Soc Chic Giveaway!

So, the lovely Jess from Make Under my Life and the beautiful Jewelry of Jess LC has put together a social cause line of necklaces called Soc Chic (chic necklaces benefiting social causes). Each necklace has it’s own positive name, message, and non-profit which benefits from the sale of that specific necklace.


I was honored when Jess asked if I wanted to participate in holding a giveaway for the Silver Lining Necklace. 1. its a super cute necklace and who wouldnt want to win this necklace but 2. all proceeds from the necklace benefit Team in Training. I thought it was so fitting to hold this giveaway because I love running. I ran my first marathon back in October to raise money for Love 146 but I first looked into Team in Training and I think my next marathon will be done thru them. Team In Training (TNT) began in 1988. Runners, walkers, cyclists and triathletes participate in the worldÒ€ℒs major marathons, triathlons, and century rides on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for medical research. For more information or to get involved, please visit The support that comes from these guys is unbelievable. You can just tell when you see the team at any marathon that they truly believe in their cause and in each other.

All you need to do to enter to win the Silver Lining Necklace is leave a comment below. The giveaway will run today thru this Friday, June 11th. The Winner will be randomly chosen and annouced Monday, June 14th. Simple as that!!

The whole line of Soc Chic necklaces are being giveaway this week on different blogs. Make sure you hop around to each blog and enter to win each one. They are all wonderful and special in their own ways. Participating blogs are: Live Creating Yourself, Elements of Style, In Honor of Design, Ish & Chi, Kind over Matter, Life in the Fun Lane, Make Under My Life and M Loves M

  1. So adorable. I would love to win this. And if I don’t the cause is so great I’ll probably buy my own!

  2. Diana •

    This is my favorite necklace! I would love to wear this – I love the message behind it! πŸ™‚

  3. way to go on completing a marathon!

    the soc chic necklaces are terrific!

  4. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Ooh, lovely necklace! Pick me ;o)
    Have a nice day.

    Love from Natascha

  6. Jen Bailey •

    Beautiful! What a lovely concept and giveaway!

  7. I love the idea behind the necklace, it’s always great when things you love go beyond just something you bought and wear. Pretty cool :]

  8. Adorable! I raised money for Doctors Without Borders in my first marathon. It made the miles easier!

  9. What a great giveaway!! And for a great cause.

  10. This necklace is so cute–I love thinking that even in the bad times, there’s a silver lining. I ran my first marathon this February in Hyannis, MA… my next one is this October in Lowell, MA!

  11. Such an amazing giveaway! Love the necklaces! xoxo

  12. Rebecca •

    Cute necklace! That’s awesome that you ran a marathon…I ran a half and thought I was going to die near the end!

  13. Really pretty. I love it!

  14. Maranda •

    I had no idea they did triathlons too! Great giveaway and information.

  15. Jessi •

    i love the necklace… very cute… chic… and for a good cause!

  16. Vicky •

    Cute necklace for a good cause.

  17. love these necklaces!

  18. Simple and lovely – Would match anything! (My kind of jewelry :P)

    Kudos to you for running a marathon – I completed a half-marathon with my dad this spring and nearly keeled over afterward, I couldn’t imagine doing that distance AGAIN!

    Great post and beautiful jewelry for a good cause πŸ™‚

  19. helen •

    Hi, I followed a link to you from because she posted about the necklace giveaway and every cloud has a silver lining is how I like to look at things – especially struggles and sickness. What a fabulous cause and a clever concept to raise money for it. I began running 4 years ago and found that although I was never sporty at school and was terrible at sprinting, I had a natural build for long distance running and really enjoyed it. It also greatly helped my illness – then I became pregnant after about 18 months and had to stop doing it…and due to 2 pregnancies and 2 emergency caesareans in the following years I have had to wait to begin running again! I am allowed to return to it in September. I will have to see if there is a TNT in Sydney Australia and try to increase how far I run to see if I can do a mini-marathon and enter something to raise money for a great cause! You have inspired me to use something I love to benefit others.

  20. Simple, yet beautiful. Very Lovely.

  21. this is so wonderful! its great that they go to such a good cause – AND they are are cool pieces of jewelery! i just looked on the website – i love them all! ‘match made in heaven’ is adorable!!

  22. such a cute necklace and great idea!

  23. Aditi •

    So pretty! Love the good cause behind it too!

  24. I love this! I am going to need all of these! πŸ™‚

  25. Super cute necklace!

  26. What a great cause and I love this simple and elegant design.

  27. Karla •

    Beautiful necklace and a great giveaway. I have a friend who runs through Team in Training and she loves it!

  28. Kate Rose •

    What a fun necklace! Very pretty πŸ™‚

  29. Great giveaway for a great cause!

  30. Great necklace, and a great cause!

  31. Love this necklace and Team in Training is a WONDERFUL cause!

  32. Charlotte •

    Beautiful necklace, and it’s great that it’s benefitting a great cause!

  33. Who doesn’t love a necklace for a great cause? It’s beautiful!

  34. i love this! its so cute, and i love that its for a great cause! and it’d be perfect for me, because i always seem to need to be reminded to find the silver lining in life.

  35. Carly •

    such a cute necklace and what a great cause!

  36. kiran •

    this necklace is so adorable, it’s just the kind of positive thinking i need to learn to keep closer by my side!

  37. beautiful! thanks for doing the giveaway!

  38. Amy P. •

    This is my favorite Jess LC necklace! Thanks for the giveaway–your blog is FAB!!!

  39. what a beautiful necklace and cause behind it

  40. Sarah •

    I love this necklace!

  41. i love this concept–and of course the necklace!

  42. What a great idea πŸ™‚ Love your blog FYI.

  43. Heather •

    Beautiful! What a great cause to support.

  44. pilar •

    this is a lovely necklace!

  45. wow that is such a great idea! I’m going to check out their other necklaces right now πŸ™‚

  46. Valerie •

    The silver lining necklace is my favourite of the line, it is just so pretty!

  47. Love these necklaces!!

  48. Beautiful. Thank you for the story and the giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  49. So pretty!

    I’m running my first marathon (well, half) in 13 days! This would be a great “reward”. πŸ™‚

  50. So pretty, and a nice initiative!

  51. Cynthia •

    Enter me! This necklace is so pretty – Love it!

  52. Christine •

    I would love that necklace for a friend of mine, her sister struggled with leukemia and passed away a few years ago. She would absolutely love this!

  53. LOVE IT! Gorgeous necklace with a great cause – it doesn’t get much better than that!

  54. This necklace is so me and I love fashion with a cause. It’s been my dream to run a marathon for some time now and if I won it what a perfect good luck charm this would be! Here’s hoping!

  55. Andrea •

    What a fantastic idea! I’d be honored to wear one and tell people all about it!

  56. chelsea •

    These necklaces are beautiful!!

  57. JennyR •

    Ooo it’s so cute!!

  58. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  59. Ashley Katherine •

    Cute necklace, great cause!

  60. Absolutely gorgeous, love everything Jess does! Thanks!!

  61. erykah •

    What a great cause, and an adorable necklace! <3

  62. Tina Z •

    Great line of necklaces! Thanks!

  63. Erin W •

    What a great idea! Way to go, ladies of Soc Chic!

  64. I went to the site and looked through all of them and Silver Lining is definitely my favorite! I love how dainty it is! Here’s hoping πŸ™‚

  65. Danielle •

    I like this necklace the most – it is so sweet!

  66. Rachel •

    Super cute. Would love to win!

  67. What a beautiful piece!

  68. MeganS •

    Team In Training sounds like a great organization, and that entire line of necklaces is amazing.

  69. Renée •

    What a fabulous line of necklaces!

  70. very, very cute!

  71. Love this necklace, so cute!

  72. Christine •

    Wow, what an awesome idea to raise money for a good cause! Cute pendant!

  73. Kristin •

    Love it! So beautiful.

  74. Stacey •

    That necklace is so cute and simple. I’m off to check out the other blogs now!

  75. The necklace is so pretty and what an amazing cause! Congrats on the marathon you ran and the money you raised.


  76. This has to be the greatest giveaway ever!! My favorite one is the M Loves M necklace since mine and my BF names both start with M. But it’s a tough decission!

    email: supermoni [at] gmail [dot] com


  77. Jamie •

    These necklaces are great! They would make any outfit better!

  78. What a cute necklace! Love it!!

  79. What a beautiful necklace, its great that its for a good cause too!

  80. Allison •

    I LOVE this necklace!! It’s admirable that all the participating blogs are working together building a positive online community.

  81. super cute necklace and for a good cause1 πŸ™‚

  82. beautiful. thank you ! <3

  83. This is a great cause!

  84. Pick me, pick me!

  85. I love this necklace!

  86. Jessa •

    This is so lovely!

  87. Heather •

    What a great cause! I love running too. This is a great organization using peoples passion to help a good cause.

  88. oh how cute! i would love to give it to my best friend for her birthday. she trains young girls to run races. adorable.

  89. I wandered over from Jess LC (loved her), and have spent a lot of time exploring here! Love your site (and yes, I’d love to win this necklace too!).

  90. laura •


  91. What a great cause! I love Jess’ work.

  92. Stopping by from M loves M! Such a fun idea for a giveaway!

  93. Anuska •

    Lovely, lovely necklace…and a great giveaway…:)

  94. Very cute necklace

  95. marika •

    great giveaway!!

  96. Amanda •

    Beautiful! This is a great idea.

  97. Katie •

    What a beautiful piece with an even more beautiful message! I will be telling everyone I know about this for sure!

  98. Sandra •

    Wow, that looks great! I’d love to win it :-).

  99. Diana Disimone •

    So charming!

  100. So pretty! I love this giveaway idea!

  101. Wow..what a cute and lovely necklace…thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Beautiful! I love it!

  103. Kelly •

    So cute! I am a TNT alum, so I would love to win this necklace.

  104. This is gorgeous! And such a great cause!

  105. such a sweet necklace πŸ™‚

  106. I love this necklace, it’s my favourite of all the Soc.Chic jewellery line.

    What a wonderful giveaway series, thanks to everyone for holding them!

  107. What a great necklace! I love the causes and necklace designs in general. (:

  108. So pretty, I love this one. It fits with my optimistic self.

  109. I love this one!

  110. Bonnie C •

    This is such a sweet little necklace. I love the idea of this line’s profits going to such special, deserving causes… so cool!

  111. Marie •

    I love this necklace!!

  112. Such a great necklace! I have looked through the Soc. Chic line and this one is definitely my favorite, but the bright side necklace is a close second!

  113. Just wonderful. A gentle reminder that everything happens for a reason and that there is always a silver lining.

  114. Caitlin •

    So cute

  115. Love it! So simple and pretty!

  116. I would love to win!

  117. Great necklace for a great cause. Maybe if I win it will motivate me to run!

  118. Sarahc •

    I love simple necklaces like this one! Perfect for summer too!

  119. I keep trying to find the silver lining…maybe this is it. πŸ™‚

  120. Maureen •

    How wonderful it is. It would go for so many ages and with so many styles of outfits.

  121. I love the 2 strand, 3 link necklace!

  122. What a beautiful necklace! Love that they’re for a great cause!


  123. These necklaces are so cute! What a great giveaway! I’m here from M loves M!

  124. Jordan •

    this is a beautiful, timeless necklace. but more importantly, it goes towards a great cause. its a fantastic idea.

  125. So adorable and such a wonderful cause to boot!

  126. what a beautiful necklace and a great cause.

  127. i really love this necklace, it is my favourite of the series.

  128. Kristen •

    Im a new runner πŸ™‚ Im definitely enjoying it, thanks for the giveaway!

  129. rebecca •

    so cute!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  130. great giveaway! mona dot manaigre at gmail dot com

  131. Bronwyn •

    Love this necklace!

  132. Beautiful!!

  133. Jennifer •

    Love it!

  134. Beautiful necklace!!! What a great cause.

  135. what a great message for this beautiful, delicate necklace!

  136. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely necklace!

  137. Corisa •

    great necklace and great message!!

  138. They are adorable. I would love to win one! I’m off to see the rest of them.

  139. very sweet!

  140. imogen •

    gorgeous necklace! so inspiring!

  141. Courtney Rousseau •

    Beautiful necklace, I love the meaning behind it !!

  142. felicia •

    great giveaway! i love this necklace.

  143. Amazing company, and beautiful piece. THANKS!


  144. i love the necklace

  145. awe love it!

  146. Jenna •

    This is so pretty!

  147. oooh, how lovely!

  148. Gorgeous necklace and great that cause. Lovely!

  149. Florencia Venegas •

    what a lovely necklace!!! I’d absolutely love to get this! it’s so simple yet beautiful.

  150. Melissa •

    Love the necklace! I also love the Astor line, they are such simple, elegant necklaces. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  151. Michelle •

    Love that necklace! I just have started to run, but give props to those who do marathons, hope to do one of my own someday!

  152. Great necklace! I’m not a runner but will happily cheer on those who are!

  153. Love this cute & clever necklace!! Thanks for sharing via JLK!

  154. I really love all of these necklaces!

  155. Amanda B. •

    Love, love, love this cause!

  156. Gesina •

    Over from Kind Over Matter–hello! This necklace is so pretty.

  157. Clouds with silver linings,
    Triumphs over rain,
    And thanks to Team in Training,
    People can become whole again.

    Hurrah to a good cause (and a beautiful necklace too!)

  158. Julia •

    Running is always more fun when there is a great cause behind it…and a cute necklace! ; )

  159. Catherine •

    Awesome cause– gorgeous necklace! Love it!

  160. so beautiful.
    Thanks for the chance to win something so luvli xxx

  161. Suzanne •

    This is for a great cause and it’s a lovely necklace.

  162. Rachel •

    So adorable! I hope I win! πŸ™‚

  163. Love these necklaces and love the idea!

  164. I think this is the coolest giveaway! I am amazed at Jess’s handiwork and the generosity she has with her contributions to the most amazing causes. Way to go!

  165. kristin •

    I love this!! so gorgeous!!

  166. Gorgeous necklace and the idea behind it is so fantastic.

  167. So cute!

  168. this necklace is so cute… plus, it would be great inspiration as i train for my first marathon!

  169. what a gorgeous and fun necklace…i still get really great and informative emails from LOVE 146..if it hadn’t been for you I would have never know about THAT great organization…:-)

  170. Caroline •

    I try to find something good for each day – no matter how it turns out!!! So naturally this is my favorite!!

  171. Thanks for the great giveaway! I have decided recently to get into running. I hope I can stick with it!

  172. Oh my word… I must have this beautiful gem! Chances are slim, but here goes nothing!

  173. Ooh, I’d love to win this! I’m a huge fan of finding the silver lining.

  174. Jessica •

    beautiful! One of my favorite phrases and a good cause to boot!

  175. Megan •

    This necklace is adorable and for a great cause! Id love to win it πŸ™‚

  176. Karin •

    **Love** this necklace and *sparkly heart* love the idea behind the entire line of necklaces.

  177. Love it! Please count me in!

  178. The necklace is adorable – so chic and such a cool concept. Thanks for letting us know about such a great organization!

  179. Lindsey •

    A silver lining indeed! I love this necklace so much!

  180. beautiful!! and i love the theme!

  181. Anxhela •

    WOw what a great giveaway. I love this kind of stuff. Both unique jewlery but also helping a great cause. This would be perfect my birthday is coming up. Good luck guys.

  182. Andrea Moore •

    What a great cause and such a beautiful necklace!

  183. Such pretty jewelry for amazing causes. Great giveaway πŸ™‚

  184. Margaret •

    This is such a beautiful necklace….sometimes simplicity says it all. The designs of your jewelry are amazing….so delicate and carefully crafted. I would love to wear this necklace, especially thinking of the wonderful cause it is supporting. Looks like I will have to get over to your website and pick something for myself soon.
    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  185. This is a beautiful piece! I would love to win it.

  186. Jenny D •

    I love these necklaces. They are so delicate and lovely!

  187. Amy Hopkins •

    Amazing necklaces for great causes!

  188. simple and beautiful and for a great cause! What more could one ask for?

  189. Such a lovely piece and for such a noble cause, thank you.

  190. Alanna •

    Gorgeous necklaces and beautiful cause:)

  191. Jamie •

    Wow! I love the cause behind it! These necklaces are so inspiring, especially the charity they support.

  192. CathyH •

    Love this one! Thanks for sharing and for a fun giveaway

  193. What a great idea!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  194. Gorgeous Necklace!!! Great Cause!!!!

  195. that necklace is adorable! i would love to win it. i could really use a little pick me up and a daily “silver lining” reminder. and a little more motivation to start running every day!

  196. Oh wow, I just adore this necklace. Good luck to me!

  197. Kelly •

    I love all these necklaces but this would probably be my favourite. What a wonderful concept

  198. ooohhh, coming out of the shadows to say how lovely this is and that i adore the idea behind it!

  199. cara cavaggion •

    love this!

  200. Grace •

    Absolutely beautiful, I’d Love this! Thanks for the chance.

  201. Penny •

    These are beautiful necklaces! And such a lovely idea behind them too.

  202. grace •

    Lovely necklace! ^^ This is actually one of my favorites in the Soc Chic collection.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! c:

    vesipisaroita [at] gmail [dot] com

  203. Lovely πŸ™‚

  204. Great cause, and the necklaces are charming.

  205. Angela •

    Love these…they are a must have!

  206. Lilly •

    This necklace is so adorable! Thanks.

  207. wow this necklace is stunning! love it. πŸ™‚ please enter me in.

  208. Terry •

    The SOC CHIC concept is great! Thanks!

  209. I love the SOC necklaces – I can’t pick a favorite! πŸ™‚

  210. Such a simple and pretty necklace and I love anything that is sold to help a great cause!

  211. Marina Salinas •

    It’s such a lovely, simple, necklace that I can see going with so many outfits. Plus, it is also a great conversation piece, since it supports a good cause. I’d love to own one.

  212. Holly •

    This is an adorable necklace with a great cause! What could be better? Love it!

  213. Oh, that’s such a pretty necklace! Amazing giveaway!

  214. I love the simplicity of this necklace!!!

  215. I love jess LC’s work – this is a great necklace. love the tear drop look

  216. kendra •

    so cute. thanks for the giveaway!

  217. Kelly S. •

    Love it! Thanks for introducing us to Soc Chic…

  218. Elizabeth •

    So simple and beautiful. And a great cause. Beautiful inside and out!

  219. Amanda •

    so pretty, I love it!!!

  220. Lubica •

    This is lovely necklace. Thanks for a chance to enter.

  221. What a great cause, and a pretty necklace!

  222. becky •

    so pretty! what a great cause and giveaway!

  223. i was always told to look for the silver lining!!

  224. Carolyn •

    Love the necklace, cause and great blogs the contest introduces me to!

  225. Stacie •

    This necklace is fabulous! Thanks for the great giveaway! Crossing my fingers…

  226. Adorbs!

  227. klaudia •

    Wonderful idea!!

  228. April •

    I love these cute, yet simply stated necklaces! Great giveaway!

  229. Maria •

    I am in love with these necklaces! How cute is that fortune cookie!! What I love most are the messages they represent. Good luck to everyone! including me ; )

  230. Carolyn •

    Love this necklace. So simple and beautiful, and for a great cause. (at)

  231. Raleah •

    Congratulations on completing the marathon, Even though I also love running( because I can clear my mind and get fit) I don’t think I’d like running in a marathon. I having my running time alone.

  232. Jenny •

    Gorgeous necklace, and I’m a big fan of Jess’ blog too! I love supoorting a good cause. πŸ™‚

  233. Carrie •

    I love to run too! And I’m so excited about these necklaces

  234. What an excellent cause, definitely very near & dear to my heart. And what a beautiful necklace! Count me in πŸ™‚

  235. Laura •

    i’m a beginning runner as well!! thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway πŸ™‚

  236. Christine FD •

    Love your blog!

  237. I’m the daughter of a cancer survivor, so I just love that this product goes towards cancer research! If I’m not the lucky winner, I’m definitely adding this to my list of cool gifts to buy!

  238. i really love this one. and thank you for giving the proceeds to cancer research. thank you thank you.

  239. Beautiful necklace and such a great cause! I’ve already added Jess’s store to my favorites πŸ™‚

  240. Julia •

    These are gorgeous! And I love the concept behind them. What a great giveaway!

  241. This is so awesome! I love this necklase!!!

  242. KarenMD •

    I think the Silver Lining necklace is my favorite of the Soc Chic line

  243. Kendall •

    What a great cause! And a great thing to do and be a part of!!
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  244. Sheri •

    I love Team N Training… ran the SD Rock n Roll marathon with them in 2001. Thanks for the chance to win!

  245. Brooke •

    Super cute necklace- and what a great cause!

  246. Vanessa •

    I’m in LOVE!

  247. nicole b. •

    I’d love to give this to my grandmother (“Mimi”) who is battling cancer. Thanks so much for the chance to win. What a great cause, too. Thanks for introducing me to it. xo.

  248. Love this one. so simple with a strong statement

  249. Thanks for the chance to win!

  250. Amber •

    This is lovely..thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  251. So cute! I love it!

  252. Ditto – super cute! would love to have it!

  253. Such a pretty necklace!! Would love to own it! πŸ™‚

  254. Ann M. •

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  255. So very beautiful and a good cause. Thanks!

  256. A simple, pretty necklace with a good story behind it.

  257. Gillian •

    Beautiful necklace, beautiful idea behind it! I will definitely be buying one if I’m not lucky enough to win.

  258. Yes please! Great idea πŸ™‚

  259. Nathalie •


  260. Margaret •

    I just love this necklace and the cause that benefits from the proceeds, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!

  261. Catherine •

    Such a beautiful, delicate necklace! Love!

  262. marissa •

    my best friend had a necklace just like this, but it broke recently in an accident. if i won it i would give it to her, no one would be more deserving!

  263. Elizabeth •

    I’d love to go into the draw for this.

  264. What a stunning necklace! And the meaning and cause behind it makes it so special.
    Love love love jewellery that benefits and has such a good reason to have been created.

  265. Kathy •

    What a gorgeous necklace! The idea behind this whole line of jewelry is fantastic!

  266. Ditha •

    very cute! I like the idea of it.


  267. Such a lovely idea. And such a lovely necklace!

  268. BellaBrunette •

    Thanks for letting us know about these! What a wonderful cause. I lost someone very close to me to leukemia, so I might just get these for all of my friends.

  269. Such worthy causes. I’d be honored to wear one of these necklaces.

  270. Julie •

    The necklace is adorable. I would love the chance to win. Thanks!

  271. Love when jewelry has talking points, and this carries an important message. Definitely a fan!

  272. Such a cute necklace…for such a good cause!

  273. Oooh! Here’s hoping I win. (Always nice when it’s a good cause)

  274. Love this necklace!!! So excited!

  275. Melissa •

    This is so pretty and I love that it’s for a good cause! I absolutely adore your blog!! πŸ™‚

  276. Ashley •

    Love this cause and love the necklace!

  277. Oh I love this necklace! Its so cute and simple, and I love that it has meaning behind it.

  278. Sarah •

    such a beautiful thing for a wonderful awareness! crossing my fingers!

  279. love this. so simple. yet so beautiful.

  280. perfect! and it is designed for a great cause. πŸ™‚

  281. Clara •

    The silver lining necklace is lovely, and its seems very typical of Jess to donate a portion of the profits to a worthy cause. Thanks to you and Jess for the giveaway.

  282. Luv the silver lining necklace very simple and pretty.

  283. I love all of the necklaces — so delicate, petite, and perfect (:

  284. Krystal •

    Found your site via Life in the Fun Lane. IÒ€ℒve been wanting a tiny, pretty charm-on-a-chain necklace for a year or so, these are beautifully perfect! πŸ™‚
    Happy Week!

  285. What a great necklace! I love the rain and the reminder for me to look up and keep going.
    I’d love to wear this.
    Thanks for the chance. L.

  286. allison g •

    Love the necklace and love the cause! Thanks for sharing! allison

  287. Ooh! Fingers crossed – I love the necklace and the cause πŸ™‚

  288. Shannon •

    I would love to win this necklace, it is gorgeous!

  289. Kamila •

    What a pretty necklace! And the great cause makes it even better πŸ™‚

  290. Katie •

    Love these necklaces, so pretty !!

  291. Maddie •

    Gorgeous necklace! fingers crossed to win it πŸ™‚

  292. I hope I win!

  293. The Most Thoughtful Give-Away Yet!!

  294. That is so beautiful!

  295. So beautiful! Here’s hoping!

  296. Rosie •

    Super cute necklace – with real significance behind it. Tres cool.

  297. Sarah •

    What a great idea; the concept is so special. I would love to win this, and if I don’t might have to get one anyway! Thanks for having a giveaway, Jen. You look so gorgeous; always so put together and chic. You’re so cute pregnant!

  298. What a gorgeous necklace! Good luck all πŸ™‚

  299. Gorgeous necklace and for a wonderful cause too! πŸ™‚ Good luck to everyone!

  300. Liberty •

    I love JessLC’s jewelry!! What an awesome giveaway event. My contact is Libertyjenn[at]gmail[dot]com

  301. Laurie •

    I love this idea and everything is so gorgeous!

  302. Cassie •

    gorgeous! so simple and still a statement piece. love it!

  303. Great giveaway! Great cause!

  304. Love all of the Soc Chic necklaces. Such a great cause.

  305. Simple and classic. So pretty!

  306. totally sweet!

  307. I love this necklace. It reminds me of the saying “every cloud has a silver lining” – sometimes it’s worth remembering.

  308. shannon •

    Loving these!

  309. Jamie Carr •

    She is very talented and what a great way to give!

  310. Hi! I first found ur blog through ratemyspace on hgtv…and then I lost it…and NOW I find u again through make under my life…how awesome!!!

  311. Jessica S •

    Love this, its so delicate and pretty πŸ™‚

  312. Simply lovely.

  313. Such a lovely necklace. I love all of the blogs participating in this great cause!

  314. heather s. •

    Such a great cause!

  315. Such a great giveaway for a good cause!

  316. Lauren •

    I adore the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Team in Training! I trained with them for the Chicago Marathon and it was one of the highlights of my life and I made the greatest friends in the process. If anyone is thinking about training for an event with them, do it!

  317. Marni •

    What a wonderful cause…AND a beautiful necklace to boot πŸ™‚

  318. Juanita •

    I think this necklace would be a great reminder of how blessed I am!

  319. How beautiful!

  320. You ran a marathon?!? Respect level for you (already high) just skyrocketed. You go girl!
    (and I never say that.)

  321. Becky •

    I love this necklace, the beautiful cause behind it, and your blog! long time reader, first time commenter – I couldn’t resist this giveaway! πŸ™‚

  322. This is such a cute necklace and what a great cause!!!! Your blog is one of my favorites, you and Kev are such lovely people! :]

  323. Elizabeth •

    Two of my friends ran the Pittsburgh Marathon for TNT this year – it’s a great cause!

  324. what a darling necklace! πŸ™‚

  325. what a great cause, and a lovely necklace!

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