A few baby questions?

No, these are not very serious questions but questions none the less. I do have a few questions I will post about soon that are a little more in depth but today lets keep it light hearted. I need your opinions on a few things! There are a few things I have yet to decide when it comes to this little girl. First is a diaper bag. Now this is very important to me because well its an accessory and I really can’t bring myself to carry one of those terribly ugly patterned bags around. haha! We registered for a olive green columbia one for Kev. It will be his very manly man purse, but for me I really would like something that is more purse like than diaper bag. I am really diggin’ the Timi and Leslie bags. They look like purses I would carry normally. What do you think? Do you think they are worth the price and do you need a specific diaper bag or would a very large purse work just as good? Does anyone know of any other sites that have cool diaper bags?


I really love the Charlie Bag or the CJ Nylon

A very high end but oh so gorgeous diaper bag is the Cake series by Petunia Pickle Bottom. Oooh what a dream those bags are!! So beautiful!! I love the elegant vintage feel to them. I would carry this around whether is was a diaper bag or not. To bad they are way, way, way out of my price range. I will just drool over them from pictures on the internet. You can enter to win a little clutch over on BleuBirdvintage right now though. Here’s hoping!


OK next question, diapers! Now this is a big one! I have gone back and forth between the idea of cloth and disposable and am right now leaning towards a little of both. I think that will work the best for our lifestyle. We are away a lot. We are always up and doing something so that part was were I was hesitant to say I wanted all cloth. I know it can work but honestly I didnt want that to be our main focus everytime we left. So I am thinking cloth at home, and then we will be more relaxed when we are away. Now on to cloth diapers. I am leaning towards Bumgenius. Any users out there? reviews? Love or hate? I am really excited about them but?? how do you chose between the All in One or the One Size fits all?? I really don’t understand how you figure out which is better. Can someone please feel me in!!! Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated!


We have decided on our stroller. We are getting the Uppa Baby Vista. Which we are so, so excited about!! But, what color do we get… Grey or Black? We both kinda want black but will that be to hot? I mean its not leather or anything but will it still make our little one too hot if we are out in the summer? What do you think?


and lastly, this is not a question but I had to share how excited I was about one of our shower gifts!! My aunt got us the Beaba Babycook!! I am so pumped about making baby food, You have no idea!! I have gotten some great baby food books and could not be more happy with our decision to make our own food and also to raise her vegetarian. The babycook, steams, purees and can reheat frozen food. I mean I know you can do that all on the stove but how convenient is this little guy. I just love it!!!


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  1. Take a look at this page, they have diaper bags that look like normal handbags.


  2. I don’t have a baby, so my opinion on many of these things isn’t that educated, BUT I must say I love the black and white damask print bag. But more in the budget, I love the Charlie Bag!

  3. Jen Bailey •

    1. LOVE those diaper bags
    2. Way jealous that you’re getting an Uppa
    3. I full-time cloth diapered one little girl and am expecting a second in january, who will also be cloth diapered. It seemed intimidating at first but it is SO not the big deal some people make it out to be. I could literally talk cloth diapers all day (and I will, if you feel like emailing me) but to answer your question here specifically: I find one-size diapers way too big for most newborns. Really bulky. You might be better off getting a couple of newborn sized dipes to start with and then switching to the one-size in a month or two. And the AIOs are convenient to use and store but they can be laundry intensive – you can only use certain detergents and they have to be “stripped” occasionally to get rid of buildup (the lining is synthetic fleece so it reacts differently than plain cotton). We left our BumGeniuses (we had the 3.0 because it was a few years ago) for Grandma and babysitters and used separate prefolds and covers for ourselves. Those you can just toss and wash. But they all worked satisfactorily so, as long as the system works for you, it’s a good choice.

    People get freaked about cloth diapering for some reason. The smell, the mess, etc. I mean, if you’ve ever smelled a bag of dirty disposables I think you’ll agree that’s WAY worse than a few cloth ones that get washed after a day or two. And the mess? Well, you’re gonna deal with messes either way. Diapers are no picnic, regardless of what they’re made from. For me it just comes down to healthy bums and a healthy planet. Those trump any of the little icks that I have to deal with.

    Good luck! Love your blog!

  4. For the diaper bags- I have two of the Petunia Picklebottoms (not cake) that I love. They do look like diaper bags, but really pretty ones!

    For the cloth diapers- I’m actually selling some of my bumgenius all in ones right now. The reason I bought the all in ones is because I was really intimidated by cloth diapering and they’re super easy to use. The pocket diapers are really easy to learn to use, too, though. I prefer one sizes with snaps. The snaps don’t pill (what they call wear out) and the ones sizes mean you only have to buy diapers once. My favorites are fuzzibunz and tiny tush. I, actually, recently wrote part 1 to two part cloth diaper series. Check it out here, if you’re interested. http://www.mamalovespapa.com/2010/05/cloth-diapers-part-1.html

    For the stroller- I definitely think black is fine. We have had a black Mountain Buggy for several years and never had a problem. We do lots of walking and jogging in the park, too. My friend has the Uppa Baby and loves it. She just got the attachment because she’s expecting her second baby in September.

  5. Clair •

    onekingslane.com is having a sale on Liv + Co. diaper bags…

  6. i don’t know anything about babies or having one…so i am commenting purely on fashion. i love the first bag, the charlie bag. as for strollers, i think i like the grey. it’s a little different then getting black but still a neutral! that little device to make baby food is so amazing. you’ll save so much money, i just hope you have time to use it!! 🙂
    ps: i am so excited to (virtually) meet this baby and watch it grow up through your blog jen. never stop blogging please, you are my favourite. xo

  7. Brianne •

    That stroller is awesome! I would probably go with black, because I think it is less likely to show stains. I have a gray Graco stroller, and you can see discoloration on the spots where there have been spills. (And trust me, there will be spills haha!)

    I think cloth diapers are a great idea, however I have never used them. I live in an apartment that does not have a washer/dryer (not even in the building), so I have not been brave enough to try them. We have too much laundry as it is 🙂 Disposable diapers are quite an expense, though. I still can’t believe how fast we go through them.

    That’s awesome that you’re raising her a vegetarian! I’m a vegetarian, too, and even though my husband is not, we’re raising our son vegetarian. I had to convince my husband at the beginning, but it’s something that is very important to me. We made a lot of our own baby food, too, but we didn’t have a cool machine like yours! I think that will make it a lot easier (and more fun)!

    As for the diaper bag, I think a large tote bag/purse would do the trick. I would check Target. I just got a really nice, black tote there on clearance for $15! It’s huge, and I was planning on using it as a diaper bag, too.

  8. Oh, the fun things to buy when you have a baby!!

    I love love love the Charlie bag! I know a few people who use the snap bumgenius and love them! Also I say go for the black stroller. It just looks so sleek!

    Sorry I can’t be of more help!

    Lulu Letty

  9. On cloth diapering: we use the BumGenius One size fits all. We’ve been using them for the past 2 years on our son and will continue to use them on the new baby when she gets here. We have been pleased with them thus far, the only drawback is that when we bought them they only had the velcro option, not the snaps, and the velcro is somewhat falling apart and the tabs tend to curl up. So, I would suggest the snaps, plus I believe those ones are organic. They are a bit bulky too when your baby is first born, but it was just something we dealt with. We do use disposable when we are traveling though, it just makes it a whole lot easier. And I would also invest in the diaper sprayer as well. Most helpful.

    Also, we made our own baby food as well. I’m excited it’s something you are truly excited about. We loved it and it was nice knowing we knew exactly what our baby was eating.

    Blessings with everything!!

  10. I have been using the all in one bumgenius since my now 20 month old was 1 week old. Its a great product and I can not tell you how easy it is to use cloth both at home and on the go. I suggest a water proof little zip bag for the baby bag so you can toss the used diapers in and keep the smell out of the bag. You should follow @bumgenius on twitter, they have #clothdiaper talks on monday nights and you can get lots of feedback. As for the bag, I started out with a coach baby bag, and I loved all the pockets inside, but I easily found out that any bag will do, just as long as it can fit everything you need. You will have so much fun being a mom!!

  11. Tina Z •

    I am in no way affiliated with them, but this site might help with the cloth diaper questions: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/newmom.htm

    And I vote for the grey stroller, it’s snappy.

  12. Supermom •

    Disposable diapers for sure, we use Pampers Swaddle diapers in sensitive. I also wanted to wipe my baby with just a paper cloth and water but after you see what comes out you want something fast and to do the job and get it away from your hand as fast as possible. LOL
    Also, we have an all black stroller and we live in SO CAL and it doesn’t get hot. We go out a lot and never had a problem. We also have a an all black carseat, which does get warm when left in the car but you can put a towel over it or a carseat cover that actually keeps it cool. So many cool inventions out there.
    And as far as diaper bags get one small one and one big one. A big purse works, but the diaper bags have perfect size pockets for bottles and such things, which you need so they don’t tip over and possibly spill on everything else. Spend as much as you want on a diaper bag you’ll be using it every time you go out. May as well be stylish.

  13. I don’t have a baby, but i do own this giant laminated bag by Orla Kiely.
    Lots more patterns if you just Google Orla Kiely shoulder bag. It’s huge, durable, and the patterns are soooo fun inside and out. I’ll totally buy more when I do get myself a baby.

  14. you don’t need a diaper bag. a big purse is fine. don’t waste your money. i have two kids under 3 and use a big purse. i use fuzzi buns cloth diapers (and i do the cloth at home, disposables away thing you are talking about and i have had great success with it. i’ve tried several types of cloth diapers and i prefer fuzzi buns.
    stroller looks great! but don’t be too disapointed if your bb doesn’t want to be so far away from you when she is very little. neither of my babies would tolerate a stroller for a long time until they were 6-9 months. you really should invest in a baby carrier. not the baby bjorn, those suck. invest the money you would spend in the diaper bag in a really cute baby carrier. because honestly, if your bb is like most? you’ll be carrying her way more than a diaper bag. it was really hard for me to accept that my clothes would be covered up by baby carriers, so i decided to get a few really cute ones. check out babyhawk mei tai’s, rocking baby slings, zolowear baby slings, beco baby carriers, ergo’s….i have one of each and honestly they have been the most important thing i needed as a mom of little babies.

  15. I would definitely want a diaper bag that looks like I’m carrying a bag I would normally carry. I think price always has to be factored in, but I think its worth it-the bags take a beating;especially if you have more than one child. I actually found a nice, basic black multi-funtion tote (diaper bag) at the Coach outlet! I figure my husband won’t mind lugging it around if it doesn’t look too girly……

  16. Jen that baby food thingo is freaking awesome!!
    Meanwhile, diaper bag wise – i know what you mean. I wanted to scream and cry when I saw all those pattern hideous things… anyway, my mother in law actually bought me 3 Longchamp pliage handbags that are oversized, and thats what I use all the time. I like them because they don’t look like diaper bags, hold heaps of stuff, wash really easily, and come in heaps of cute colours so I can change which one I’m using all the time. It’s an unusual choice, but works for me!!
    WIsh I could comment on the whole cloth diaper thing, but I use disposables. My only concern with something that covers all sizes is that a newborn is very very tiny compared to a 30lb baby, so I’d be wary of anything that covers every size in one item, as it might be really bulky and uncomfy for the baby. but like I said I used disposables, so I wouldn’t really know!
    Stroller wise, I have a black one and haven’t had any problems with my kids getting overheated in summer.

  17. I’m glad that you’re thinking about the perfect diaper bag–I’m not the only one. Love the Charlie bag you have pictured. My favorites (with three babes) have been DanteBeatrix, but I don’t like the new styles. PPB’s Cake bags are sooo pretty, but I have the clutch and I’m selling it because it is so heavy. I can only imagine how much the larger bags weigh. What has worked best for me is a diaper clutch from SkipHop in lightweight nylon that I put inside my regular purse. I’m a large handbag girl anyway, so there’s room. I think you should use this opportunity to buy a large bag that you will love and use forever–not just for baby.

  18. i actually bought this bag for work but have been using it as a diaper bag:


    it’s super light and the shorter handles makes it easy to hang off of a stroller. its really great!

  19. samantha •

    I would go for the grey stroller and invest in a seat cover. There are a few out there that you put over the actual fabric of the stroller so you can wash off spills, etc. You could even make one easily I’m sure.
    I have owned several diaper bags, they are addicting– I promise you that. You will want a fancy one, a simple one, a black one, a print one– and everytime you see a new one you will want that too. Actually it’s the same with strollers- there is always a newer,better, cooler version out there. I’ve got 4 kids and I’ve owned over 20 strollers in 13 years.
    Cloth diapers are addictive too– see a pattern here? LOL but seriously you should check out the sites like http://www.diaperswappers.com and see some of the ideas the ladies there can share. I’ve used prefolds and covers– my all time favorite, and I’ve used Gdiapers– the best of cloth diapering and disposables together. Very easy when you’re out and about and you don’t have to have 2 different types of dipes to figure out. Great for caregivers who don’t know diapers that well either.
    Best of luck shopping, I love shopping for wee baby items. Too bad my days of having babies are over. Well, not really.

  20. I’m not a mom, but everyone I know has kids or is pregnant. So yeah . . . .

    Just get a big huge bag you love with lots of pockets if you don’t want to spend the money on the fancy diaper bags. If you do, then treat yourself and buy one of the nice diaper bags ^_^ I’ve heard Bumgenius is the best brand for cloth diapers, but honestly I would still have some newborn diapers on hand for early on and then some for when the baby has explosive poopies or you’re going to be gone all day. Personally, I wouldn’t want to worry about having to wash a million extra diapers on the days where her tummy could be upset or if you’re going to be on the go with no where to put the diaper. Black stroller because stains won’t show as much =D Spit up and food turns everything a lovely yellow shade =/

    SO cool you’re getting the baby food maker! My cousin has one and she totally loves it =D

  21. Hi! Love your blog- just discovered it. My first diaper bag was a real diaper bag- but after a few months I switched to a big purse and it worked just as good! And I loved it a lot more. We have a big Swedish all black pram and live under the hot colorado sun and have never had any issue with being too hot. Goodluck!

  22. Nicole •

    Great resource for diaper bags – http://www.blissliving.com/stbadiba.html

    Stroller – black, for sure!

  23. Hey Jen! Not a mommy myself.. but I do follow this blog whose author just recently became a mom and is using cloth diapers. She devoted a post last month on a cloth diaper report after having used them for a few months! She talks about how she’s found best to wash them, how many to buy, what type she likes most, when to use disposable.. everything.. it’s pretty thorough which might just be what you need! Maybe you’ll find her experience, suggestions and methods helpful! 🙂 http://alovelymorning.blogspot.com/2010/06/cloth-diapering-report.html

  24. Ashley •

    The diaper bag…I got a really expensive chic purse looking bag but ended up only using it one season, I breastfeed so all I really need is a diaper or two, wipes a couple toys and my wallet, phone, etc. I keep a grocery cart cover in the car and extra wipes/diapers for back up just in case. So are you becoming a baby blog??? I guess I’m confused as to why you want us to vote for you there? 🙂

  25. I recommend the black pram, it will keep clean compared to a lighter colour one.
    Make sure whatever bag you buy will fit in the compartment under the pram. Now that my little boy is older I have a simple black material bag that fits into my oversize handbags because I hate carrying kiddy bags around to 🙂

  26. ok,
    diaper bag- we got a “diaper bag” but now i find myself throwing some diapers, wipes, small toys and a sippy cup into my large bag.
    if your baby ends up taking bottles, you will need a diaper bag. if you are planning on breast feeding only, i would say a large bag will do.

    diapers- oh boy did we go through the same drama.
    we decided to not do cloth diapers because 1, we don’t have our own laundrry machines in our apartment and also, too much!
    we considered the g-diapers which is similar to bumgenius but friends and family who actually used them, advised us not to.
    babies are more likely to get rashes in cloth diapers.
    what we do love are the huggies pure&natural. they are the closest disposal diaper to a cloth diaper. no scents, no dyes.

    stroller- personal taste.

    food- we make everything at home for our Lily. organic also. it’s great and the best way to go!

    have fun. 🙂

  27. rhiannon •

    definitely do cloth whenever you can. it saves you money and helps the environment! and you can do it all the time and not worry about it. there are cloth and disposable combos too! for more information on diapers, mother reviews and all that good stuff, search around on the internet. check reviews. get a few different brands, types and sizes. what works for some mothers doesn’t work for others. those diapers sit in landfills forever. make the world a better place for your little girl.

    i wouldn’t buy a diaper bag. all of my friends with kids invested in getting an insert and put it in a cheaper cute bag. you save on the cash and you can customize what fits inside.
    the mom from the link above sums up what my friends said perfectly!
    “2. This little clutch from Skip Hop can be slipped into any large purse to make it an instant diaper bag- which appeals to a deal hunter like me. See, I’ve noticed that bags billed as “diaper bags” can be over $150 for something that looks polished, while non-diaper bags of the same quality/size can be found for a lot less. In fact I grabbed a chic oversized black bag from The Gap for $25 (on clearance!) and just slipped the Skip Hop clutch right inside. Now I always have diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit on hand – I even have a clean mat to change her on while we’re on the go. Plus I can easily drop it the clutch into other purses and bags if I feel like changing up my look without buying another official diaper bag. Oh the versatility. We actually plan to pick up another one because the changing mat part (which can be detached) is great for dropping over our changing pad in the nursery. Clara LOVES to pee when she’s being changed- seriously the girl does it 8 out of 10 times. Thankfully, the slippery waterproof material makes those little impromptu pee-fests so much easier to clean up!”

    and i’d go with the black stroller. easier to clean that way. and get covers for the seat for leaks and spills! it definitely won’t be too hot for your little one.

  28. Danielle Elliott •

    Hi Jen!
    You might find this blog post really helpful for the cloth diapering questions.

    Love your blog! Congrats on your little girl!

  29. Lindsey •

    Have you ever heard of Moop? Here is the website: http://www.moopshop.com/collection/132 Any of Moop’s larger bags would work great as a diaper bag! They come in many colors and they have lots of pockets and clips for things like cell phones and keys.

    Congratulations on your baby! I am very excited for you and your husband!

  30. I started with a lovely Kate Spade diaper bag. Sadly, between work and running errands and everything else, it just hangs in the closet. My son is 15 months and I now just throw some diapers and wipes into my large purse and I love it! I wish I would have just used the money I spent on my Kate Spade for a wonderful large purse at the beginning 🙂

    Also, I made all my son’s food. I read Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Wonderful book – I would highly recommend it. It isn’t vegetarian focused but has a wealth of information! Good luck!

  31. get a le sport sac bag! they’re light weight, water proof , cute, and youll be able to always use it

  32. these are sold as camera bags, but I think they would make AWESOME diaper bags… and of course you could use it for a camera bag too. happy shopping! http://www.epiphaniebags.com/

  33. nikki •

    First off let me just say how much I love your blog! I’m happy you’re keeping just one blog and will incorporate your newest addition into your posts.

    Anways….check out http://www.lexiebarnes.com. She is a designer who lives in western Mass and her and her husband are both artists. Her bags are cool and functional. I bought the huge knitting bag and the matching needle cases this past fall and I couldn’t be happier with them. I work in Natick and she actually came into my store carrying one of her designs as a diaper bag. I commented that I had just bought one and she introduced herself. She is sweet as pie, and she has a few kids herself so all her designs are able to be wiped downwith a wet cloth if any messes happen.

    Good luck, I look forward to seeing what kind of cool diaper bag you get 🙂

  34. My sister is using cloth diapers. But when the go for long car trips or out and about she uses disposable.

  35. Julia •

    I just found this blog and it is lovely! My little lady is about 4 months now and here my opinion on the following.

    Cloth Diapers- excellent choice! I use them full time. I thought it would be harder when we were out and about but it’s not at all. We bought some Bummis prefolds and covers to start out and they ended up working so well we just never even tried anything else! The lady at the store told us they clean a lot better than the all-in-ones, which get build-ups over time, so that was a big selling point for us. I have heard wonderful things about the BumGenius as well. We used biodegradeable diapers for the first couple weeks when the poos are black se we didn’t ruin our cloth diapers. I can’t remember where we got them from but I’m sure you can find them online somewhere.

    Diaper Bag- I was using an actual diaper bag for awhile and decided a big purse worked MUCH better. Diaper bags have too many pockets. I was always losing stuff in there, it was awful.

    Strollers- Black for sure! I just ordered a cute stroller umbrella from http://www.shadybaby.com/ to protect baby from the sun and to add a bit of color.

  36. we love our petunia pickle bottom.
    it’s everything chic about a purse & everything useful about a diaper bag.

  37. LOOOVE the new PPB diaper bags… i have a PPB messenger style bag that i love. it was perfect in every way when mine was a wee one. my favorite thing was the outer part where the little changing pad unfolded and his diapers, wipes and butt paste were all right there… i didn’t have to go digging. they definitely have the best organization system of any diaper bag that i looked at.

    i also had the babycook. i really, really loved it overall except that it makes small quanitities. there is a book (i think by william sonoma) called cooking for baby and it has amazing ideas, tips and recipes for when they are a little bit older but still eating purees. you will love it!

  38. Hanna •

    I was raised vegetarian (have never eaten meat in my life) and at 25 years old I am healthier and happier than most of my meat-eating or meat-eater turned vegetarian/vegan friends. The only complaint I would have had was that we got teased a bit in primary school for wierd food and not being able to go to McDonalds but you know what, you’re going to get teased about something in primary school anyway. Besides which, I guess it’s more ‘normal’ now than it was in the early ’90s 🙂

  39. -diaper bag-really any bag will do! believe me i’ve used all my bags as a diaper bag at some point or another!
    -cloth diapers- i wish i would have used them and since i am expecting my second in feb, the tips here are making me excited to try them with #2, since #1 is potty training
    -stroller- black for sure. oh, and you should get some japanese muslin blankets for it, they’re the best stroller blankets
    -the beaba is the best ever!! so convenient and awesome!

  40. i’m now on my third baby with no diaper bag. i carry a big purse. mostly because i’m just not going to carry a purse AND a diaper bag. and well, the big CHIC diaper bag usually costs more than then big chic purse. but they are basically the same thing.
    i like the black stroller set.
    and i don’t use cloth diapers. i’m not green like that. i’m into what is easiest and washing diapers ontop of all the clothes i wash (3 kids now) is just not on my priority list.

  41. Catherine •

    I have a Skip Hop studio bag in Champagne, and looove it! It just looks like a nice purse- I’m like you and didn’t want something that screamed diaper bag. It also functions really well.

    We used disposable diapers at first, and then switched to cloth when she got a little bigger, and by that time we also knew her bathroom signs and routine a little bit better. I don’t like BG All-In-Ones. Although they’re pretty much as close as you can get to a disposable in design, they take for-ev-er to dry. Try http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/ for information, including their impression on different products, as well as a cloth diaper trial. I love CDing, and so does hubs. We have disposables just sitting there that are leftover, and I have a feeling she’ll outgrow them before we reach for them. We use BGs and Fuzzi Bunz. All adorable.

  42. katie •

    we use the bum genius one size fits all for my daughter. LOVE THEM. so, so easy to care for. the one size diapers are adjustable, so newborns CAN wear them. i honestly see no point in the s, m, l cloth diapers. if the one size can do it just fine, i would suggest skipping the individual sizes.

  43. katie •

    sorry, i read that wrong. the all in ones do not have pockets. or maybe they also come in sizes? i dunno. with the bum genius one size POCKETS, you just remove the insert. i do not have any problems with stuffing the inserts back in. it seems to me like having the insert as a permanent thing would make drying time a lot longer. we hang out diapers to dry and they dry fairly fast.

  44. Not a momma yet. One week behind you! I’m going with a combo of bumgenius one size and some diapers from the FLIP system…also one size. The FLIP guys have an option for disposable inserts, so I’m thinking that for travel vs. full disposables. But we’ll just have to see. Seems as though with the FLIP you can get a trimmer fit for day when the babies are little, using the genius primarily at night….is my plan anyway. We’ll just see how it goes right? I drove myself CRAZY trying to find the perfect diapering system. Finally just made a call and felt SO much better.

    Your blog is fun! Glad I found it. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!

  45. We used Bum Genius. For the first month we used the all in ones, size small. Then as he got a bit bigger we switched to the one size. (the one size diapers are really too big for a newborn). But we lived near the Cottonbabies store, so were able to get the all in ones used for a discount and then sell them back when we were done. If we hadn’t been able to do that, I’d have just used disposables until he was big enough for the one size. I really cannot say enough good things about the BG one size diapers. The velcro ones are so easy to use! The snap kind, however, are more challenging when the baby gets bigger and starts squirming to get away during diaper changes! I think the one size is a better choice because you can buy one diaper to last you for a year or two, versus having to change sizes. The all in ones also take much longer to dry, whereas with the one size you can put the inserts in the dryer if you want. For wipes, I just cut up old bath towels into wipe-sized squares and overlock stitched the edges.

    BG also has excellent customer service. If you have any problems in the first year, they will replace the diaper. It’s really amazing.

    We would sometimes use disposables when travelling…depending on where we were going. When we visited family we took cloth since we had access to washer/dryer. But I will tell you now, travelling with a stinky diaper bag/pail is something to think about 😉 I was just too cheap to buy the disposables when I knew we’d be able to wash! My son is 2 1/2 yrs old now and for about the past 6 months I have had to switch to disposables for overnight because he wets right through the cloth. Up until then, I was able to use Hemp inserts for overnight, but he just wets too much now. If you do go with cloth, the Planet Wise diaper pail liner is awesome! http://www.planetwiseinc.com/products.php?cat=38
    They aren’t paying me or anything, I just think it is great! I had a different one at first and it wasn’t water tight.

  46. First, I want to tell you how much I love your blog and how inspiring it’s been to see your belly grow under non-maternity clothes!  We have a 21 month old little girl and a second baby due in January and I’ve vowed to myself not to spend/waste money on maternity ware with this pregnancy.  It was miserable feeling like I was a prisoner in frumpy tees the first time around, and your cute outfits have really gotten me so excited for my growing belly!  So thank you for the inspiration!
    About the diapers, my daughter has worn the One Size Bum Geniuses since she was very tiny.  We started her in disposables just because the cloth were so so big on her tiny newborn self and they really didn’t look comfortable for her.  As soon as she filled out a bit more, probably around two months, we started sporting her in the Bum Geniuses.  She’s been in them since (with the exception of traveling), and we haven’t reconsidered once.  Now we’re beginning to potty train and she’s still got one more set of snaps to outgrow.  I’d love to use the same ones for baby number 2, but the Velcro tabs are starting to curl and at times one side of her diaper will just pop open from wear.  This time around I think we’ll buy the One Sizes with snaps instead of Velcro.
    Other than that inevitable wear, we couldn’t be happier with them.  Our daughter has had maybe five small diaper rashes since she was born (I think cloth reduces those chances…none of that gel stuff that leaks out).  We purchased 24 from the start, so when she was a newborn we could go through about 12 a day and wash them every day allowing the second half for wear while the first half was washing.  Now we wash them every other day and it’s become so routine that it’s really not a bother.  We found that while buying 24 cloth diapers was a lot to spend up front, we would have spent the equivalent on disposables in the first six months alone.  (Also, it feels good to know you’re kind of helping your child be Eco-friendly right from the start.) 🙂
    One more thing about the diapers!  We purchased the diaper sprayer and have used that from the very beginning.  It is amazing.  We have a walk-in shower so we spray the dirty diapers off right into the drain (sounds kind of gross but a good scrubbing after is all it takes and we found that method is more appealing than the strong splash back from spraying into the toilet!)
    I’m so in love with the Petunia Picklebottom Cake collection, but they’re way out of our range too.  I’ve been considering one of the Amy Butler diaper bags…and I just saw they’re on sale here:
    A little more crafty feel but pretty chic I think!
    That was long-winded, but there’s my 10 cents!  🙂  Congrats on your baby girl – can’t wait to meet her here on your blog.  And thank you again for all the inspiration!

  47. Jennifer •

    Here is my cousin’s website. She talks about things like cloth diapers and does reviews and give aways. I think you would find good info there.

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