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There is lots of good stuff about this style file. I have already talked about the super awesome Franklin Necklace in the last post, go check it out if you haven’t already. But now I want to share the pictures we took for the lookbook. I knew I wanted to wear something very special and this lovely dress had just arrived on the doorstep a few days before. The amazingly talent Megan Nielsen created this pregnancy dress just for me!! Isn’t it just the most adorable dress you have ever seen???!?!?! I opened the package when it arrived and jump around like a little girl for like half and hour.
It was so fun working with Megan, she sent me a bunch of sketches and we worked together to pick a design that I thought would work good for me. Then it was time to pick fabric!! There is lots to choose from out there. I wanted to go with a retro floral type fabric and fell in love when I found this pattern. The trim and button details I left up to Megan because I knew she would pick something beautiful. Boy was I right. How cute is the lace trim? The dress even has pockets!! I can’t say enough good stuff about this dress. Thank you so much Megan!! It was the perfect dress to pair with my Franklin “Be Thankful” necklace!!
Don’t mind my short art teacher nails in the picture above. haha. I can never keep long nails. They are always just dirty and disgusting with art supplies. I get mean looks when I go into the jewelry store we got my wedding ring at because when they clean it for me there is always clay and paint stuck in all the cervices. whoops! So I wanted to share one last picture with you. haha. When I was looking thru the photos, I was like “Oh my goodness, I have crazy spider veins.” So unattractive, but totally an unwanted side effect of pregnancy. Kev of course thought it was funny to crank up the contrast and saturation to make but the unedited version is just about as scary. Ha! I hear it goes away after the baby is born. Here’s hoping!


Franklin Necklace: c/o Jess LC
Dress: Custom Creation by Megan Neilsen
Shoes: Thrifted via Clothes Mentor

  1. It’s a pleasure Jen!! I’m so glad you love the dress so much! It looks soooo gorgeous on you! And I had an absolute blast working with you too, you’re one of the loveliest girls I know 🙂

  2. If Megan doesn’t start selling these dresses in her next collection, I may cry! This is AMAZING! Did you hear that, Megan?! :0)

  3. You look great, the dress looks great and I have puffy veins in my feet and hands too! (with NO baby on the way).

    Also, Kev is a really amazing photographer… you don’t even look pregnant in your photos unless you’re emphasizing your belly. Is that a good thing to say to an adorable pregnant gal? I mean it in the best way! You are a style inspiration!!

  4. You look like a dream in these photos! I love the way you wore the dress with the cute green wedges and the dress is absolutely fabulous! So pretty:) She did a great job!

  5. That dress is gorgeous…looks so great on you!
    At least you still have ankles, when I was pregnant, I was so swollen my ankles just disappeared!

  6. gah! yes, that dress is amazingly beautiful. you look so lovely!

  7. she is insanely talented. The pattern and cut of that dress is just lovely. What a great fit on you. I hope you’ll be able to continuing wearing it even after you’re pregnant (if not, maybe you’ll just have to go for round two! ha!)

  8. spider veins or no spider veins, you look absolutely stunning in these photos. i too am drawn to yellow vintage fabrics. this dress is adorable and looks great on you! here’s hoping it will still be a good fit when the baby is born and you can still wear it as it would be a shame if you couldn’t. also, i can barely tell you’re pregnant in a lot of these photos. it’s a magic dress!

    anyway, you’re gorgeous and lovely.

  9. I love the necklace! I just checked out the website and I love that the messages are written in braille on one side. Thinking about ordering the “Be Brave” necklace!

    You look great, btw!

  10. The spiderveins are pretty hilarious-the edited photo Kev made. I think you’re awesome for sharing them with us! It’s good to see these ‘real’ things sometimes. 🙂

    The dress Megan made you is so wonderful. The trim, color and fabric all make up a really great maternity dress

    B from A plus B

  11. what a cute necklace!

  12. This photoshoot is so gorgeous! I love all the colours and pieces together. You look very beautiful in that 6th photo from the top. It’s so soft like a lady in a renaissance painting.

  13. Those shoes and that dress are soooo cute!!!! I have the look up this Megan!

  14. Jessi •

    you look absolutely lovely… the yellow dress was so sweet and simple (love the detailing) and the charm is… well… charming! ha ha…

    and i have some sweet spider veins and puffyness around all the others… and i’m not pregnant! (yet) i had a friend who called her stretchmarks “tiger stripes”… i try to think of her when i feel bad about body changes you CANNOT help… 🙂

  15. Cute dress! Like the simplicity and charm of the necklace too!


  16. you look so beautiful! I love the dress on you, the colors look great with your hair!

  17. haha holy crap. That’s so funny that you posted the picture (scary monster legs).
    Thank you, Megan, for all of your hard work on this dress. Jen’s not exaggerating at all; she was seriously freaking out for quite some time after she opened the package. You do really great work!

  18. Hehe thanks Jen & Kev – you guys are awesome! I’m so thrilled you like it!

  19. The dress is so gorgeous – looks like the perfect dress for you! I love the print and the lace trim, Megan did an amazing job!

    Songs and Fairy Tales

  20. What a gorgeous dress! Is there enough fabric to make a matching one for your little gal when she gets here?

  21. Love Megan Nielsen – her stuff is fab! Congrats on your pregnancy. You look stunningly gorgeous!!! So excited you are having a little girl!

    I saw your last post about adding baby goodness to your blog and I think it’s a great idea. Come pop by sometime and say hi! We have a “Babyhood Bonanza” going on right now with lots of stuff for new moms and their babes & moms to be, as I just had baby girl #2 – Harper.

    Wishing you all the best with your birth and upcoming adventures into motherhood.

  22. Rebekah •

    I LOVE that dress!!!!!
    Ofcourse you make it look more beautiful 🙂

    The necklace is awesome too!

  23. I love you dress and the necklace! I am ordering a Dream Bigger one this weekend!!
    I love your blog and can’t wait to see how wonderfully stylish your baby will be! 🙂

  24. Aww I love Megan’s creations and this looks darling on you!

  25. You look SO pretty! That dress is truly happiness with the colors and the lace trim. The shoes with the surrounding foliage in the pics work superbly. Now I need to try and hit up Megan’s site to get my hands on one similar. Cheers!

  26. You look so summer fresh in this bright yellow dress! I love how you paired it with green wedges, so cute!

  27. […] for sure). You should definitely head on over to Jen’s blog JenLovesKev and check out all the rest of her pretty photos, and while you’re at it you should also head over to JessLC and see the rest of her beautiful […]

  28. […] for sure). You should definitely head on over to Jen’s blog JenLovesKev and check out all the rest of her pretty photos, and while you’re at it you should also head over to JessLC and see the rest of her beautiful […]

  29. I might need to borrow this when I’m pregnant! 🙂

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