32 Weeks!


8 more weeks my friends! (although I feel like she is going to come a little early- I dont know why just wishful thinking I guess) and I have to say I am pretty darn proud of myself for not having bought a lot of maternity things. I have really just been super lucky in the dress department lately. Goodwill, Savers and Salvation army have been my life saves. Modcloth as well! I have picked out some great dresses from there that have worked perfect for expanding bellies. You just need to look for: higher waists (empire), elastic waists, a longer hemline (its got to lift up over the belly), Long cotton tanks or cute elastic waist skirts (there are lots out there right now!) I think the trick too is just trying everything on. I have been pleasantly surprised sometimes trying on something non maternity just to find it fits me great. Others times of course not so much, but you start to learn what will work and what wont. The only things I have bought that are maternity specific are:
1. a pair of jeans (worth it!) I don’t like belly bands. Why would you want to walk around all day with your pants unbuttoned? Not comfortable for me at all
2. 2 pairs of Maternity shorts (same reason as jeans)
3. I did buy 2 of these maternity tanks from target, but they could have been any long tank instead. I do however love them. They are long and soft and stretchy and perfect to wear under about anything. Smooths out everything nicely as well.
4. and as of the other day I did buy a more modest maternity bathing suit top. I am ok wearing a 2 piece around most people (kev+friends) but its nice to have the extra coverage around others to make you a little more comfortable with yourself.

And now my little rant on maternity clothes… Why do you have to suck so bad? I am sorry maternity clothes are absolutely terrible and yes I know Forever 21 has a new maternity line, but have you looked at it? Its still just regular tee shirts and a long tank basically. I searched and searched for dresses at thrift stores because I refused to wear 9 months of plain cotton tee shirts. ugh! I am excited for Forever 21. I hope they continue to expand the line and actually make some cute things because it is a market that needs some major help. I wish I was a fashion designer because I know where I would start. Has anyone been into a Destination Maternity/Motherhood store? You walk in and you feel like you are walking back in time. It’s very upsetting. I set foot in one once at the beginning of my pregnancy and have never gone back. Even Targets maternity stuff is terrible. I mean really, really terrible. I hope whenever you are pregnant, you will challenge yourselves to not feel like you have to settle on all this crappy stuff. It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself when you wear it. You should feel cute and beautiful. I mean as Kev keeps telling me “you are more beautiful now than ever” and ladies you are! When you are pregnant you really are even more truly beautiful. So make sure you are finding clothes that make you feel that way!!


Ok, one more thing. There is nothing like a little self reflection while pregnant to make yourself feel good about how your body use to look. Does that make sense? haha. I guess what I am trying to say is after getting use to seeing my chubby ankles, my no longer existent waist, bigger hips and well everything else comes along with baby, I have very much enjoyed looking back at all my old style files. I think back to pictures where I was afraid to post them because I felt so insecure about them and think now “wow, I looked pretty good in those.” I have never been a super stick thin girl and I was ok with that. I like my height, I like my curves and I liked my strong healthy body. I think looking back is a good thing. Reflection is a good way to move forward. I really hope that mentality carries thru to post pregnancy. I know it will take time to lose baby weight, but I hope that after all this I will end up on the other side proud of my body for what it was, what it has been thru and how it will change with giving birth and becoming a Mom. I do have to say I am really, really looking forward to my first marathon post baby. I feel like that will be a great accomplishment after pregnancy. ahh just to run again!! hehe


Dear Baby Girl:
I want to write your name when I start off these letters but its still a big secret. We are 100% sure now though. Your daddy is convinced! He is so excited for you to come. He keeps saying the sweetest things I have ever heard when he talks about you. You have no idea how much he loves you already. We were both a little scared of what they were going to say when they gave us your estimated weight the other day. Your daddy was a big baby, almost 10lbs, so honestly we were a little afraid of what you were going to be too. At the sonogram they said you were weighting in right now at 4.6lbs and that you should grow 1/4-1/2 pounds a week till you are born. So that gives us a range of 6.6-8.6, and I am ok with that. She said that you gaining a 1/2 pound every week was very unlikely. So I think you will be in the 7lbs range.

This sonogram was absolutely amazing. Your Daddy said to me later that night while we were in bed that it was one of his favorite moments of his life so far. You are so close to being here, so when we saw the pictures of you on the screen you were like a real little baby. We could really see you. You had the most adorable little face, little puffy cheeks, and the most dead on little bubble nose- just like your mom!! Its really funny because your Auntie Amy has always called your Daddy and me, Roman and Bubble because of our nose shape. I have a very distinct bubble and your daddy has a very roman shaped nose. Its been a joke this whole pregnancy what kind of nose you will have. Your Auntie Amy even sent us a card one time that has a pop up crib and in the crib she had cut out hundreds of little noses from magazines as a joke wondering what type of nose you would have. At the sonogram, the tech was moving around the picture and then all of the sudden she came up to your little face and out burst your dad “oh my goodness”, we both instantly started laughing so hard. It was plain as day that you have the same little bubble as me. It is seriously like the cutest, most adorable thing ever. I don’t normally share your sonograms pictures because we like to keep them private, but I am going to show this particular picture we had the tech take of the outline/underside of your cute little nose. (We got better detailed pictures of her and her cute little face but this one shows her little nose the best!)


Love you with everything we have,
Your Mamma

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  1. You have the cutest nose Jen! 🙂

  2. I think your nose is cute too! And you always look good every pic you post because you know how to carry yourself (and your baby) well 🙂 I love the simplicity of the tank and cardigan and necklace in these pics.. where did you get these items!

  3. Jen – hallelujah – I TOTALLY agree. I hate maternity clothing. hate it so much. I totally agree that finding normally clothing that works is a way better option. hate motherhood maternity and want to rant like a crazy person about it. and YES I can’t figure out why everyone is going on about the forever21 maternity line… it’s just tshirts? what the? Why does everyone want to dress pregnant women in crap?
    Evidently I need to calm down as bad maternity wear is a major hot button for me, and I’m starting to sound crazy… maybe this would have made a better email hehe
    (ps wait till you start nursing and see the so call “nursing” clothing… ick major ick)

  4. Ugh, I totally feel your pain! I hated buying maternity clothes so much that I taught myself to sew so that I wouldn’t have to ever even enter a maternity store ever again! My second pregnancy I think I looked a lot cuter because I made my clothes or bought huge ones and altered them to make them fit nicely. I have to say that you look super cute in every one of your style files, so you’re doing the impossible and dressing cute even though youre pregnant! Keep it up!

  5. I am 29 weeks. Try finding fashionable maternity clothing when the pregnancy weight pushes you up into plus-sizes. Utterly horrible. And as far as finding non-maternity things that work on this belly – forget about it!! I’ve been doing those long maternity tanks in various colors with non-maternity cardigans and interesting jewelry. Of course, in this almost 100 degree heat, cardigans = sweat factories. So sad.

  6. I think someone has already commented, but I cant wait to read your review of nursing bras, lol! You’re making it work, Jen! Be proud.

  7. so cute! love these pictures – so exciting about your bubble nose on the little miss! shes going to be the cutest ever!

    where is your necklace and cardigan from? xox!

  8. yes, yes and yes about maternity clothes. And what’s more? They never fit right anyway. I felt like I spent a year of my life (between 2 kids) either pulling my pants up or readjusting a hot and itchy panel.

  9. Tina B •

    Totally get the Motherhood store. Sadly, 7 years ago that was the only place to buy stuff and I hated it way back then. Luckily I was able to fit in most of my everyday stuff till the end.
    The sonogram is SO very precious. Oh my gosh…just a few more weeks and you can actually hold her!!

  10. julie •

    Maternity clothes are awful so that you will be even more happy to pass them on to friends & never see them again 🙂

  11. I L-O-V-E your baby posts! Everything from you and your hubs to your letters tare so cute!

  12. Cute! Love the pictures btw, the background and the contrast is really well done, kudos to Kev!

  13. Thanks for the fashion tips! That’s going to be my goal when it’s baby time – no maternity clothes. They are pretty awful. You’ve done a great job keeping your look fresh and modern. So inspiring 🙂

    Want to hear some silly logic? I’m jealous of the body of this pregnant girl I saw on someone’s Facebook album. I mean, she had this big belly and I just thought she had the cutest figure! Haha. Meanwhile I tried on a swimsuit the other day and felt kinda ugh about it.

  14. Your nose is adorable! And hers will be too! I love noses I think they are a part of the face that holds everything together and balances every mood and expression.

    And the maternity clothes, I remember my sister hating them. I don’t understand why the US feels the need to cover pregnant women in “special”, pregnancy is beautiful and should be celebrated. I remember living in Brasil they have no maternity clothes, you just make do and if your baby belly shows a little bit, so be it, it’s beautiful. And no one thinks it’s weird.

  15. You do have to be super creative to get through maternity clothes! I’ve gotten some hand me downs from people that are kind of boring to me so I’ve had to try to find ways to make them more fun.

  16. Michelle H •

    I like H&M for maternity clothes. Their tank tops are awesome, super comfy, stretchy and cute! Plus they are under $10 so they won’t break the bank. The pants and shorts I got from there are good too.

    I’m trying to find some work clothes that will work with my tummy (due at the end of Nov. Half way there as of Monday!). Thankfully I work from home so shorts and a t-shirt are fine for most days but there are days that I do have to meet clients and it would be really nice to have more than just one outfit to see them in! Any suggestions for slightly dressier maternity clothes?

    And I couldn’t agree more, I hate those maternity only stores, so yuck! Who wants to wear a tent-sized lavender t-shirt and culottes set?? Really? Who?

  17. You’ll be just fine. Never really noticed your bubble nose before you pointed it out. Haha, I think I have one too! 😀 Bubble noses anonymous…..

  18. I love everything about this post!

    I think I have bought about the exact same selection of maternity clothes as you, except pants instead of shorts because I was still working at the time and my building was cold.

    I have done a lot of thrift and cheap dress shopping, too. So much better. The only stylish “maternity” clothes I could find were WAY too expensive. I like this way better. Good thing we are pregnant in summer too. I wonder if it would be so easy in the winter?

    Also, I love your letter to your daughter this week. So sweet. I am amazed by my daughter’s profile in her sonogram – you can already see the family resemblance! So crazy and incredible! We get to see her one more time before the big day in 2 weeks – I’ll be at 35 wks by then. Can’t wait!

    All the best!

  19. I was just whining about maternity clothes options today. I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks and finding a dress was awful! I did eventually ordering a non-maternity dress with an empire waist from Modcloth. Not only are most maternity clothes ugly, but they are expensive, and they fall apart so quickly. You look great though, and your clothes are very stylish! That’s also really cute that you and baby have the same nose!

  20. This here, is the sweetest little post I ever did see! I just stumbled upon your blog, and you look so beautiful in your outfit and your glowing skin! This is an exciting time I imagine!! a huge congratulations!

  21. That sounds so annoying that there are no nice maternity clothes! How about etsy? The bubble nose story is so sweet. 🙂 I hope things keep going great for you guys.

    B from A plus B

  22. Hi Jen! Oh so glad someone refered your blog to me. Am 4 months pregnant now and am still having a hard time, am looking for preggy bloggers out there to learn more and have some kind of support. am just glad i’ve found yours. you look so nice and pretty and so happy.

    am so happy too, but right now am having a hard time eating.

    well see you around.

  23. I love your baby letters, they are so nice, its so cute you can see the bubble nose already, you’ll be a great mom!

  24. great post. I did okay with maternity wear my first time around, but pretty soon i’m hoping for baby #2, so it’s a good reminder to not get sucked in to those horrible motherhood maternity clothes. not only are they really unstylish, there is just something about the fabrics they use that gave me the creeps.

  25. Laura •

    I agree so much about the maternity clothes, I haven’t bought much because it is all so ugly and horrible. I’ve been looking for tops that I can wear that cover my belly and so far have done ok. I did buy a few things. Today I got a pair of skinny jeans on clearance at old navy for a good price and they look just like regular jeans but so much more comfortable. I wish I could create a line of maternity that women would want to wear and sell it for an afordable price.

    I loved that sono picture. That is the funniest thing ever! That you would be able to tell that she has your nose… that’s so special. I cant believe how clear it was! I would have cracked up too. I know she is going to be so darn cute! Anyway, i’ve been wanting to chat with you. Maybe we can catch up sometime this week? I miss you. xo

  26. Ah I know what you mean, I helped out my cousin so much during her pregnancy and grew tired of going to so many places and ultimately finding 2 or 3 things that were decent for her! It is especially hard for the women who end up having an especially large belly during their pregnancy! (her son was about 10ish pounds!).

    Your baby girl will be so proud to read your letters!

  27. rebekah •

    hey, i love this post. you are an inspiration to a lot of people..

    for nursing bras.. check out this place.. http://www.nectarlingerie.com/index.php
    its quite expensive, but it soooo cute. i found it while in Vancouver BC visiting friends… its maternity and nursing section is just as cute as its regular stuff… =)

  28. Great pictures as always! That’s wonderful that you’ve had such great luck with normal clothes working! My friends and I are always commenting on dresses we have that “would be great if we were ever pregnant” haha. I agree that there is a great opportunity in the market with maternity clothing!!!

  29. It’s my first time on your blog and i’m absolutely loving it. The pictures, the layout, your cute belly and your love words for both your baby girl and your husband.. everything is great!

    Everything you wrote on this post is such an inspiration for women all around. I’m not pregnant, but i can still feel inspired with what you had to say about feeling comfortable in my own skin/shape/body. So thank you!
    You don’t even have to worry about your looks, i’ve been looking through old entries and you looked pretty darn amazing during your whole pregnancy!

    PS. not sure if it’s still of any help, but i’ve heard that Forever 21 is making some maternity pieces.

  30. I know I am a bit late on this comment, but next time you are pregnant, http://www.isabellaoliver.com is pretty good. We did a giveaway with them and since then they have made their website uglier, which is strange, but they have all the stuff that the celeb mamas wear, so you are bound to find something cute for any occasion, it can be a bit pricey, but great for your one events dress, one coat ect…next time 😉

  31. Preach it! 🙂 My maternity wardrobe ended up being very similar to what you’re wearing in this post – a colorful cardigan with a basic mat. tee with fun accessories and low rise mat. jeans. Old Navy was my main go to place, simply because they make things that are just like their non-mat. clothes, only longer in the front. Got a few cute sweaters there that were more form fitting – all those tent tops and dresses are SO unflattering! I had always been excited about the prospect of venturing into Motherhood Maternity pre-pregnancy, but then once I actually did I was super disappointed with what they had – especially the material – so much polyester!!!!!!! Why would a pregnant lady who is already overheating want to cover herself with thick poly outfits?!? No thanks. 🙂 Hoping that there will be a few more cute mat. options by the time the next pregnancy rolls around.
    You look awesome though – definitely have given me more ideas for next time!

  32. I hope to be able to not buy tons of maternity clothes if/when I get preggers. You’re doing a great job. btw… I LOVE that necklace!!

  33. Jen, I think it is so rad that you’ve managed to get through this pregnancy without the terrible mammy clothes. You look so stylish and adorable! I’m taking notes for when I have a little bean of my own. This might be baby fever talking, but sometimes when I put on my clothes I wonder if they would someday be prego-compatible. Seriously, no wonder I all the sudden have ten million jersey skirts. Ha!

  34. Jen,
    You should check out Topshop’s maternity line. They’ve got a bunch of cute dresses and camis. I often find stuff in the store and realize it’s maternity only after I try it on, haha! You should see if any of their stuff looks good to you, they have some amazing clothes in right now.

  35. Wow, glad you are so picky with your clothes cause it looks like you dress so cute…not.

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