Baby Shower

The shower was such a wonderful day. I can not express how blessed Kev and me felt by having so many of our friends and family there. We love all you guys! The rain even held off for most of the day and only sprinkled for just a few mins at one point. For the most part everyone just hung out in my parents backyard. We had picnic tables set up and vintage blankets and linens out on the grass for lounging as well. There was lots of Lemonade, ice tea, and old school looking glass sodas. I bought a bunch of those stripped paper straws that added a lot of fun to the drinks. My mom and me collected old glasses from thrift stores for the past few months and everyone got to use a fancy glass. Everything looked so cute together!! My sisters and me made Strawberry lemonade cupcakes and chocolate ones that had pansies on them. We had chalkboard menus, a clothes line of my baby dresses, old baby pictures, lots of snacks, beautiful wildflowers, lots of milk glass and fun games. We played tug-o-war, sack races, home run derby, we hula hooped and played corn hole. Of course the day goes by way to fast and its hard not to regret not spending more time with each person, or that you didn’t get certain pictures of things but that night after it was all over, Kev and me laid in bed and just talked about our day and told stories and reminisced. It will be a day that we wont soon forget. Thank you to the people that made the day so special!!

  1. wow this is so adorable, you guys need to go into party planning!

  2. Marissa •

    Jen! What an adorable baby shower. BTW- I saw that you found those striped straws you were looking for a while back- can you share where you picked those up?

  3. stacey •

    Everything looks amazing!

  4. Your baby shower looked so cute and memorable!

  5. Your baby shower looks like a fairy tale–so cute!! Congratulations!

  6. Danae •

    It looks absolutely beautiful! I love your ideas for everything – such a fun way to celebrate your baby!

  7. Beautiful Jen! Every detail is taken care off, I love that your guests also did an effort and dressed the part.

  8. Jen that sounds like the most amazing baby shower ever!

  9. Laura •

    I’m loving looking at these pictures. I am terribly sad that i wasn’t there. It’s been killing me. But I’m glad you had a good day. It look like the nicest shower ever.

  10. Charming! Love the whole vintage vibe….

  11. Most baby showers I have been to are the kind with chocolate in the diaper and various other ridiculous/ boring games. This looks like a hoot! Plus I love all the vintage details!

  12. most visually appealing baby shower that I have ever seen!!

  13. These photos are something from a magazine!! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day.

    Lulu Letty

  14. Erin L •

    this is so unbelievably adorable that i just had to comment!! i love the vintage theme, sooo much better than pink everything and embarrassing games!

  15. Miss Jane •

    So incredibly creative and fun! A true DIY baby shower done to perfection. I agree with Tess – you should go into party planning! It just goes along with the whole invitations business venture. A little part time gig after the baby comes.

  16. what an amazing shower you had! its great seeing all of the details again – you worked so hard and did such a beautiful job! now we just need to meet that baby girl! <3

    i didnt have any cupcakes – and they look delicious!!! ill have to get the recipes from you!!

  17. I love it!
    So cute…and so not cheesy like many baby showers. Great job!

  18. You shower looks amazing!

  19. Jen! This looks so professional! Its amazing how all that hard work you did pulled together in the end. And I love that your friends put on their best vintage just for the occasion.
    What a special day for you both. I would pick a party like this over the more traditional shower any day!

  20. This is about the sweetest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re so creative 🙂

  21. Oooooh this is like but for baby showers!
    Love love love this, you guys did such a great job. All the little details are so sweet.

  22. SO glad you had a great time : ) It looks like a ton of fun!

  23. I’d much prefer this to a traditional shower. That last picture, the one with Kev as a little boy, is too cute. He has hardly changed a bit.

  24. if you cant stand it – then dont read the blog ladies!

  25. super precious. i love all the details – you’re very lucky and LOVED.

    so happy for you and kev!!

  26. I’m so sad I had to leave early. I was looking forward to your shower for months. Let me know when your in town….milkshakes on me.

  27. i am saving this post for inspiration in the future! my husband and i plan on starting a family soon and we live far from my family. i had always had mixed feelings about a co-ed baby shower thinking that men aren’t cut out for looking at wee onesies & diapers for hours haha but neither am i! my bridal shower was slightly nervewracking with opening gift after gift so the idea of having a more relaxed & unique baby shower hit the right note with me. to be able to have ALL our family & friends (including the men in my family I don’t get to see much) would just be perfect. i love the theme and the decor. so different! thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  28. That is such a great idea for a baby shower and those are such beautiful pictures.

  29. Wow, this all looks like such fun! What a fantastic celebration of your upcoming parenthood!

  30. AMAZING theme, AMAZING set up, BEST baby shower I have seen in a long time (bye, bye tacky pink and/or blue ‘it’s a ___’ balloons)!, our P.R girl here at is SUPER jealous!

  31. This looks like just about the cutest baby shower ever. You are so creative!

  32. I wish I could have been there. What a gorgeous setting! Looks so fun!

  33. Came across this and thought it was wonderful! I would love to share it!

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  35. This is absolutely LOVELY! I found you via @littlepinkbox on twitter! I’d LOVE to feature this on my blog with your permission.

  36. Absolute perfection!! I am in complete love with every detail. Beautiful.

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  38. Love the pickles! Everything is so perfect and adorable!

  39. Over from Design Mom — what a party! I love all of the details. Looks like it was a fun day!

  40. Also over from Design Mom. Jen this is the nicest Baby Shower I have ever seen. I just love the vintage theme and am having a Vintage Sweet 16 party for my daughter in 2 Weeks. Ohh so much still to do… But great to get more inspiration from your post.

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  42. I posted about this on my blog today. I discovered you yesterday via ardent sparrow on twitter and i love your site!! i’m excited for you and your little girl! best of luck to you!!

    <3 Ellie

    Oh, the post is here:

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