Love of my Life Project

Remember my valentines day present from Kev? If you are new around jenloveskev or never got a chance to watch the video he made me take a look…

Love of my life from Jen Lula on Vimeo.

I wont recap every mushy feeling I have about this video but if you want you can read the full post on it here. But I just wanted to give everyone a little update. We have been getting pictures from around the US as well as Europe and I just wanted to share a few with everyone. It’s seriously so fun to get the emails and hear peoples love stories. Love is such a universal language and its so awesome that we can all feel connected by such a powerful thing. So if you havent had a chance yet to download the flyer and take some pictures with your loved one- get on it!! We would love to see them and will post them here on jenloveskev when we get them.
Let’s take a look…

You can download flyer here and email pictures to:

Help spread the word!

  1. wow, it’s really all happening! this is so cool!

  2. kimmy •

    crazy…that first picture of Broad Ripple Village is my neighborhood…i pass that sign at least once a week and i’ve not noticed the flyers!…but way to give a shout out Mallory!!

  3. GUSH…love is so beautiful and wonderful. You are so lucky to share your life with someone who does such nice things for you. I love coming here and having my faith in love restored!

  4. I’ll be taking that to Germany and Czech Republic this September. Pictures to follow!


  5. Just beautiful and you are so lucky. 🙂

  6. Wow! I am truly inspired by both your blog and Kevin’s creative and beautiful endeavours. You consistently remind me how wonderful it is to be in love, in such an honest and natural way. Definitely will be printing off one of these flyers! Congrats on your anniversary and your baby girl!

    Keep doing what you do 🙂 <3

  7. that’s truly an amazing gift. what a brilliant idea!! can’t wait to be apart of it.

  8. this love cynic’s heart melted a bit after watching and reading what was in this post and had no choice but to write about it with a little feature on the bloggity blog o’mine. take a peek here: and thanks for making a believer in me once again.


  9. wow the photos you’re getting are amazing! how great that you’re getting such a response to this. it must be so fun to look through them all.

  10. this is such a great idea! i’m totally inspiring to download the flyer and take some photos now!

  11. I love this. it’s such an awesome idea, and it has inspired me to post these posters all over downtown Ann Arbor. It almost reminds me of PostSecret, and although the two have totally different topics, I imagine this becoming a book someday. How great would that be? Like, seriously, this should become a book. (:

  12. Oh i loved this when i first read it! And soon theyl be one from South Australia 🙂

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