil
Lipstick: c/o Talbots
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Clubmasters via eBay

Week 33 Baby Post will be posted around 6pm later this evening! Kev wrote a special letter to baby this time!!

  1. love this outfit! i am a total summer and sun person but seeing my cowboy boots sit around so lonely makes me anticipate fall more than any thing.

  2. I love those boots! You’ve inspired me to incorporate my cowboy boots into my wardrobe more often :).

  3. Fantastic boots! 🙂

  4. oh my goodness. LOOK AT UR BUMPPPPPPP. u continue to amaze me by looking so fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see the baby post today!!!!

    xo, Kim

  5. Love the dress, ur belly looks so cute 😀

  6. What a fantastic and fun outfit! I love the dress and it looks cute with the new boots 🙂

    Sarah Yvonne

  7. The ponytail makes this look put together. You look like you’re having fun and just plain adorable.

  8. I really love your blog. I found this through I think it was Picket Fence blogs. You look fantastic and I really love how you’ve documented your baby belly with different backgrounds and fabulous outfits.

  9. I love my cowboy boots! I was the same when I first bought them but now I wear them all the time. The go with everything! I actually just recently started wearing lipstick too. I was complaining to a girl at work how red lipstick never suits me so her and I went on a quest to find me the perfect red. I found it and I love it! I now have a really nice light pink one I wear as well. I am slowly becoming obsessed with wearing lipstick!

  10. aahh! i’m LOVIN’ the cowboy boots! i, too, purchased my very first pair earlier this year (when the sun still wasn’t shining in these parts) and wore them every little chance i got with leggings galore! and i think your black/brown-ish pair are quite adorable too!

    p.s. i’m a big red lipstick wearer so, of course, i’m diggin’ the new Talbots shade on you! 🙂


  11. I bought a pair of cowboy boots last winter and I wasn’t so sure about them too but like you, it didn’t take long for me to embrace the fun factor…plus they’re super comfy. I’m officially sold on the cowboy boot look and can’t wait to break them out again come fall.

  12. I got an e-mail about those boots the other day and thought they were so cute. You styled them well! Adorable as always.

  13. Really great job on the photos Jen! You look as always (and it’s not just cuz your my girl) absolutely adorable 🙂 love you lots xo

  14. This outfit is so fun. I think cowboy boots do add an element of rough and tumble to all outfits. <3

    The lipstick is a great shade on you. I may go lipstick shopping this weekend. I can never seem to find a shade that suits me!

    B from A plus B

  15. The boots are bitchin’. I need a pair. I mean, I live in the South, dang it! This tragedy has gone on too long.

    Love your outfit.

  16. Becca •

    This is one of my all time favorite looks of yours! Love it! Going in inspiration folder.

  17. I love this style file! I can really relate to your cowboy boot apprehension. Moving from Upstate NY to Denver was really a wake-up call to me as far as my boot game was concerned. Denver is by no means the “Wild Wild West” anymore, but people definitely love to wear cowboy boots out here, and now I do too! The good thing about that is there are always decent, quality pairs at thrift stores and estate sales, usually for less than $30.

  18. I love your boots! I’ve really been wanting to get a pair of cowboy boots, but just can’t find the right pair. Plus it would mean taking that leap of courage to rock them like you did! I also love that your dress is a little longer than most dresses out there right now. I’ve really had a hard time finding dresses that are a good length for work. I’ve actually just decided to start wearing cute short dresses with leggings underneath for my summer work outfits, but it would be great to have bare legs and an appropriate length dress too.

  19. Adorable. That baby bump is the ultimate accessory! And that red lipstick is definitely you!

  20. You look so adorable and happy in this post! I love the colors combined with the boots!

  21. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this dress! I’d love to borrow it – what size is it?! It’s soo cute!

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  23. Love the dress. Awesome look!

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