Ruche Summer Lookbook

Ruche, has done it again! Their new summer lookbook is absolutely beautiful and styled to perfection. I get excited every time they put out a new book because its always so inspiring. I love the county feel to this one. I makes my want to dress in beautiful dresses and eat apple pie on a picnic table.
If you go to the site and look thru the lookbook you can shop each outfit, how convenient huh? What are your favorites?
Here are some I loved…

p.s. Detail shots of the baby shower will be up around noon- so come check them out then!

  1. Oh man, this is beautiful! It’s like an affordable Anthropologie, but with lots more rayon and polyester 🙁

  2. The outfit with the ruffled neck flower blouse would rock my office <3

  3. The cottage crochet cardigan, and pleated enchantment white linen coat. The coat is soo 60’s to me, therefore I love it.
    Great picks Jen!

  4. I had never heard of Ruche. Thanks for sharing. It’s like if Anthropologie and Forever 21 had a baby, it would be named Ruche.

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