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So as school comes to an end and I look onward to staying at home next year, my mind fills with fun things I would like to spend more time doing. Most of those being: learning to be a good mom, painting, blogging, making lots of stuff for my etsy store and making a little invitation business. I LOVE MAKING INVITATIONS. I don’t know why. Kev always asks me why I like it so much, but I just do. I have always loved book making and this just sort of goes hand and hand to me. Each one is like a little book. The possibilities are endless (events, colors, designs, etc…).

I have been working on two wedding invites over the last couple months for some very awesome girls. I can only share one right now because the other is not finished yet or mailed out, but here are the Save the Dates and Invite for our dear friends who are getting married in 1 month!! I am also making the programs for them, they will also match the set. They came out so pretty right?

One of the best parts of having a party is getting to make the invitations. I also love making them with Kev. We make a good team. We have made awesome invitations for all our parties: murder mystery parties, zombie Christmas parties, rockin’ thrift store extravaganza parties, wedding parties, welcome home parties. We have made a ton of awesome invitations over the years. Hmm I guess I should do a post with all those ones huh? I wonder if we still have all of them?

Anyways, when we started planning out a baby shower I knew Kev and me had to make them (I am pretty particular- whoops). I wanted to have a shower that Kev could be a part of. I am not very traditional. I mean I am but I am not. I did not want to have a party where I sat in a chair in front of ladies and opened presents and guessed which melted chocolate bar was in a diaper. That is just not for me. I wanted all my friends and family around to celebrate and have fun, but I also wanted a theme. So that’s where the vintage backyard bbq came in to play. I envisioned chalk board menus, photobooths, wild flowers, vintage glassware, floral table clothes, three legged races, raspberry lemonade, mint juleps, popsicles, bbq food, lights in trees, love, laughter and fun. So that is what we are having!! I could not be more excited. We have a bunch of friends and family coming from all over and you have no idea how much that means that everyone will be around to celebrate with us. I told Kev my ideas and showed him some inspiration things I found (not that he needed the help) and asked to put the picture of the pram in there and he went from there. He designed them better than I ever could have imagined!!! I printed them on brown kraft paper and then backed them with pink cardstock so there was a little boarder around each one. Aren’t they the most darling thing you have ever seen???? Ahh so in love with them!!!

UPDATE: You can see pictures from our beautiful baby shower HERE

So if you are getting married or have a special event coming up say like November or onward (lets give me some baby time first) let me know. I would love to start making invitations for people!

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  1. So adorable! I always wished I had graphic design skills! Your guests will be so excited for the party!

  2. Ok wow Jen – WOW those are the most gorgeous invites I’ve ever seen! EVER!!!

  3. I wish I would have known for my sister’s bridal shower. We were able to find some pretty cute invitations at Target, but this is much more personal. My sister’s wedding theme was stars and the galaxy.

  4. love it! i hate baby showers too. i made my friends get drunk at mine, lol.
    i hope you have a wonderful time at yours…
    recommendation: prepare yourself for the fact that the first few months to a year of your ne baby’s life you may not get to do much else but breastfeed, change diapers and sleep. it can be really rough on creative moms, it was for me. if this happens, try and remember that it’s very short and you will get back to your art. and hopefully your baby girl will be a easily pleased baby who likes to watch her mama work on her art.

  5. Laura •

    You really do make a great team. I was just reading on etsy last night about yesterdays featured seller. They are a married couple who make invitations. She started doing it for friends just like you and it went on from there. Reminded me of you. I love the baby shower invite. I save all your inviations. I don’t know where they all are right now, but they’re around somewhere. I’m always so amazed by you guys.

  6. ohh i cant wait to see the baby shower invites! they look amazing!

    i am SO excited that you are doing our invitations, etc for our wedding!!! you are so talented and i am so happy to have your personal touch on our special day! xox!

  7. April •

    Great job on both. The wedding invitations are so elegant and beautiful, who did you have print them? And the baby invites are too fun, perfect! Looking forward to the new goodies you’ve got in store for your etsy shop.

  8. Is there anything you two can’t do?! I am so impressed by you guys. Can we be friends?!

  9. Maria •

    I love the invitations. I am getting married at somepoint… been engaged for over a yr but in NO rush to plan the wedding. But when we do decide to plan it at least I know where to go for unique invites!!!

    Have fun at the baby shower!

  10. Your baby shower sounds like a great time! That’s kind of like how I did my wedding, in fact. 🙂 Forget tradition, it’s all about having good times, I say.

    I LOVE your invitations. You guys did a great job!

  11. OMG Jen, these are amazing! I love both invites, but especially the baby shower one. I went to a coed shower once and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a shower. I think it’s great to include the men, since they are more involved with taking care of babies these days (not like the 50’s right?)

    It’s funny though, I just threw a BBQ last weekend. We called it a “Good Old Fashioned Summertime BBQ”. You can view my invite & party pics here (if you’re interested):

  12. Righteous Bovine! These are amazing!! You guys do make an amazing team.

  13. Love the baby shower invites! They are super adorable!

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  15. Those invitation are so cute! He did a great a job!!

    Can you please tell me that you’re having pink lemonade in mason jar glasses at the BBQ?

  16. These are awesome! Such a great idea for a side business 🙂 Good luck!

  17. They are so lovely. I would love to see all of your past ones, if you still have them.

  18. Tamara •

    the invitations look awesome and I like the all your ideas for the shower!

  19. Impressive! I saw some gorgeous wedding invitations yesterday on a design blog I follow – the author’s sister had her wedding covered in Martha Stewart Weddings (
    I’d love to see a collage of the ones you’ve done so far. And the BBQ sounds like a lovely idea for a party.

  20. the title of this post made me laugh, your invites look great! I especially love the baby shower invite!

  21. You are endlessly talented! That baby pram invitation is too cute!

  22. Oh my gosh, every word you said for your ideal baby shower sounds so perfect, and the invitations just totally channel all of it! They are soo amazing! I’m coming to you and Kev when Brett and I are getting ready for a little one someday! xo

  23. What great ideas for a baby shower! And all of your theme parties sound so creative and fun! Would love to see the invites for those… and to hear about your “thrift store extravaganza” party.

  24. love, love, love your invitations!!!

  25. the baby shower/bbq invites are awesome! I like making invitations too… I made my sisters wedding invitations and I really liked it. I like your idea for the party to include the whole family, sounds like a lot of fun.

  26. Hello les gens quel est votre point de vue de mon nouveau blog sur l’immobilier?

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