So in case you hadn’t heard me gush already about my super talent husband hear I go… Aside from being the most amazing husband ever, Kev is also the most talent Graphic Designer (and photographer) ever, ok ok I may be bias. Anyways, he is the one that designed my beautiful site and well he just launched a new redesign of his site/blog: encourageothers.com. He worked so hard on it and I love all the small details he added. I love that when you move your mouse over the slider bar, it pops up and says “drag me,” so clever! I would highly recommend heading over and checking it out! If you have any interest in design or photography you will definitely like his articles he writes. Most of the time its over my head but he writes them so well I enjoy every minute of reading them. I really love his style of writing.

Well I guess I’ll stop gushing now. Go check out his site!


  1. Jen, your husband is very talented!! I will follow his blog with pleasure!! Take care!!

  2. Sally F. •

    Whatever happened to that other site he did? It was about love or something? Taking pictures of posters around the city? I liked that one, too!

  3. his site looks amazing – definitely adding it to my google reader, and hopefully can learn a bit more about design from him 🙂

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