Teacher Style File 06.18.10

So I will have just a few last Teacher style files to post. I am going to keep todays simple and sweet. I am going to use my first day of summer to decompress and just doing some things for myself (haircut, sewing and watching movies). Have you been to the Talbots site lately? They are really revamping the whole thing. They really have some great classic pieces. I would highly recommend checking out their blog redchairconfessions.com for inspiration. I love how pretty this sweater is- the floral is bold and in your face and it makes me happy wearing it. I paired it with this awesome ruffle blouse that I got at the Canal District Swap a few weeks back. I will have a huge and awesome post on the Swap on Monday.

I wish everyone a very happy, relaxing and fun weekend!
p.s. I love my new glasses. They are so nerdy and awesome all at the same time.


Floral Cardigan: c/o Talbots and RedChairConfessions
Ruffle Blouse: The Swapaholics
Belt: Thrifted
Shorts: Macy’s Maternity section
Peep Toe Bow Wedges: Platos Closet

  1. wow, this outfit looks fabulous, your legs look great heehee 🙂 also WANT your cardi!

  2. I will definitely check that out. There is something so comforting about Talbots easy classic styles. Love the sweater. This is a great look. Enjoy your day of decompression.

  3. GREAT outfit – I love the cardi! Are those real glasses, or play ones? They look awesome on you!


  4. girl, you look beyond amazing in this outfit! the little thumbnail caught my eye and i totally did one of those double-takes coz i was like damn, that’s one hot mama!

  5. love the geek chic!

    congrats on celebrating your 4th wedding anniversary! you guys look so adorable and in love in every photo (I particularly enjoyed the gang signs photo haha 😉

  6. Holy crap, I absolutely love this! The shorts are perfect.

  7. yay!! Adorable Swapaholic love!! I didnt even see that shirt at the swap…good eye!!

  8. Your glasses are the cutest! very nerdsome (or awerd?) x

  9. You are so adorable. I love those shoes. I can’t believe you are still wearing heels, I had to wear flats when I was that far along in my pregnancy. Have your ankles swollen yet? It’s so gross! I have that necklace too, love it!!!

  10. Cute outfit! I love the colors and pattern of the cardi and it looks so pretty with the shoes!


  11. Love the whole look! It’s classy but has some punch and looks comfy 🙂

  12. You are blowing my mind!! Talbots?? That cardi is adorable!! I think I might need to give them a second look…

  13. Tamara •

    this outfit looks really nice & happy anniversary!

  14. Talbots really is an unexpected mention. Love the pictures of your 4 yr marriage progression. How sweet and awesome!

  15. How you are pregnant and still looking so amazing I will never figure out! You look beautiful 🙂


  16. And I like this. A lot. Simple and stylish!

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