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I have the extreme pleasure of sharing with you guys the launch of the new line of necklaces from Jess LC. The Franklin Collection is a set of 5 beautiful necklaces with different Braille “intentions” printed on the front. All the intentions were submitted by readers and narrowed down by Jess to the 5 that were used…


Jess decided to print each intention on the front of the 14k gold vermeil pendants in braille (the words are in printed in English on the reverse side). That way you could rub the braille to remind yourself of your intention throughout the day… without displaying the meaning to the whole world. So cool huh?

Jess asked each girl in the Delightful Dozen to pick a necklace that had particular meaning to them and then to style the necklace how we wanted for the lookbook. I was so, so excited!! As soon as I read all the intentions I knew I needed to get the “Be Thankful” necklace. Everyday is an overwhelming blessing of things that I need to be thankful for and sometimes its easy to forget that. So this necklace is the perfect little reminder to see the small things and think “I should be thankful!”
Here is a sneak of my pictures and quote for the lookbook…


Make sure you check out the entire lookbook to see each Delightful Dozen lady style the Franklin Necklace and reflect on why the necklace they chose meant something to them!

I will be sharing a style file post later this afternoon that we used for the lookbook. Check back!

  1. I seriously loved how the lookbook turned out!! You looked so beautiful Jen!!

    Lulu Letty

  2. Love this, Jen! I need a “be present” for myself – too often I find myself worrying about the coming days/years ahead when I really need to focus on the moments making up my day today. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so, so much for participating in this, Jen! You are one of my very favorite fashion bloggers and I am so happy to know you through blogging! If you are ever in Chicago, please meet up with me!!

  4. such a beautiful necklace! I love Jess LC’s collections so much.

  5. I love this. That necklace is darling and the message behind all of them is something spectacular. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Jen!

    I love love love your blog!

    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m kind of a grammar nazi, and I thought you might want me to point out that “everyday” should be two words in the context of your quote. I know you don’t care too much about that stuff, and that doesn’t bother me at all. But seeing as it’s going in a lookbook, I though my might want to know!

    Hope all is well, and congratulations.

  7. your maternity look is amazing. you obviously have great style anyway but i’m really impressed with your maternity looks- you are absolutely an inspiration for pregnant moms everywhere. maybe some time i could send you a few interview q’s and add some pics to a post on my blog? my blog is mostly about everyday style for ladies and geared towards moms finding their “mom style” (ie: not wearing t-shirts and yoga pants everywhere).

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