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Today is probably one of the nicest days ever. Its beautiful out! Perfect temp: low 70’s, bright blue sky and super nice breeze. I woke up this morning took a shower and got dressed for the day. I really wanted to wear this neon necklace from modcloth today. Its so so bright- so I paired it with a simple black and white stripped shirt and just a plain black skirt. The outfit isn’t really anything fancy or crazy but I love what the necklace adds to it.

I decided since it was such a nice day I would pack up my water bottle, camera and a snack and go for a bike ride. We have a really nice bike path by our house. I figured I would try to take an outfit picture somewhere along the bike path. Well, our bike pump is broken and my tires were super flat, so I had to ride Kev’s bike. His bike is too tall and has no basket. So I had to figure out some way to hold all my crap as I biked along on a bike that was not real comfortable to ride. It was not the bike ride I envisioned in my head, haha but the weather did make up for it. I left around 1 thinking it wouldn’t take me too long to take some pictures and enjoy a ride. Well I just got back and its 4. doh! I am so not good at taking pictures myself. It takes me forever!! Plus I am extra slow with my pregnant belly getting in the way all the time. I must look ridiculous to anyone that sees me. I mean I would laugh if I saw myself. Plus my skirt is super light and a few times caught wind and up it went. I think I flashed a handful of cars along the road to the path. haha so not graceful.

Oh hey! guess what? we start out birth classes tonight! Its so crazy and weird to think about. But the end of the summer is going to come so soon. I’ll let you know how it goes tonight in the baby post tomorrow.

Highlight-Her Necklace: c/o Modcloth
Stripped Shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Jean Jacket: Gap (thrfited)
Sandals: Sears

  1. That necklace is amazing. It almost glows! This is a darling outfit; perfect for a bike ride!!

  2. Beautiful necklace. Love how it stands out against the casualness of the outift. 🙂

  3. that necklace is AWESOME! I love your simple and sweet outfit!

  4. Laura •

    be careful you… riding a bike in your 3rd trimester! What a fun necklace though. Have fun tonight. Take good notes!

  5. I’m impressed you’re still riding a bike! I carried low in my pregnancy, so my thighs would bump into my belly when I rode my bike. Needless to say, I didn’t keep that up for very long.

    Anyway… you’re looking good, mama!

  6. I’m crazy amazed by all of your adventures and sartorial forays! (I’ve been that girl flashing everyone on her bike before too, including a time when someone shouted at me, ‘You’re skirt is too short!’ and I shouted back, ‘I know!’) I think you look great and I hope your class goes well! xo

  7. We live by this awesome bike trail as well (have yet to go exploring yet…maybe during the long holiday weekend!)

    For now, I’m only comfortable taking fashion pics in my backyard, for fear of people laughing at me too. Although a couple of weeks ago my retired (and very nosy) neighbor caught me snapping pics! I tried to explain what a fashion blog was, but I don’t think he got it…he must think I’m a total freak. haha. Somehow it seems less weird if someone is taking photos of you.

  8. Love the striped top! I’m getting better with taking pictures of myself – I’ve found some good places around the campus and hospital I work at so I snap shots in the morning or during lunch for Wardrobe Remix (my blog is more personal and craft rather than fashion-oriented). I actually find it to be more awkward when other people take pictures of me! I kept WR a secret from my boyfriend for a while then he caught me taking pictures in the act! I was so embarrassed 😛

  9. Your necklace is really pretty and bright. Good luck with the birthing classes!

  10. love the necklace, it really pops!

  11. Good luck at the classes tonight! I’ve been flashing my neighborhood for a while now too so at least you have company. You’re absolutely right that today was the perfect day!

  12. hope your baby classes went well! I love your necklace, it was so nice out today! xoxo

  13. Love the necklace / striped top combo there. Curious to find out about your birth classes 🙂

  14. Erykah •

    So cute!

  15. Aw, I love this!! Perfect necklace! We’ve been having the same weather- I love it. I’m excited to hear about your birth classes! xo

  16. cute outfit, loving the stripes!

    like your long bangs, too, maybe i need to grow mine out!

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