DC Style File 06.04.10


Happy Weekend Everyone!! This week went super fast which is awesome because next week is my last full week of school!!! ahh so exciting. I am off to chaperone the Senior class picnic today. Every year the seniors go to this resort thing in Granby, CT to swim, horse back ride, all you can eat food, play games and other activities for the day. I have never gone before but I’ve heard the chaperones just sit by the pool and hang out all day. Haha I am not complaining. I have brought some of my pregnancy books and newest magazines and am ready for a relaxing day.

When we were in DC lets just say it was meltingly (word?) hot!! oh man. I dont know how you do it DC? Anyways, I tired to keep as cool as I could by wearing lots of summer dresses. One of my favorite things we did when we were there would be every morning wake up and go for a little stroll over the bridge to Adams Morgan and go have breakfast at Tryst. So good!! it’s such a cool place. Thanks to the readers who suggested it! Mmmm I love lazy breakfasts!


Dress: Walmart (whhat? whatever fits this pregnant belly right?)
Sandals: Sears
Bag: Converse for Target
Necklace+Sunglasses: Forever 21

Have a good weekend everyone!

  1. I grew up down the road from that place in Granby! Our town has ‘8th grade day’ there every year. Enjoy!

  2. That dress is actually really cute. staying cool in the heat is such a challenge but you look lovely here!

  3. Brianne •

    The dress is super-cute, and you look fabulous!

  4. You look so cute and how exciting that next week is your last week! Only been to DC once and never to Tryst but it sounds right up my alley 🙂


  5. I love that dress. Walmart surprises sometimes.

  6. I got a converse for target bag for Christmas and the handles ripped off last week. But im sure its mostly my fault, i carry laptops and puppies in it. If you dont put your puppy / baby in there it might last longer.
    p.s. Worcester got its first Walmart a few weeks ago…its like the size of Shrewsbury.

  7. Oh my gosh shut up!! I am totally loving that that dress is from walmart! Note to self, hi-tail it over to walmart and buy one!! Meanwhile, I think its the humidity in DC that makes it so hot… I prefer the dry heat

  8. That bag is from Target!? Very cute!

    I live in NJ and I can’t stand the humid heat – And I’m not even pregnant!

  9. That dress is quite chic for Walmart

    This is why I leave DC during the summer too hot haha

  10. Walmart?! Never would have guessed it, you look so cute!

  11. The print totally disguises your baby bump. I love seeing expectant mothers in dresses. There’s just something so feminine about it all.

  12. I love your posts about DC! Very glad that you had such a good time and that you got lucky enough to stay in the NW area near Woodly Park and Adams Morgan. Walking across the Duke Ellington Bridge is one of my favorite things to do in the city!

  13. You look crazy adorable! Also, I am so surprised that you found such a cute dress at Wal-Mart! I haven’t been there in years, but good find for you!

  14. I love the print on this dress! I wish my high school had done something like that during my senior year– it sounds like a great day!

  15. Natalie •

    I’m glad you ate at Tryst…there really is not better place in the city for a whiling-away the day sort of lazy breakfast/brunch. 🙂

  16. i like that bag! i was surprised to see it’s converse x target!

  17. Sandal-crush! I can’t seem to find the perfect pair of sandals, but you happen to be wearing them!

  18. erykah •

    My work made that OP Dress =)
    Looks cute on you and from the photos it almost looks like your not even prego, BUT i’m sure if you turn to the side of course!! =)
    Cute outfit!

  19. Hey, whatever works, works! Go Wal-Mart!

  20. love the dress! how far along are you?! im just about 4 months in… congrats and you look FANTASTIC!

  21. This looks so adorable on you! Love it 🙂 You’re just too cute. Your blog is one of my daily reads, of course.

  22. Ahh… I live in B-More and spent loads of time in DC. One World and Tryst are two of my favorite hangouts. Great choices, hope you enjoyed.

  23. Oh, you look so great. So excited for you and your last full week of school! Ah!

  24. Cute outfit! Love the dress – Walmart can surprise us every once in awhile for sure.

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