Teacher Style File 06.11.10


So these next few outfit posts are going to be the last few “teacher” style files! Today is officially the last day of real school! Next week we just have finals. Can you believe it? Wow! We are celebrating in ceramics class right now by listening to the Walt Disney Channel on pandora again. haha. Love hearing Beauty and the Beast at 8:14am!

So, not to sound too full of myself but I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! I feel like myself first and pregnant second in it, which doesn’t always happen these days. I have had fun dressing for being pregnant but I feel like I have had to change my style a little to accommodate. I don’t generally wear so much plain stretchy cotton things on a daily basis. So when I put this on yesterday I was so excited it came together as good as it did. And THE SHOES!! In love!! I have had them for over a month now but this is their first appearance on the blog. These are the shoes that I fell in a couple weeks ago. Kev has since banned them to the closet till September. I will say I did not wear the shoes to school but hey my closet can’t have all the fun, right? I decided I have to wear them in small doses around the house for now just to get a little fill. I mean they make this outfit!! and they are just so pretty!! I would have wore them to school if I didn’t have weird pregnancy balance right now. I am over like 6′ in them. Its pretty awesome.


Lace Tunic: Forever 21
Skirt: From theswapaholics.com (thanks punky!)
Octopus Bracelet: c/o Modcloth
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell via lulus.com

It’s been cold and rainy here all week so we had to take the pictures instead yesterday. Where did the summer go? I wish every one a summery weekend!! Hope we alll have great weather.

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Happy Friday!

  1. Gorgeous!! Love this outfit so much – especially those shoes 🙂 – sometimes I wish I was a teacher because I remember those days of school (as a student) and nothing is sweeter. 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh HOME RUN I love this outfit!!! So adorable!!! And yes the shoes… i so need to get some, they’re AMAZING

  3. you look fabulous in this outfit!!! i just love it!

  4. You’re right – you look absolutely fabulous in this outfit!!
    Good luck with the pregnancy 🙂

  5. You look so great in this.

    p.s. the shoes are so amazing that I wouldn’t leave them in the closet either if I were you

  6. This outfit is so pretty!!! Love it!

  7. I swear sometimes I forget you’re pregnant!! If I’m every pregnant, I hope to look this good. Very gorgeous Jen.

    Lulu Letty

  8. Girl, you know what you are talking about because you look incredible in this outfit! Those shoes are AMAZING, too – I love gigantic shoes, and I have zero balance, I can’t imagine being pregnant and wearing them!


  9. rebekah •

    such a cute one. I LOVE that you still wear heels being pregnant. it makes it all the cuter…

  10. rebekah •

    ps. ive always wondered… do you take these pictures in the morning or after school?? either way is impressive.

  11. YAY for Swap Skirts! Too cute!

  12. You’ve got that pregnancy glow goin’ on!

  13. umm after usually, but really it depends on our schedule. If I plan my outfits out for the week sometimes we take them early to get ahead. We are all over the place!

  14. I LOVE this outfit too–you look so great in it! And you’re right, THE SHOES!!! So awesome!

  15. Jen – you look fantastic!!! Ok, fantastic is an understatement! Hope you have a great weekend!

  16. That is one pretty awesome skirt! I’m glad you feel like yourself in it : ) You look beautiful!

  17. Oh. my. gosh!! I didn’t know you had those shoes, I just purchased them too! They are supposed to arrive on my doorstep tonight and I absolutely cannot wait! You look amazing! xo

  18. kimmy •

    omg, from the front you can’t even tell that you are preggo!! this is one of my favorite looks.

    can you tell me how comfy those shoes are? i’ve been eyeing them and a pair on UO for awhile now and can’t decide. thanks ahead of time!

  19. I love that skirt and those shoes are amazing. Sometimes you have to have the shoes in the outfit post even if you don’t wear them. They are so cute.

  20. Adorable! I love that skirt on you.

  21. Gorgeous outfit, I adore the shoes and skirt!

  22. YAY for the last day of school!!!

    i agree–jersey has never been a wardrobe staple for me, but it is now. i feel so frumpy and unstructured. thank god so many of my non-maternity jackets still fit (but don’t close) so i can give my outfits some kind of shape! lol

    i was thinking of you on sunday evening b/c i feel in our hallway…i was in the tub and seth started telling me to come quickly b/c there was a fox in our backyard eating cherries from our cherry tree. i jumped out of the tub and didn’t take time to dry off too well, so when i rounded the corner into the kitchen, i completely wiped out. and, of course, with no abdominal muscles left to stabilize myself and so much weight straight out in front of me, i tumbled forward, but luckily caught myself on my hands and knees. my belly got squished pretty badly, but everyone (except my left knee–who got a nasty bruise!) seems to be doing fine. but boy was i scared!!! that said, seeing the fox eat those cherries was almost worth it. she would find one on the ground eat it, then spit out the pit. it was adorable!!!

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  24. I put your picture on The Swapaholics Blog…Hope thats ok.

  25. You look awesome! I think your style has stayed true to you through your pregnancy but I know it has to feel different for you. I love those shoes. They look exactly like Miu Miu! Are they made of leather?

  26. staceys •

    I love this outfit so much! I’m adding find Lacey tunic to the top of my shopping list!

  27. erykah •

    You look AMAZING!!! I LOVE LOVE your outfit in every which way and yes those shoes are pretty awesome and def make the outfit, BUT I think it’s worth it to stay off of them for awhile while you carry your lil princess =)

  28. Bonnie C •

    I absolutely love this outfit! Everything about it is so beautiful and creative.

  29. Jen – that second photo of you holding your belly – well, you’re just glowing. I’m sure your daughter will love looking at that photo someday. (and I love it now!)

  30. yay no more school…you look so pretty!!

  31. awwwwwww… i love it. nice to hear you are feeling more like yourself. i actually hardly ever wear heels but keep buying them just because they are so pretty. if you have ever seen the movie “In Her Shoes” you would know what i mean. and gorgeous shoes aren’t meant to be caged in closets anyways. i am putting shelves on my wall to display mine on!

    p.s. i nominated you for a sweet blog award!

  32. You look AWESOME! I’m in love with those shoes–I love how they give a rocker edge to the sweet skirt and top. Have a good last week of school!

  33. You look radiant in these photos! I don’t comment much, but I have bought a couple of things from your store that I absolutely love, and you never fail to inspire me. I absolutely love this outfit!!!

  34. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the lacy top.
    And girl, I don’t know how you walk in those shoes! lol.

  35. You look amazing! I love everything on this outfit!

  36. Brittany B •

    What a great outfit! You are the cutest pregnant lady. I am in love with those shoes, I’ve been eying them myself for a while!

  37. You look absolutely stunning in this outfit! The skirt is gorgeous and it looks so feminine with that top. Also, how cute is that belt? I love the entire look, good job!


  38. Your bump looks soooo cute in this outfit .. love that skirt – good find!!

    Sal xXx

  39. Hi,

    you have lots of style. But I am even more amazed your are wearing that short skirts in the school. In Germany nobody wants to see this from a teacher, it is not like official dress code but people would give you some strange looks. To me it looks like a great style for your private time.

  40. […] previous swaps but they are some of my all time favorite swap items. I wore this skirt in one of my favorite pregnancy style files as well. When I put on this outfit it made me really miss teaching. I loved getting up and dressing […]

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