Weekend Style File 06.07.10

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was pretty low key. Kev worked on his new site a ton (post later about it) and I just cleaned, read, relaxed, and went to see SATC 2 with friends. It was a very nice weekend. We finished our baby shower invitations and oh my gosh!! they are so amazing!! Kev blows my mind everytime we make invites with how good he is. They are better than I ever imagined! I will also have a post later this week about the shower invitations as well as some of the wedding invitations I have been making lately.

Anyways, it was a sticky weekend, very hot and humid. I have been hitting the jackpot at the goodwill lately because they have all the clearance stuff from target there. I had been eyeing some of the dresses in the Liberty of London line at Target, but never got anything.Then low and behold I find the perfect dress for my pregnant belly from that line at the goodwill. Score! I am really trying to not spend lots of money on anything I am buying for this pregnancy because I have to buy a bigger size than I normally wear and know its not going to be something that I will wear forever, so there has been lots of target, goodwill, old navy, walmart type shopping lately. I am keeping the outfits simple and comfortable so me and baby can be happy.


Dress: Liberty of London for Target (thrifted)
Hat: Forever 21
Purse: Converse for Target
Sandals: Old Navy

Ok, one little rant. I read Mel’s thought’s on flip flops in the work place the other day and thought how funny because flip flops are a pet peeve of mine as well. Don’t get me wrong I own a bunch of flip flops but there is a time and a place. For me that is the beach or the pool and maybe a few select others. There are so many cute and cheap sandals out there for summer that are just as comfy that won’t kill your outfit like a pair of flip flops will. Even my swollen pregnant feet can still wear most of my sandals and will not be resorting to flip flops. To me they are about as fashionable as a pair of croc’s, most of them are made out of the same material, right? Of course to each their own, but I challenge all of you to not just resort to a pair of flip flops everytime you get dressed this summer. Rant over.

  1. I think you could possibly get away with that dress after pregnancy. Maybe as a beach-y dress, or belted. I think it could work.
    But, then again, I have no idea 🙂

    I do love that dress though, and to think you scored it at goodwill!

  2. Oh, and I hate flip-flops at work. There is always someone trying to get away with them, and it bugs me. There are always great sandals, like you said, and like the ones you’re wearing! Flip-flops should be for the beach or showering only!
    Maybe camping… but not work! 🙂

  3. You look amazing in that. I have the same dress and I bet you got it at a way better steal than I did. Also I hate flip flops at work too. I have an extremely casual job but I still think it looks disrespectful to wear them. Like I didn’t take the time to put on a real shoe!!


  4. I’m with you… flip flops are for beaches, pools and public showers. period.

  5. You look so adorable in this dress! Pregnancy looks fabulous on you!

  6. Loving that yellow!

  7. Lol about your flip-flop rant, but I have to disagree – I would wear them year-round if I could! Of course I don’t wear them to work because they are too casual (plus open-toed shoes + chemistry lab work is a big no-no).

    I am perpetually on the hunt for cute and COMFY flats (I find most hurt my feet!) as an alternative to sandals at work … suggestions anyone?

  8. I love that dress on you! I loved it from when I saw it at Target, but it sold out so quickly. I will now be checking Goodwill thank you very much.

  9. Ha! Your rant made me smile. Last year I decided that I would not be wearing flip-flops anymore unless it was at the pool or at home. I have a hard time looking “put together” so I decided to eliminate things from my wardrobe that might make me look even less put together. 🙂 PS: Your dress is super cute! I love it!

  10. I love that dress! You’ve done such a great job with making your normal style blend in to your maternity style, if it weren’t for the bump I wouldn’t know any different!

    People ALWAYS wear flipflops at my work, and it drives me crazy…we’re pretty relaxed and almost casual, but flip flops are for the pool!

    I JUST (like….this weekend) started an OOTD blog, so if you get a chance, check it out…but maybe wait a few weeks so I have more than one post: http://ashleygettingdressed.blogspot.com/!


  11. That dress look fantastic on you! You are without doubt the most stylish pregnant lady I have ever come across.

  12. I also hate flip-flops! lol. You’re not alone.

  13. Well… I’m guilty of going shopping in flip-flops. BUT not the rubber kind, I wear canvas (espadrille style) or leather ones. I’ve been looking for cute sandals for a long time, no luck yet. The gladiator style ones that are still everywhere cut my leg short (= I look like a Roman smurf) and T-strap ones (like the gorgeous ones you’re wearing there) so far give me blisters. If I could I’d wear heels all the time, but again I’m blister prone so that’s simply not feasible when walking a lot. A flip flop is my backup. I haven’t given up though!

    And never ever would I wear flip-flops to work. Imagine being called into a board meeting and there you are in your flip-flops, I’d just die. (or when meeting a president, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Northwestern_University_lacrosse_team_flip_flops.jpg)

  14. That’s funny because we just got a reminder not to wear flip flops at work now that the warm weather is here. I went and spent a gift card that my sister gave me on a really nice pair of brown leather high heel sandals for work to make sure nothing I wear is considered questionable. I was worried that my flat, gold gladiator sandals might be interpreted as flip flops. So better safe than sorry.

  15. :::sheepishly raises hand::: I am totally guilty of actively choosing to wear flip-flops to work. I work in a fairly casual environment (in rural Maine nonetheless, flips are completely overlooked) but as someone with a style blog :::hangs head in shame::: I should know better. And yet, on days that I’m rushing to get out of the house I just throw ’em on. Granted I have about 6 pairs of appropriate shoes under my desk should the need to be appropriate arise. It’s interesting because I’m completely dispassionate about my job so maybe on some level I’m using footwear to say what I can’t verbalize. Or maybe I just need to go shopping 🙂

  16. I agree x100000000000000000000000000 regarding the flip flop issue. They are an endemic problem here in DC. I see so many people who wear them constantly to and from work.

    I mean, can you not find another pair of shoes to wear instead?! Sheesh!

  17. Hey Jen–I love your outfit, especially the hat. I’m nowhere close to thinking about having children (or getting married for that matter,) but my mom totally has an entire closet stashed with her pregnancy clothing, which were kind of cute because some weird artist/designer was in love with her when she was pregnant with me and he made her all of these custom-designed pregnancy dresses and shirts free of charge! But I think it’s amazing how stylish you look and how you maintain to do it on a budget!

    PS–I totally agree with the flip-flop rant. I went to school in California, and inexplicably everyone wears flip-flops, even when it’s not comfortable to do it (think: huge down puffy parka with jeans and bare feet in flip-flops! why??) I also sort of don’t understand because flip-flops aren’t even that comfortable. At least not to me–they drag my feet down and I don’t love having something between my toes… as hideous as Crocs are, at least I can understand wearing them for comfort!

    Okay, well you’ve just inspired another rant against the appropriateness of flip flops!

  18. New reader and just wanted to pop in and say hi (i’m a fellow canadian too!). Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!

  19. Jen S •

    I’ll take flip flops over Crocs any day… Living 30 minutes away from Boulder, CO, you see them waaay too much. Grown adults wearing them in bright colors to work with the little charms in them. Nasty.
    Cute dress though! I’ll need to check my local goodwill to see if my Target loved on them.

  20. You look beautiful in this cute summer look! I love that you added the fedora!


  21. ugh, flip flops. I cannot stand seeing people wear them to the office, blagh!

  22. i love your flip flop rant! ha! here in Sydney they are rampant (i even saw a young guy wearing them the other day in rainy, cold weather). i see their utilitarianism and i’m happy to wear them to the beach or maybe to the supermarket but i hate seeing them at work! you’re totally right, there are so many nice sandals out there.

  23. That dress is super cute on you. In fact, you can’t even tell that your pregnant in it. You may need to try it again post baby. I was just talking about how flip flops aren’t “real shoes” today. But, I do have to admit I keep a pair under my desk for those days when the shoes I wear have become too uncomfortable. It’s either that or bare feet which is even less professional!

  24. I TOTALLY get you on the flip flops thing! I just gave my mom a talking to for wearing purple plastic flip flops to, omigosh I can’t say it, gasp! Church!

  25. I do have to say that flip flops are one of the few summer shoes [sandals] that I can walk miles in without blisters or shin splints. I agree there are a lot more aesthetically-pleasing options out there, but I wear them only when I don’t have walking to do.

  26. Haha… I love the ranting against flip flops…
    I also love that you thrifted that dress. Goodwill is good to you!

  27. Love your dress! You are looking so cute and summery lately!

  28. maybe it’s a california thing but myself and my girlfriends all live in flip flops! i wear them as much as i can get away with, as do most people i work(ed) with. i also don’t have disposable income to have shoes, shoes and shoes! can you gals recommend some places to get cute and COMFY sandals because the ones i have truly are not reliable to trek around in. my boyfriend even gets annoyed with my when i wear cute sandals when we’re out and about in the city (we live in nyc now)

    long winded rant reply, lol i’d love to be in cute shoes all the time, unfortunately, i dress for comfort 😡

  29. that dress is so pretty! And how great you thrifted it! You look so chic and comfortable!

  30. Hahahha I totally wear flip flops an obscene amount and it does kill outfits. I think you have inspired me to opt for cuter options 🙂

  31. Mariele •

    i have that same dress in the black and pink (they were on clearance for like $6) but i think it look cuter on you. i’m probably going to wear it as a skirt mostly.

  32. How adorable are you in that hat! I love it!

  33. Ahh, that dress is so perfect on you! Especially with the hat! Ah, just got one a lot like it and now I can’t wait to style it up. You’re soo pretty, Jen. xo

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