Week 31

First off: Is Anyone reading this the maker of this beautiful handmade knitted baby blanket? It was left in the gift section at the party and when we were opening everything the next day, there was no card with it. We have no idea who made it and we feel terrible because it is seriously so nice and is such a cute color. So if you are reading please let us know or if you know who knitted it for us please let us know.
See how cute it is…


Since we took the pictures last night on one of our nightly “hooded sweatshirt” walks (bright eyes reference) Kev told me I should write “we are in the dark as to who made this blanket” haha so dorky. Anyway, I feel like I have lots to talk about today. First, can we talk about how beautiful it was yesterday again. I know the weather has nothing to do with baby but when we went for our walk last night it was like heaven and really all we can think about is going for our nightly walks with the baby and how fun it will be. I am really hoping September and October are warm months so we get some good walks in before it gets too cold.

Last night was our first of 6 birth classes. I signed up for a standard birthing class instead of a specific birthing method class. I have yet really to decide what method/how I am feeling about the whole thing. I do know I want to try as hard as I can to have a natural birth but I know things can happen, so I am trying to have an open mind. This whole subject will be a post in itself sometime soon. The RN/instructor was really nice and I am glad we chose to do the classes there at the hospital where the birth center is because she is actually the day shift RN in the birth center. It will be nice to get to know her. I have nothing but good things to say about our midwives or OB practice at St. Mary’s in Troy. Everything they believe fits right in line with how I feel, so we are making a great team I think. It makes you feel so reassured as you get closer and closer to your due date. The class was just the beginning one, so we made a list of the psychical changes we have felt and then discussed them as a group. We went over exactly why we are experiencing each one with props and diagrams. It is crazy to see an anatomy crossview of what your insides look like when you are full term. Your poor intestines. hehe. Then we did some massage techniques at the end, which were of course awesome. Best part of class! Next week we watch our first birth video. yikes!

So I have been thinking a lot about jenloveskev and her future (yes, my blog is a girl). I have debated for a while whether I wanted to make a second blog for baby or not, but after a lot of thought, I think I am going to keep it all one. Jenloveskev has always been a lifestyle blog not just fashion, so it would be hard to separate my life with baby from here and move it to somewhere else. Somethings will not change. There will always be daily (heres hoping to get back on a better schedule when my clothes fit again) style files, I will still talk about food and art and crafts that I am making , but I am thinking I am going to add more baby related topics to my blog. Baby things are filling my life right now and I want to share so much, but I feel like I hold back a lot and wait till thursday to try to jam so much into one little baby post. I will not bombard you, but I think I will write more about the things that are going on with baby. I am hoping to find the perfect balance to keep jenloveskev about my life and its passions and that just includes adding these new and major changes to that. So with that said, I would love it if you would take just a moment and give me “2 clicks of your time” (haha oh man I crack myself up) and vote for me for top baby blog. Its not a competition but I do want to be added to the directory. I have found such an awesome community thru fashion blogging and I am hoping to meet more amazing people in this new community as well. All you have to do is click the banner below and then click once more to vote for me. I will so greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!!

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Dear Baby Girl:
Do you like mommy’s Avril Lavigne look this week? haha. I didn’t mean it that way but that’s what I think about when I see it. But I guess I can’t really say anything, this is what I looked like most of college. So in a funny way I really love this photo. That hooded sweatshirt I have had since college too. I can’t part with it. I like that this new life we are making for you can include some of the old me as well. Its nice to think not everything has to change. I can’t wait to tell you about our college years ( I can’t type college years without thinking of Saved by the Bell). It’s when I meet your daddy. We had so many adventures, most of which I was probably wearing this sweatshirt. I hope to share all the music we listened to and bands we went to see, and bring you to a very special place we use to hang out together over the mass pike. We painted a picture there. We keep talking about going back there one of these days and painting a picture on it about you. I want to show you the fields we would run thru to layout and look at the stars. Things like that always get me excited. To share with you places that have meant so much to your Dad and I. I know I am going to be so super excited the first time we get to bring you to Hawaii. We have always said we hope Hawaii can always be a part of your life. A goal for us is to be able to spent a significant amount of time there with you each year. How that is going to work we dont know, but its a dream for us.

You have been moving so, so much this last week. You always move a lot, but I can tell how big you are and that you feel cramped in there. It makes me gasp sometimes when you move because the movements just seem SOO huge. We have our last ultrasound next wednesday. I can not wait. I love getting to see pictures of you. They are going to give us an estimate on how big you are going to be when we deliver you. That part I am a little scared, because I have convinced myself you are going to be a good size baby (no offense of course, hehe). Whatever they say, I will just be happy to see you again. You are going to be so cute. Last time you were moving your little lips like you were talking to us.
Well keep growing strong.
With all my love,
Your Momma

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  1. i think it makes a lot of sense for you to keep blogging here. i have loved watching your progress and look forward to ther future. you and kev seem like great people, and you just made a bright eyes and avril reference in one blog post. thats skill.

  2. Its from me.
    I wanted to tell you the story, but had to leave 🙁
    My aunt Karen (who is a foster parent) makes hundreds of those blankets every year and sends them to baby’s in foster care that have nothing so they will have something to keep with them that theirs even if if the move around for a while.

  3. Jen i totally agree, keep blogging here. Honestly I always find it a little hard to follow when people have more than one blog! There’s no point in separating out your life, when it’s a blog about your life. if that makes sense? Hope you’re enjoying your time at home now!

  4. HAHA PUNKY! This blanket is amazing! Thank you so much! Wow, I can’t believe we were able to figure it out by posting here. What a long shot! haha Thank you so much. The gifts you and Adam gave were seriously so awesome. You guys rule!

  5. I am glad that you have decided to keep everything here. Your blog always seemed to be about much more than fashion anyway. I tried to give you your two clicks. I think it worked but the second click confused me a bit. Is your link somehow registering with them?

  6. Nice reference to “Gold Mine Gutted” haha

    It’s kind of ironic that as you move on to this next big stage in your life, you’re reminded of your look in college. I guess its all coming full circle though, when you met Kev to when you’re having this baby girl!

  7. haha, Thanks Kev!
    You guys have to go to that classic toy shop on park ave in Worcester, we wanted to buy everything in there.

  8. Rachel •

    I’m so glad you’ll be continuing to post here, I’ve really loved reading about your adventures!
    I think it would be cute if instead of “teacher style files” you did “momma style files.” I can’t wait to see them!

  9. Tamara •

    Really glad that you will post everything here. I have always liked your blog because it’s not just about fashion but many other things too!

  10. Wote; done! I can’t wait for there to be more baby stuff on here. I loove all things baby!

  11. Danae •

    I love this weeks pictures! You’re going to be such a beautiful family!

    P.S. Happy Canada Day from another Ontarian!

  12. I don’t know if you read Making It Lovely, but I think Nicole has done an excellent job of incorporating her baby into her blog without overwhelming the people who don’t have babies of their own. Just a suggestion in case you want to see how someone else did it. I’m glad you’ve decided to keep it all here so you won’t feel like your attention is split.

  13. Glad you’re keeping the baby stories in this blog – even though I’m not a baby person myself at all I do like reading your stories because they’re so honest. And that’s why I voted for you just now (I’d never visit a baby blog community for any other reason)
    The picture of you with the blanket is so cute. And now that I’ve read the story behind it it’s even better, what a great initiative. I wonder if I could do something like that here too, I’ll have to look into it. Oh and I love that you guys are planning to share so much of your lives with baby. I sometimes wish I’d knew more about my mom and dad’s lives before I was around, it’s hard to imagine them my age 🙂

  14. sarah •

    Evelyn snuggles her face into her blanket just like that. It is the sweetest.
    I love your pictures you look very serene and peaceful. Full of joy.
    Hope to see you this week.

  15. Aww, I loved reading about your class! I’m so excited for you guys. I voted for you (looks like you’re already making your way to the top!!) xo

  16. That baby blanket is too adorable.

    I can’t wait to see how your blog evolves after the baby comes!

  17. Click, tick!
    So glad you’re going to carry on with everything in one blog. I love reading your daily blog because of the exact reason you give, it’s not just a fashion blog, it’s a lifestyle blog too, that’s why people resonate with you so much.
    Good luck with everything, loving the photos. xx

  18. Shevon •

    Jen I absolutely love your blog and I think for sure you need to keep it all as one blog. But I do hope for readers like myself you’re able to balance baby into everything like Making It Lovely as Rachelle. Best of luck with everything!

  19. what a beautiful blog- the sentiment- the images- everything.

    thanks, a new fan…


  20. Dear JenLovesKev,

    This is my first time here. Great blog and the photos are superb!!

  21. i had a natural birth at a birthing center with my midwife and it was the best decision i ever made.
    i loved my midwife!
    it doesn’t work for everyone but i’m glad it worked for us.
    i wish you all the luck and hope that you can have a natural birth. it will change you forever. it is the most amazing feeling, nothing compares. nothing!

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