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So one thing I have been missing a lot from my wardrobe is wearing high waisted skirts and tucked in shirts. It was my staple I think for most of my outfits. I have had to pack almost all of my skirts until after baby. Yesterday though, I decided to pull a stretchy cotton skirt up over my belly and tuck in my silk tank to feel a little more like my style. Haha it made me look super pregnant- but I am really starting to enjoy the baby bump more and more lately. I also really love fake glasses. I dont know why. I dont wear them out and about but around the house I like to put them on. Any old sunglasses I save and pop out the lenses so they become play glasses. Yep, I guess I have a dress up box. Its a good start for a mom right? I have had these since I was velma for halloween one year. Don’t you love turbans? I have been on the search for a good one for such a long time and then low and behold Brittany from Finders Keepers had the prefect colored one. I love it. So cute. Have you checked out her etsy shop. She is always updating it with awesome stuff!

Also, these are my new shoes from Modcloth. I think they are my favorite shoes I own now. They are so adorable. I love the little hearts on them and the bows on top. I feel so feminine in them and they are super easy and comfortable to walk in. LOVE THEM!!

Tank: Target
Cotton Skirt: Forever 21
Turban: c/o Finders Keepers
Heart and Sole Wedges: c/o Modcloth
Necklaces: a gift and thrifted

  1. I love that you’re still styling it up despite the changes with your body at the moment. This look is adorable, very feminine and I love the colours of the tank and the turban.
    I’ve always wanted some fake glasses but since I need real ones but wear contacts it seems silly for me to buy fake ones. gah!
    keep up the great looks!

  2. You should be flaunting the hell out of that belly. You look amazing. I love that you’re jumping back into your trusty styles.

  3. Tina Z •

    Wow, you look great! Seriously, I think pregnant women look best when wearing close-fitting styles that hug their belly. Maybe it’s because I’m jealous and can’t wait for one of my own! But honestly I think your outfit is super flattering and you look beautiful.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is exactly what frustrated me while I was pregnant. All I wanted to wear were highwaisted skirts… I really love how you managed to do it though. And yeah, I pretty much love those shoes – hopefully they’re a little more stable for you than regular heels!

  5. haha. Kev will only let me wear them for the photo and he makes me hold his hand like I have never walked before. They are easy to walk in but still I think they will have to wait till after baby. hehe.
    Its cheating I know. whoops! but you can still see the scrape on my knee from the last time I fell.

  6. I’ve been looking for a top in the colour of your tank, I sorta found something similar last week, but yours is prettier. Your baby bump is pretty cute too!

  7. That turban looks awesome on you and I love the new shoes! The colors of your dress remind me of watermelon which makes me think of how some women tell kids that there is a watermelon growing inside them when they are pregnant… I wonder how that got started?

  8. I’ve never been one for Turbans, but wow it looks great on you!

  9. aahh! how much do i love that you have an obsession for glasses-that-you-don’t-need too! i, too, only really wear mine when i want to play dress up and there are certain times that i’ll sit in front of a mirror and just stare at how gosh darn pretty they are! i should get braver and just wear them out because they are all so darn cute. you’ve inspired me to do so. thank you very much 🙂

  10. I love your bump, Jen! I love following your pregnancy and can’t wait for little baby girl!

  11. well now…i’ve always had plans to wear a caftan, turban and lots of crazy jewelry when i’m an old lady, but you are wearing this turban so well, that i think i may start wearing one 40 years earlier than planned!!! 😉

    the belly is looking great! it’s such a teeny little bump…i’m jealous!!! lol

  12. This is sooo cute! I think you should go buy this skirt in every color and wear it every day. It shows off your lil bump so well!

  13. Christy •

    You look amazing and soo cute!! Honestly, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours ever. Everything just goes so well together and I am in love with those shoes!

  14. I really like how this outfit came together. I think the mauve-ish color and pink really compliment eachother.
    Aren’t those the heels that you had a little accident in! So cute, but I hope they were only for show this time, ha.

  15. You look great! I like the turban too…

  16. super stylish mama look!

  17. awww, you do look extra preggers in this outfit, but i love it! you’ve got the glow. 🙂

  18. You look gorgeous! Adorable baby bump! Congrats! I really love your hat so chic!!!

  19. Love those wedges!

  20. Everything about this is adorable, but I’m just dying over that turban, those glasses, and your wonderful bump!

  21. I love this outfit. It just screams ‘I’m pregnant and I’m totally cute!’ 🙂

    I sort of don’t know what to think about the whole ‘fake glasses’ trend. I think because my poor eyesight effects my daily life and having to wear glasses isn’t really ‘fun’ for me, it’s hard for me to view them as fashion/dress-ups. But that’s just me.

  22. Jen, you are too cute <3

  23. You are possibly the cutest pregnant woman out there. I love this turban!!!

  24. Your shoes are so cute!

  25. Hi Jen!
    I’ve only recently started reading your blog and I love it! Congratulations on the baby girl! How exciting! I don’t know if you are familiar with Princess Lasertron, but she is a blogger/entrepreneur who lives in Omaha (where I live too!) She just had a baby girl a few weeks ago and I thought I would send you the link to check it out. You have similar styles and a lot in common.
    Enjoy your trip to DC this weekend. It is such a fun city!


  26. I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and you are the most adorable pregnant lady ever! Love the shoes.

  27. I absolutely LOVE this! You look so pretty! And those shoes are perrrfect. I wanttt!

  28. ok seriously you are the most stylist mommy to be EVER! love it all 🙂

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