Happy Birthday!

This is my Dad:


He is the smartest person I know and probably the smartest in the whole world! hehe. Today is his birthday!! Happy Birthday Dad!! Wish I was seeing you tonight!! We miss you!!

As a hobby he builds telescopes and is an astrophotographer. He has been NASA’s photo of the day a couple times and has even been asked to work with NASA on special projects. See I told you he was smart- and did I mention cool? I love him very much! Here are pictures of his 2 observatories. One in my parents backyard and one in New Mexico.

And here are a few snapshots of some of his photos. You can check them all out at his website: Heavensgloryobservatory.com


  1. Holy amazing photographs!!

  2. my jaw just hit my keyboard! Happy Birthday, indeed, to an intelligent, fantastic man who takes such gorgeous and inspirational photos! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Holy crap! Those pictures are beautiful! I want an observatory in my yard now!

  4. Those photos are AMAZING! It would be so need to have a huge poster of one – or a giant wall decal, like a mural.

  5. This is soso cool Jen! Happy birthday to Jen’s awesome dad!

  6. Awesome photos. Happy Birthday to your dad. My dad’s birthday was yesterday!!

    Lulu Letty

  7. Wow! That’s so incredible! I can’t believe your dad took those pictures, they’re brilliant! And how awesome is it that he has two observatories??

  8. That is seriously SO cool, and those pictures are beyond beautiful! I love the garden outside of the first observatory 🙂

  9. Holger •

    Great pictures! It’s heavenSgloryobservatory.com, though.

  10. Oh wow, those are amazing? I’m going to show my boyfriend those when he gets home from his shift, he will LOVE them.
    Happy birthday to your daddy 🙂

  11. Wow! Those photos are amazing. Happy Birthday to your dad.

  12. Your Dad IS cool! And I’ll bet he’s pretty proud of you too!

  13. OMG those pictures are sooooo amazing! I wish my dad worked for Nasa!! 🙂

  14. Awesome photos! My dad does astrophotography as a hobby and spends most of his vacation time at star parties! I will definitely send him the link to your dads website, thanks!

  15. Oh my gosh, that is so amazing!!! xo

  16. what! you’re joking!! that is SO COOL and insaneo! amazing pictures. happy bday to your dad 😀

  17. Omigosh! This is soooo crazy! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  18. nicole b. •

    Whoa! Your dad is a rock star! Those photos are AMAZING… what a dream job, really. I hope you frame some of his photos and put them in Baby’s room.

  19. Wow, them are amazing, his work is amazing! He is cool and smart, you must take after him 🙂

  20. Julia •

    Hi Jen – I know your dad from work since I am working for the same company in Germany. I met him in person for the first time in March and the funny thing is, that he pretty much used the same words for you: that you are so cool and smart and that he is so proud of you – he also told me about your style blog ;-). We actually have that picture of your dad printed out in our office, since we all thought it is pretty cool. You are so blessed to have such a great family!

  21. Wow! those are some really cute pictures!

  22. Krystal •

    I just found your blog last week via Life in the Fun Lane (the giveaway post).

    Anyway, I just thought this was super neat. My dad was always taking us to observatories around the AZ region, having star parties and digging out his big telescopes, and teaching me the constelations too, and obviously I’ve grown up to be in love with all things celestial. (He also had a trick photography studio, and a couple neat galaxy photos he once took, but not so many and awesome as backyard observatory photos!).
    My uncle turned me onto the NASA photo a day thing when I was younger, and it’s so neat to know your Dad’s photos where in the mix. They’re beautiful! And all the prettiest colors; I’d love to buy some and have a framed collection on a wall somewhere in my home.

    It’s not quite the right word, but I wanna say congratulations on having such an awesome family. I think I’ll enjoy getting to know your blog a little better, if you don’t mind.
    Happy Week!
    -Krystal 🙂

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