Last Nights Dinner 06.15.10

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Apple Grilled Cheese

So it has been a while since I have had a dinner post. Whoops. I hadn’t realized it till I was saving the picture into Kev handy organzational file system on the computer and saw the last one was like a month ago. I guess we really have been too busy. Cooking always takes a back seat when life gets busy. I guess that is also why this is a super easy dinner, but Mmm Mmm it was delicious. I saw a picture on a Cup of Jo and I had been thinking of this dinner ever since.


Cinnamon raisin Bread
Sliced cheddar cheese
butter (I use Earth balance)
Brown Sugar
Salad Fixings

I sliced the apple then in a pan sauteed them with a tiny bit of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. MMmmm. Then layered on Cinnamon raisin bread some white cheddar and the apples, then cooked the grilled cheese as normal. I made a simple salad with mixed greens, carrots and sunflower seeds with a bottled pomagranite/balsmaic vinegarette. Done and done! and Delicious. Mmm kinda want to have it again for dinner.

  1. Yummy…sooo yummy looking. That little babe of yours probably loved it too!

  2. I saw that on Cup of Jo. Thanks for revising because I had forgot and wanted to try this.

  3. Miss Jane •

    Wow, this looks incredible! What is the best type of apple to use?

  4. I just had some Jazz apples in the fridge but I think i would have prefered some green apples. I think the secret is just not to cook the apples to long. I like them a little crunchy still.

  5. oh my word! that looks sooooo good. i’m drooling.

  6. Oh my goodness! I saw it on that blog as well and have been dying to make it. i keep forgetting to pick up some raisin bread at the store.. YuM

  7. This looks delicious and made me hungry. 🙂

  8. That looks so tasty!!! Easy and a good after work meal! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. you make the best sandwiches ever! i’m officially drooling.

  10. ummm…..this looks like the most delicious thing ive EVER seen!!!!!!!!!!

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