Week 26


So I have to say I think this is the first week that I feel like I am really as comfortable as I can be with everything that is going on. I feel good. I feel confident and I feel happy. It’s taken 26 weeks to get here and I know it might be short lived as it gets hotter and I get bigger but for now I am feeling good. haha I even say this during a week where I completely lost my ankles to swelling. My sister and me were laughing so hard we were crying at how fat my feet and ankles were. I am learning to try to take better care of myself (resting, feet up, slowing down so I am not stressed) so it hasn’t been happening as much but it is werid to look down at your legs and feel like they are stumps. I am trying to embrace these symptoms and move forward.

I even like the crazy veins you can see running down my sides and belly. I think of it like I am a superhero. haha. I am just that powerful to make another human and it shows how hard my body is working. You can also see that the typical pregnant belly line (linea negra) has set in up my stomach. That I may not be a fan of but it happens. I am also not someone who has struggled to gain any weight. I am def. not trying too, I have been eating pretty healthy and pretty normal (no real cravings or anything) and have been staying pretty active. I have gained 20 pounds so far. I was really worried everytime I went to see my midwife but she always says I am doing great, so I have started to stop worrying so much. I am eating healthy and being active so the weight i’ve gained must just be because that is what my body needs (haha I would like it to just leave though when the baby is born).

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments with opinions and advice on the last baby post! I loved reading every word. Although, Kev and me have not decided on a lot of those questions I asked I think we have decided to 1. raise her vegetarian and 2. make our own baby food. I am really excited about it actually. I love cooking if you havent been able to tell and well I think it will be fun. I got the best little baby cook book at giggle last week and I know it will be a while until she is eating baby food but I can’t wait to use it.

Oh yeah! How freakin’ cute is this little onesie that Kev’s mom got us!!! I had no idea anything like that even existed but I guess that’s the power of the internet for you. It’s so prefect and so cute- I just love it. American Dad+Canadian mom= Perfect little baby. hehe (maybe more pefect if she was full canadian but- haha I kid, I kid).


Dear Baby Girl:
We have been calling you by name lately. We aren’t 100% yet, but we like calling you it to make sure we feel like it is the right one. We are still open to others that may come up though. Did you know you are about 2 pounds this week! and my uterus is the size of a soccer ball. haha when I read that I think I said out loud “holy cow.” I mean I see you everyday, but in comparison to something that is not attached to my body it makes me realize how fast you are growing. I have been really excited thinking about sharing things with you that your dad and me like doing. For me I have been really excited about coloring with you. I LOVE COLORING!! I can’t wait to have an art table for you where we can sit and draw daddy pictures to give to him when he comes home. I also am excited this week to share the music we like with you. I can tell you like some of it already, because when I play it I picture you dancing. We had an art show last friday. It was an art and hardcore show. I am going to say I don’t think you loved the super loud music. You got really tight feeling in my belly and were kicking a lot. Your dad made me go outside because he was upset at the thought that you might have felt scared. He is so protective of you.

We are going on a little getaway this weekend and we couldnt be more excited! We are going to DC for 3 days. Your dad and me have never been and we are so so excited for time away together. We got a really nice hotel and are going to go on all kinds of adventures. I am thinking I am still going to wear my 2 piece bathing suit when we go swimming. I was a little nervous but you are pretty darn cute in there!
Well stay healthy and strong in there little one!
-your mama

  1. Michelle •

    If you’re museum-hopping in DC, definitely hit up the Museum of the American Indian for lunch. It is the best choice by far, & has delicious veggie options. They also have a rad sculpture exhibition on the third floor. The National Gallery & Hirshhorn are amazing too! Have a great time!

  2. DC! So fun. Just a warning, it is a sweltering hot city. Even when it’s not that hot. I lived there for 5 months and visit my boyfriend down there alot, there is no air circulation! Other than that it’s a really cool city. Of course the capital is there so that’s must see. The Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument area was always fun to walk around when I lived there. Good spot for a picnic with a view of the white house. There are so many little parks sprinkled throughout the city. Georgetown is really quaint, I love all the old brick houses and winding paths over there.
    Eating wise Adams Morgan and U street have the most diversity, I think. If you walk the little strip in Adams Morgan you’ll pass food from almost every different country (lots of veggie choices too).
    There’s also the National Zoo, which I think is technically in Adams Morgan. I never went but Kev(my boyfriend) used to run through there in the morning and he said it was pretty cool.
    Also I’ll suggest this for the art lover in you. The Phillips Collection. It’s a really small museum in Dupont Circle, they have more modern pieces than you will see in other places down there, impressionism forward. It’s in the old Phillips house, so it’s a different experience than walking around a huge museum, more intimate. Plus I used to work there! http://www.phillipscollection.org

    Sorry so long!
    ps. Look at Kev’s bicep in that pic! Holy moly! haha
    Have fun down there!

  3. These baby posts make me want to be pregnant. You are so adorable. I think pregnant bellies are the most beautiful thing and very super hero. You’re creating a human, it does not get more powerful than that. I’ll be sending lots of peaceful light and love your way so you can stay relaxed and happy through this amazing time in your life!

  4. your belly is beautiful!!!

  5. Marcella •

    Hi Jen!

    I Love your pics and I would like to know about this image color that I always see in your pics. Is effect create on Photoshop? Dou you have filters or actions for this?


  6. Jen – glad you are feeling healthy and happy this week – just in time for your weekend getaway 🙂 Have fun in DC, it’s an amazing place! Also LOVE LOVE this week’s photo. There are so few photos of you in just like “normal” at home/chilling out/pj clothes…cause I guess they don’t make for great style files…but you seriously look stunningly gorgeous in today’s photo – so simple and so beautiful!

  7. Wear the bikini Jen!!!! Pregnant bellys are so gorgeous… thats something i wish i could have done, but winter isnt exactly swimwear weather! Glad you’re feelin pretty good this wk and relaxing more, making a baby is hard work! xoxo

  8. Ooo have fun in DC!

    For Food:
    Try Busboys & Poet, there are three locations, the best is in U Street though (a really fun hipster area with a cool night life), they have lots of vegetarian/vegan options and host really cool events. It’s like an activist bookstore restaurant thing, very fun and indepndent.

    In Georgetown there is an absolutely adorable fun bakery called Baked & Wired. You must try a cupcake or anything there and Georgetown is really cute and quaint. Nice to roam around the cobblestone streets there.

    Tryst is a really cool coffeehouse in Adams Morgan. They serve the best mochas I’ve ever tasted and really yummy waffles and sandwiches. It has a really fun vibe, but it can be difficult to get chairs.

    In general Dupont Circle and U Street have a lot of great food options!

    TO DO:

    The FDR memorial is my favorite, definitely underrated.

    I highly highly recommend the National Portrait Gallery/Museum of American Art. For a free museum it really encompasses a lot from folk art to portraiture. The National Gallery is equally fantastic.

    The Newseum is a really cool museum that covers American newspapers, photographs, TV, etc. It is a bit pricey, but admission works for two days.

    Dumbarton Oaks is a really beautiful garden in Georgetown, a lovely spot for photos.

    I would skip the zoo actually. It has the worst layout ever, definitely a tiring and hot walk for a pregnant woman like yourself.

    Have fun!

  9. Another cute post and I’m glad to hear that you are going to DC. I’m from the area (ok, technically from Central MD, but I’m always a 15 minute drive away). DC is pretty when you haven’t been there before and whenever I go back to visit my parents, I try to go and visit the museums and galleries because they are FREE. The zoo is free too if you like things like that :] It gets crowded and really hot where the museums are so be warned because you may get tired or just pack a lot of water for rests (there are benches everywhere). There are plenty of food places and I’m sure you will have fun discovering your own favorites. Have fun you guys! And Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

  10. so adorable.
    you guys are going to be amazing parents 🙂

  11. I love love love your baby posts.

    I’m definitely not what anyone would describe as a baby person but you have won me over! I’m sooooo happy for you and your husband. You guys are going to make one super beautiful, happy family.

    My aunt and uncle are raising their children veggie (even though he isn’t – she eats fish). It’s a pretty big challenge. But i’ve been veggie since 12 and it’s made my family way more open to new and different foods. My mum used to make all my baby food from scratch. I think that’s amazing. Food is love to me!

    Thanks for the updates. they are wonderful to read.


  12. Enjoy! I was just in DC three weeks ago and I can’t wait to go back. The architecture and the history…amazing. I was too sick (“morning” sickness, ugh) to do as much as I’d have loved to, but I did make it to the Capital and the Smithsonian and the some residential area that my fiance’s cousin lives in for dinner. Personally, I’d like to go back after the baby to check out some of the cool pubs and nifty looking spots that seemed to be everywhere.

  13. First of all, that shirt is too cute! I love it :o) Second of all, you look beautiful pregnant. I’m sure it’s hard to see your body change so much, but I’m glad you are comfortable and realizing how beautiful pregnancy is. Soon enough, you’ll be a for real mom, and that will be wonderful too! Moms are the best :o)

  14. Laura •

    That onesie is adorable! I liked reading this post it was very uplifting. I think you are a superhero. What an awesome thing to say you’re making a human being. It is a very special thing even if it’s hard. It’s good that you’re trying to see the positive and even humor in things. I don’t remember if you said you read it but I thought “Belly Laughs” was a good book at making light of all the crazy weird things your body goes through. I think you look great in your picture and can’t even tell that you gained 20 lbs. That baby bump is adorable, dont worry about the 2 piece. You can still pull it off!

  15. amanda •

    hey jen! i love that you’re showing your belly now! you are the cutest pregnant girl ever.

  16. you are doing so great! seriously, it seems like you have the perfect attitude about pregnancy. I also freaked out a little that i was gaining “too much” during my pregnancy, because all the books recommend like 25-30 lbs. I gained 45 and up to the end all my nurses and doctors said I was doing perfectly.

    i am also SO excited about coloring more again! my son is a little over a year and so far he pretty much only wants to eat crayons, but I still try a lot! it’s fun.

  17. What an adorable onesie!! Don’t worry about the weight gain. My sister-in-law just had a baby and just a few weeks after it was born she weighed less than when she first got pregnant! She said she’s just so active and doesn’t have much time to eat because the baby dictates her schedule and keeps her busy.

  18. glad to hear you are feeling better! and that onesie is too adorable!

  19. Ooh, I love colouring too. If my brother ever gets children I’d borrow them as an excuse to colour 🙂 Ikea used to do this great paper roll art table thing.
    Your trip to DC sounds great, have fun & take good care of your feet!

  20. I LOVE that baby jumper!

  21. Sarah •

    I’m delurking to say this: Don’t miss out on going to Eastern Market. It’s great, a mix of food stalls and flea market type stalls. I live in DC in it’s one of my favorite things ever! There’s also a pretty good pizza place over there, 7th Hill Pizza that has tons of Veggie options.

    I’ll also second whoever mentiond Tryst in AdMo and Busboys & Poets in U Street. I suggest skipping the zoo…it’s going to be hot this weekend and I about melted the last time I went there in the summer.

    I absolutely love living here so I hope you have a great time! 🙂

  22. Aww…what a cute onesie!!!

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