Week 27


I have my glucose test this afternoon at my week 27 appointment. Here’s hoping it all goes ok. This appointment marks the last every month appointment too. I move to every 2 weeks now. Makes me feel like she is coming awful fast now. I have been collecting all my questions to ask my midwife this afternoon all month, they include things like vaccines, wooden toys, vegetarian babies, the Bradley method, my birth classes, birth balls, doulas, etc… I have a large list this time.

We started registering at Babies R Us last week. We went late in the evening like at 8 one night which gave us an hour and a half. I thought that was going to be plenty of time. Boy, was I wrong! We only got thru like 2 aisles. There are a lot things out there. All I can say is I totally recommend getting the Baby Bargains book. It’s a life saver (Thanks Hilary!). I read that thing from cover to cover and have dog eared like every page. It totally goes thru everything you need, what’s a waste of money, where you can save money and rates each brand. Its awesome. I brought along that book and my lists that I have made when we went last week but its still quite overwhelming. I am trying to not get sucked into thinking I need everything that is out there because I know I don’t. I want to keep things simple, or well I am trying. I have to say its really fun being there with Kev though. I think its so cute as he thinks about what will be the best for the baby and what bibs or blankets are cute. hehe.


Dear Baby Girl:
This week in our week 27 pictures is a picture of you Auntie Amy. We went to visit her last weekend. I was so happy that she got to feel you moving around. Your Auntie Carrie got to do that same thing the weekend before. It makes it all feel a little more real now that they have been a part of it a little. Your Auntie Amy gave you a bunch of books when we saw her that were our favorite books when we were little. She gave you a bunch of Berenstain Bears books, Little Critter and Robert Munsch books. Also a new Oliver Jeffers book that mommy doesn’t have yet. It was very sweet of her. She wrote when we tell her your name she will write in the cover of each book for you and sign them “auntie amy” which she then said she likes because it makes it sound like she makes yummy pretzels. haha!

Your dad and me were both busy last night with different things but when we finally were both at home and got into bed. Your dad said “you know what? when I got out of work today it was so nice out (and yes it was like the most perfect night!) all I could think about was coming home to my 2 girls (so cute!) and hugging and kissing you both and then us putting (insert your name) in her pram and all of us going for a walk together.” Ahh how sweet right? You dad is going to be such a good dad to you. Sometimes I wonder how I can love anyone else as much as I love him, but then I think you are something that we created together and that just blows my mind and I know my heart is going to grow bigger at the very sight of you. He reads his books at night in bed out loud just so you can hear his voice. He wants so badly to know that you are comforted by the sound of his voice. I think you are though. I know you can tell its your daddy- I like to think you can hear the love in his voice.
Well little one, only a few more hours till we get to hear you again. I love hearing your heart beat. It’s so heart (no pun intended) warming.
Until next week,
Your momma

  1. Aww Kev is the sweetest Dad ever, I cannot wait to hear how everything goes once she finally comes

    I love these DC themed photos, you guys will have the best sets of family photos ever

  2. omg…i thought registering was one of THE MOST stressful things EVER. it took me ages and ages, and i was so grateful to have the insights of my two bffs about what they used and didn’t use to guide me. it was doubly complicated by trying to decide what we really needed two of and what we didn’t. but like kev, seth was hugely helpful in researching items, picking out different styles, etc., etc., so that made it more fun. that said, i’m still so glad it’s done and that my two showers are this weekend and next! WHEW!

    awesome that you’re considering the bradley method…if i weren’t all about hypnobirthing (thanks to my midwife bff who’s a hypno coach), i would definitely be going the bradley route. in fact, i’ve used a copy of the bradley pregnancy diet that i downloaded from their site to help guide my vegetarian diet through this pregnancy.

    we have another appt tomorrow morning and will do a tour of the hospital’s maternity facilities then. i’m still so, so bummed that i’m not delivering at our local birthing center, but i’m hoping tomorrow will help assuage some of my fears.

    good luck with the glucose test! the drink really isn’t that bad…to me it tasted like a melted popsicle…but it does make your teeth and throat hurt about 1/2-way through! 😉

  3. 27 weeks have passed??? Wow! I hope your appointment goes well. Looking good. P.S. Did you see when Joanna from A Cup of Jo went MIA for a week and all of her followers knew she was pregnant? They all made these comment like, “I hope he’s here” It’s so interesting how the blog world works. You really feel like you get to know a person.

  4. angela •

    You look gorgeous! Your birthing plans sound great. Something I wish someone had shared with me before I had my first baby is that even if things don’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean you ‘failed’. I planned for a natural birth (hypno-birthing, doula, went 2 weeks overdue, 48 hour labor with no pain meds even on pitocin etc etc) but it didn’t happen. I had a C-section. For a long time after baby 1, maybe a year, I struggled with feeling like I had failed. LIke you, I had run a marathon and I think I thought of birthing like that – I had prepped, labored, worked, why couldn’t I ‘finish’?! I finally healed over things not going as\ planned, namely through talking about it with friends and family and eventually was able to be okay with the fact that my plan for a natural birth went completely a muck! Point is, I hope that somewhere if things don’t go as planned for you, that you will somehow experience grace to know that it is okay and all births are still births and still beautiful in their own way. Very, very best!

  5. here is a reputable link on vaccines from one of the leading children’s hospital in the nation. http://www.chop.edu/service/vaccine-education-center/home.html#at

    and i found this article to be interesting. http://www.wired.com/magazine/2009/10/ff_waronscience/1/

    I had a lot of questions about vaccines, as there is so much hype and controversy around them. a good book was “autism’s false prophets” by paul offat.

    hope that helps. the number one thing about parenting i’ve learned so far is balance. you’ll have a lot of “extremes” and a lot of information backing up each of those extremes. best is to take truth where you see it and operate from a balanced perspective.

    also, babies are mostly vegetarian already. strictly breastfed the first 6 months and then introduce solids–that doesn’t have to include meats and can factor in proteins in the later year–like avocados (: and eggs if you eat those?

    good luck, jen!

  6. Angela •

    Wow, Little Critter and Berenstein Bears bring back memories! That’s great that they’re still around for your little one to enjoy.

    Hope you enjoyed your visit to DC–my hometown! Too bad about not seeing too many zoo animals though. It was so unbelievable hot, they were probably somewhere air conditioned. Good luck at the doctor’s!

  7. Hope your glucose test went well… I hate those. LOVE these pictures by the way!! Your bump is looking so cute!

  8. Hilary •

    I LOVE the pictures, and you are VERY welcome for the book! It was a life-saver for me when I was buying all baby stuff. Good luck! I wish I could come back to NY/MA for your shower!

  9. I love that first picture so much! So glad you were able to see your sister 🙂

  10. Hope your glucose is all good! 🙂 You look too cute with the little belly.

  11. Oooh, I’m going to have to revisit these posts when I’m pregnant someday to get some good tips! I’m always like, “ooh good to know!” but in a few years, I won’t remember! Haha! I’m so exciteed for the upcoming weeks for you. Ahhhh! xo

  12. Great pictures!
    I’m glad you’re gowing the simple route. I hear coworkers at work justifying their new huge 4×4 “because we need to fit all the baby’s stuff in there when we go out”. I think that’s ridiculous (but to be fair, I don’t have kids)

  13. awww. you make me smile 🙂

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