Canal District Clothing Swap

So a little while ago I was asked by Punky if I would be interested in coming out to Worcester for The Swapaholics Canal District Clothing Swap. Free Clothes? She did not have to ask me twice. I was so excited to be going and that Julie would be going as well. I love these 2 bloggin’ ladies. It was such a fun day!! We got to go early and be the first to look thru all the clothes. I felt pretty special. Julie and I got a whole bunch of great goodies. Some if which I have been wearing lately in my style files lately ( and We also got some good stuff for the Delightful Dozen. Why not swap clothes with friends that you got from a clothes swap? Its like a super mega swap!

Punky and Melissa were great swap hosts. We had the best day and it was a huge success. There were tons of people that came out to participate. All you had to do was come, drop off some clothes, get a stamp and come back an hour later to check out all the other clothes. There were tons of helpers that were taking all the bags and sorting them into organized sections. It was fun to see everyone working together for such a great event. I seriously can not wait till the next one. You can check out all the goodness that is The Swapaholics on their website. They are in LA right now spreading the Clothes Swapping Fun.

All pictures taken by Anne Ruthmann Photography

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  2. Oh i hope you took that little brown lace skirt with you!! I’m such a fan of clothing swaps! Thanks fo rsharing these pics with us….do you know if they ever come to NYC?
    That dress look so great on you and the fact that it’s adjustable is perfect!

  3. This looks unbelievable! Thanks for sharing such a cool idea – need to check where they are heading next, and can’t wait to see what else you come up with from there!

  4. I’ve never been to a clothing swap but it looks like a ton of fun!

  5. […] was kind enough to drive the hour cover our event and do a rad photo shoot after the swap with some blogger friends of mine. The whole day way super fun and you can see all the photos here. P.s. Our […]

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