Week 28


Well, we are officially in the 3rd trimester. Yikes! I have been feeling overall pretty good (metally) a little bit more uncomfortable though (physically). Things are definitely becoming harder and harder to do. I was all frustrated the other night just trying to put sheets on the bed. haha. I’m sure I am quite amusing to watch as I go about my normal daily routine with a waddle and huffing and puffing with any kind of bending action. I continue to get comments about how big I am when asked when my due date is. ugh! Just what every girl wants to hear right? “Boy, you are large looking.” I guess I have thus convinced myself that we are due for a big baby. We’ll see though, I have another ultra sound in a couple weeks which will give us a better idea of what the birth weight of the baby will be. So my appointment went good last week. Baby and me are both right on track. The glucose drink on the other hand was pretty disgusting. At first I was like “this isn’t too bad.” Kinda tasted like a unfrozen orange freezie. Then it got pretty terrible pretty quick. It is so sugary- it burns. Then you dont feel so great. All my lab results came back good though! haha Kev thought it was funny to document…


Kev has been beyond supportive through out this whole thing, we have had our ups and downs dealing with lots of changes but I think we have found our groove. I always feel lucky to have him as my husband, but this week I have been feeling particularly blessed. He is so sweet and caring about how I am feel each day. He holds my hand and protects me every time I walk down the stairs- just to make sure I dont fall, he tells me everyday I am doing a good job and that he is proud of me and how cute I am pregnant. Just hearing his voice on the phone in the afternoon can turn any day around. Ahh I Just love him so much!! I can’t believe that next week we have our 4 year wedding anniversary. Crazy!


Dear Baby Girl:
We know your name!! hehe we call you it all the time now. It’s still going to be a secret until you arrive but its very pretty. Magical even. Like you are a princess in a fairytale. We are very excited.

Your movements has been changing lately. I can tell when you move your whole body because I feel like there is an earthquake on my insides. Although its a little uncomfortable- I like to know you are doing good. You also poke hands and feet out a lot. It makes us feel like we can hold your hand. Sometimes I have to push you back down a little because it makes a lump stickin’ out the side of my belly.

I have this bunny stuffed animal that I have had since I was a little girl. Her name is Tanya Tonsil. Your Grammy gave her to me to take in the hospital when I had my tonsils out (she is in the picture above). Well, she is going to be yours now. I hope you love her as much as I have loved her. She is always there to give a little hug when you need one.

There is a band Mommy likes called She and Him and on their new cd (I am sure when you are old enough to appreciate these you will be like “cd? haha my mom is so old”) the last song is like the perfect little lullaby. I hope to sing it to you all the time. It is very sweet. It makes me think of rocking you to sleep every night singing to you and letting you know that everything is perfect. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Well little one. Next week on this day we will be back at the doctors getting to hear your little heart beat again and we can not wait!
Love you,
your momma

  1. Glad things are going well. P.S. you don’t look that big.

  2. carly •

    awwww, that first photo makes my heart melt! so adorable jen

  3. you are tiny!!!

  4. I love Thursdays!!

  5. you are looking so gorgeous jen! I think you and kev must be one of the sweetest couples ever, i’m so glad you’ve found someone so caring and sweet. Early congrats for next week!

  6. Most beautiful momma picture ever!!You look stunning on these ones and the light is… magical.

  7. Laura •

    Anyone that says you are large looking is rediculous! You look right where you’re supposed to. Man, people say the dumbest things! Even when I’ve thought that I’ve kept it to myself and simply said, ‘you look great’. Or the person who tells you they only gained 15lbs when they were pregnant, i’m like, well shame on you, that’s not a good thing!

    UG! Anyway, loving the pics of you guys and loving that you’re doing well. Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name. And yes, the drink is terrible. Can’t they think of a better way to test your glucose?

    I bet if you sing your baby that lullaby now she’ll recognize it when you sing it after she’s here. There were a few that I had for Anthony, Haven’t sang them in a while, I wonder if he’d remember them. He usually picks the song now. Something like “fill up my cup, mazoltov, lahaym” I know I’m a terrible parent, LOL.

  8. You don’t look huge, you look beautiful. You have got the glow doing on! I love Thursdays for these posts!

  9. Awww these pictures are always so cute. Can’t wait to see what her name is!!!

  10. I think you look beautiful, more and more every day 🙂 And these posts always get me all choked up!

  11. oh my gosh you guys are the CUTEST. and I want to know her name so bad!

    you don’t look large, you look cute and preggo! people are probably just used to seeing tiny you. :o)

  12. Aww I’m not even remotely pregnant but I’ve already decided that I will sing “When you can’t sleep” to my kids! So pretty!

  13. TONYA TONSIL!!!! and i SO know what you are naming the babay.

  14. Missy •

    now while i’m not seeing you in person, i think you look GREAT! i’m 21 weeks and am probably just as big!! i do remember though being 6 months along with mikayla and people assuming i was due any day- it is tough to say you have 3 months left! i feel your pain on that one!!!

  15. I’m so glad you got good results from the glucose test! sticking yourself everyday does not sound fun!

    i can’t wait to hear the baby name!

    have you seen away we go and/or baby mama? those are really sweet preggo movies!

  16. I just DO NOT understand people (friends & strangers) who feel the need to comment on pregnant women’s sizes. My very good friend is due practically the same day as you – she gets strangers in the elevator telling her she is “just too big to be having a boy” & “wow you’re huge” & “are you sure you’re having a boy” — who in their right mind would tell an emotional pregnant woman she is large? i’ve already told my friend that if i’m ever there to witness someone saying this to her, i will be responding ; )

    you look amazing, people have NO clue what you’re supposed to look like over the course of 9 months. they see belly expansion and assume.

    : ) all that matters is that you feel good and baby is healthy!

  17. …yeah…that orange drink is sooo deceiving…you’re hoping it will be good , and it’s a HUGE let down….i dreaded it with my 2nd…hahahahha!! I heard that some places use a kind of “jelly bean” instead of that awful drink…wish I could have had those! 🙂

  18. I love catching up with your blog. I was really interested in reading about the glucose test experience. My friend is due for her test in 3 weeks, and she just took home her bottle of orange drink and is contemplating on how she’s going to stomach it. The timing for her test means she needs to drink it on the way to her doctors appointment. Ick!

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