June Sponsor Spotlight

Whew! Can you Believe this is the last week in June? This month has been a crazy one for me but today I think things have finally settled down for the summer. So, with that I wanted to take a moment and share some of the extremely cute and must have things from some of this months sponsors. It seriously takes me like an hour to browse each shop and only pick a few things to post on here. Each store has so much to offer. Sometimes I dont even know where to begin!

Modcloth is continuing to expand their summer dress selection. If you have a function or party to go to this summer and are wondering where to find an outfit I would tell anyone to start looking here. So many styles to chose from! Here are 3 of my favorites (isn’t that polka dot dress so adorable?) …


1. Parade Watching Dress & Picnic Pin Up Wedges
2. Skies of Blue Dress & Over the Moon Wedges
3. Summer Wheat Dress & Westward Bound Wedges

Ruche is your summer one stop shop. Everything from dresses, shirts, skirts and shoes!! They have some amazing, amazing shoes right now!! I think I have to have these 80%20 Wedges. I have been drooling over them for a very long time. They would be perfect to pair with so many summer dresses…


1. Browsing the stacks chambray dress & Fern Weave Coral Flats
2. A Day in Chantilly Chiffon Top & 80%20 Bonnie Wedge Sandal
3. Bittersweet Goodbye Pocket Dress & Stitched Floral Peep Toes

Roll and Tumble Press is always the place I go to first when I need to find a gift for someone. They always have something that will be perfect. I have a few baby showers for friends coming up and I think the sweet dreams poster would be perfect addition to any nursery. Or what about the Eat, Drink posters- Perfect for a house warming gift! Surprise your friends with something more than ordinary!


1. Close Your Eyes Handprinted Letterpress Poster
2. Drink Handprinted Letterpress Poster
3. Sweet Dreams Handprinted Letterpress Poster

  1. I adore that mustard yellow shade.

  2. The parade watching dress is adorable. And thanks for the tips on shoes!

  3. I may need to get a print from Roll and Tumble to put in my Winne! I want to fill it with wonderful art!

  4. ohhh! i love dress #3 on both sites! so cute! ut ohh – i might need a new dress (or two)!

  5. OH MY GOD those 80%20 wedges!!! o___o

  6. What a fabulous roundup, Jen! I really love that Ruche chambray dress & the fields of wheat dress … i love the color yellow!

  7. love the sweet dreams print! this is why you are one of my favorite bloggers!

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