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I have heard on multiple occasion the words “grandma dress” come out of Kev’s Mouth. I think he thinks every dress I get from the thriftstore looks like a grandma dress but, hey they probably were. I think I see the potential a lot easier then he does. haha. Anyways, with this dress I have to totally agree. I love this dress but at the same time the pattern on it looks like something from a grandmas moo moo she would wear around the house with slippers. It just fit my belly so well and was super comfy and pretty cute to wear, I had to overlook my second thoughts on the pattern.

Are there things you over look when you buy something if there are other good factors involved? Fit? price? color?

We went for a little stroll the other night when Kev came home from work. There was a beautiful sunset, which we only were able to catch the very tail end with these photos but it was a lovely night. I brought my little purse for the walk (we were going to get popsicles from the gas station- classy, I know) I love this little purse, its so dainty and cute. I found it at a thrift store years and years ago. I love the smell of the inside every time I open it. I feel like it is full of stories.

Dress: Thrifted from Savers
Belt: Target
Purse: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted from Savers
Franklin Necklace: c/o Jess LC

p.s. As I type this I think I am feeling the baby have hiccups for the first time!

  1. My boyfriend and friends say things like that to me all the time, when I pick up ugly dresses at the thrift store. But things that look cheesy and shapeless often fit my lanky body perfectly. I’ve definitely had my boyfriend take back his comments once I tried things on or altered them slightly.

    I definitely love this dress, it looks amazing on you, even if it does have a bit of a gramdma feel. I bet she was a kick ass grandma though.

  2. wow, do babies actually hiccup before they are born!?! my brain tells me no, but man that would be so cute

  3. LOVE this dress on you Jen! Seriously, it’s one of my favorite pregnancy outfits I’ve seen you in. 🙂

  4. Well the puffy sleeves and how good it looks on you totally make up for the wild pattern.

  5. It may be a granny-esque pattern, but if anyone can rock it, it’s totally you!

  6. Jen – I would pick this up in a thrift store and say “ewww grandma dress,” but you make it look so damn cute! Did you alter it at all or is this exactly how it came?

    Well done looking past it’s flaws for all the good it had to offer 😉


  7. Babies do indeed hiccup in the womb. At first I found it mildly concerning, but I’ve read it doesn’t cause them any discomfort at all and can be soothing, even.

    Grandma pattern or not, I think the dress looks totally sweet on you!

  8. Granny dress?! So what! You look so stinkin’ cute. 🙂 As always.

  9. hiccups are the best (unless you are trying to sleep)! my babies all had hiccups in-utero and they still had them a lot as infants. very cute!

  10. The purse is gorgeous, makes your activities classy 🙂
    The patern does remind me a bit of Hyacint Bucket from Keeping up Appearances hehehe, but as long as you stay clear of the matching hats you’re fine!

  11. i LOVE the pattern. no second thoughts were needed!

  12. I am totally wearing a skirt in almost that exact same print (it just has some green thrown in). I call it my grandma skirt! haha!

  13. whenever i wear any of my vintage dresses my friends always say that they look like grandma dresses!

  14. I find that Grandma is really in right now … and you are rocking it!

    The easiest thing to overlook in an outfit is the fit, because it can be altered to fit you perfectly. One thing I never overlook is the colour or if it is cheap fabric. Yucky, can’t do it.

  15. what a cute dress! I think you look amazing

  16. Such a cute dress! I love the color and the sleeves.

  17. casey •

    you should RIT dye it! I love to take somewhat tacky patterned pieces and dye them with a darkish color… the dye can’t possibly cover it all the way and what’s left is a more tone-on-tone pattern.

  18. Sarah •

    I think you look amazing; everything about this dress works on you! No need to change a thing! You look gorgeous!

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