Over the Weekend:Memorial Day


So, Friday night after the Prom we decided to drive to DC real early (3:30am) to try to avoid traffic. It worked but boy were we tired on Saturday. We first stopped in Baltimore to pick up my sister and eat at One World Cafe (mmm so good.) We got to meet my sister’s roommates ridiculously awesome cat Matilda. Best cat ever! Then we all took the train into DC and by the time we checked into our hotel (Omni Shoreham) it was way late in the afternoon. It was such a beautiful evening. Perfect temperature. We went and saw the white house, Lincoln memorial, the Washington monument and well just walked around a lot. I was doing good until we had to walk up hill like 10 blocks to the metro at the end of the night.

Sunday Kev and me hung out by the pool for a good part of the day. It was so relaxing and being pregnant totally got us some lounge chairs at a packed pool. hehe! It felt so good to go swimming. Its nice to feel weightless and refreshed. Then we went to the national zoo which was right up from our hotel. The zoo was a let down. It was 1. way to hot even for being like 4:30 and 2. there were no animals to be found. Every exhibit we went into there was a cage but no animals. It was a let down followed by lots of jokes about why the zoo is free. We did see red pandas which are totally awesome.

Monday, my sister Amy came back into the city and hung out with us for the day. We watched the memorial day parade for awhile and went to the natural history museum. I love that place. The have a early human/evolution exhibit right now and you can get your picture taken and they will morph you into a “early human” oh man we were laughing so hard. We had a family in front of us in line that was making us laugh like crazy. The mom was so awkward and had the best (craziest) looking picture.

Overall it was a FANTASTIC weekend. We both LOVED dc and we loved our hotel and the area it was in. We ate at the best restaurants: Tryst every morning for breakfast, One City and Busboys and Poets for dinner, got to go swimming, explore a new city, spend time away together, visit with my sister and just have a lot of fun. I love 3 day weekends!!


  1. Looks like fun! I love DC too. Good eats and a wonderfully clean subway system.

  2. OH! i used to stay at the omni for work every may! i love that hotel and that entire area!!! did you happen to go in carbon, the awesome shoe store right around the corner from the omni? glad you had a great time!!!

  3. It looks like you had the most wonderful time.

    DC is one of my favorite cities. So much to see and do. If you ever get to go back, you simply must check out the Korean Memorial (almost frightening at night the way it’s lit) and the FDR Memorial. OH! And the Spy Museum. 🙂

  4. Aw, I LOVE Busboys & Poets! Glad you liked DC!

  5. I live in Baltimore and love One World Cafe! It is one of the best vegetarian-friendly places in town!

  6. DC is the best! Sounds like you had a great time. Hopefully next time you are at the zoo, you’ll be able to see the pandas.

  7. Oh, it looks like such a fun weekend. I’ve never been to DC and really want to go.

    Lulu Letty

  8. One World Cafe is my favorite! I had a friend visiting from Boston last weekend and I most definitely took him there…on Sunday. It would have been so funny to run into you!

  9. What a fabulous weekend!! I love the photos, they have that old school look.. just so cool!! xo -karrie

  10. erykah •

    Looks like you had a great time!

  11. We were also in DC this weekend and had a blast!
    Glad you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

  12. sounds like a fun weekend! you guys are so fearless…i can’t remember the last time i got up at 3:30 to drive somewhere. i can hardly stay up past 10:30pm! 🙂

    great pics, too. you look lovely!

  13. i love the way you formatted the photos in this post !!!


  14. Oh, that sounds like a delightful trip! I’ve been living in Baltimore for awhile and One World is one of my favorites for a nice vegetarian meal or a cup of coffee. Great choice, and glad you had a fun trip to this area!!!

  15. Looks like fun! Monkey-man is hilarious.

  16. daisybabie •

    How fun! :o)

  17. Looks so fun! The pix are so cool. What kind of camera did you use?

  18. You and your sister are adorable and as one of your faithful Canadian readers I loved the Canadian embassy picture!

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