End of School Reflection

So today is the last day for seniors. I think that might be just a Massachuset thing where seniors always are done the end of May, but I am not sure? We still have 2 weeks of school, but today always is always a special day. There are lots of celebrations, everyones spirits are high, its always prom and it marks the start to the very end of school for everyone else. I drove into the parking lot this morning and I feel like I got teary eyed seeing all the kids cars decorated for their last day. Yes there are difficult days but I love teaching, I love art and I do really love these kids.

So tonight is prom. I have been an advisor of Prom for the last 3 years and always help with decorations, invites, food, dj’s, photographers and every other detail that goes into it. It’s a lot of work but chaperoning is always the best way to end what seems like months and months of work. The kids are so cute all dressed up and they are so excited. I have been struggling with what to wear this year because I didn’t want to get anything new but nothing old really fits. I think I am just going to wear http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenloveskev/4534075811/again with a little more bling, no bomber and different shoes. As I left the house this morning Kev jokingly told me to be careful to not get knocked up tonight at prom. haha. whoops. Too late!
This is what I wore to prom last year:


Since I am in this reflection mood about school ending and it being my last year here, it has also made me think about my blog. I started jenloveskev with my teacher style files sort of around this time last year. I think I actually took my first real outfit picture last march but this last month of school was when it really all started. I have loved doing teacher style files. I mean I am still going to be taking outfit pictures now but the teacher part is going to be dropped and its a little sad to be honest. Its been quite a journey thus far, one that I am so grateful for, for so many reason but I am so excited for the future of jenloveskev and where its going to go in the next year as well. I love all you readers! You continue to inspire and encourage me daily and I love all my blogger friends I have made as well. I would not have come this far with out you guys!!
Here is a look back at some of the Teacher style files that got jenloveskev started last year during this time (haha bad photo quality and all)!!


and here’s to many more style files that this next year will bring!

Kev and me are off to DC for the long weekend. I will be back on Tuesday with lots of pictures and hopefully lots of great new style files. I wish everyone a very happy Memorial day weekend!

  1. What a nice way to wind up the end of the school year and your time at the school with a celebration like prom. Your prom look is so cute!

    I hope you have a great time in DC!

  2. Oh, I remember so many of those outfits. The end of the year always make me a bit nostalgic too. I hope prom was fun. Have a great weekend in DC.

  3. I’m with you on the reflection, I’m graduating college in a few day, but it’s always good to reflect because you usually focus on the happy memories. And isn’t it great that you’ll soon be taking you blog in a (slightly) new direction?! Can’t wait to see baby pictures.

  4. I think you might have to start doing some baby girl style files… I just know you are going to dress your little girl up in the cutest outfits!!!

    I absolutely adore your blog and it has been one of the big inspirations for me to start my own blog (skinny-mirror.blogspot.com). I am hoping I can keep a nice balance of outfits and lifestyle just like you do. I also have to say that you are Kevin really seem like such a happy and loving couple (my boyfirend’s name is Kevin too!) – I really wish I could meet you both. I know you will be great parents and even though pregnancy has been a little rough for you I just want to you to know that you look amazing! You will have the whole summer to relax and bond with your growing baby girl!!! I can’t wait to keep reading about all the lovely adventures you two go on.


  5. are you going to rename them mommy style files ;)?

    you seem like a great teacher, jen! i’m sure your students are equally sad to see you go.

  6. I used to get sad whenever I thought of the passage of time….but ever since Vyla’s been born I am SO HAPPY with life right where it is! I guess the saying is true that when one door closes another one opens…and parenthood is the most amazing door to possibly open for anyone!! And I’m with everyone else on the “Mommy Style Files” and “Baby Girl Style Files”….it’s a must do!

  7. you always had such fabulous style! you are the cutest teacher. I bet the boys have crushes on you!

  8. Gahh, I LOVE all of these style files! You looked absolutely stunning at prom last year, and I’m sure you’ll be even more glowing this time around.

  9. I loved your prom look from last year! You could have passed for one of the students! (Maybe not this year with the cute belly though, hehe)
    At least teaching is one of those jobs that is easy to fit around children, so you can always go back to it.
    Also I love reading your pregnancy journal and letters to the baby. They are making me clucky like you wouldn’t believe!

  10. Laura •

    hahaha kev!

    I’m excited for you even though things will be different. I know one thing about you that inspires me is how well you embrace change. You will make the best of it. The end of one thing can be the start of something else even greater. Have fun at your prom. and enjoy your weekend with the hubby. xo

  11. I just got introduced to your blog and I have to say I think it’s fab. Hope the prom went great and that you have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. That Canadian-American onesie is perfect!

  12. Third row, second from left: this was the first outfit I saw on your blog and that’s when I decided to start reading it every day. You really inspired me to be more brave with my clothes, even if my style is completely different from yours. I love your first outfit pictures, your embarassed look and everything. I can’t wait to see the changes that will arrive here on this blog! You are really doing a great job!
    And of course, I love love love the dress your wore at the prom last year and the hair embellishment!!!!!!

  13. love the photos 🙂



  14. I enjoyed the teacher-style-files, it’s the first thing that brought me to your site! But, all your other outfits are just as good!

  15. Sarah •

    I have been focusing on your blog for so long time, you do very great, come on! Have a good time everyday!

  16. Mariele •

    I think I saw you at the zoo on Sunday afternoon but wasn’t sure. Hope you had a great time in DC!

  17. I’m pretty new to your blog! I love being here and reading about you and your husband and growing baby. I also love your great style! 🙂 Is there a way to find out what brand of boots are you are wearing in the very first photo of the style file? I also LOVE that red wrap around skirt…do you remember where that one came from?

  18. Red is your power color! You look amazing in it. 🙂

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