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So there has been a lack of style files lately and well I am going to try to get better on staying on top of it but the truth of the matter is that life is overwhelmingly busy at this moment. I hope everyone will just bear with me as I get thru these last 3 weeks of school. Today I just took a little break from my google reader, from twitter, from emails and just spent sometime getting thru my to do lists here at school and spending some time just thinking about baby. I feel like I do not give myself enough time to relax and be excited about her and maybe thats why I have been struggling with this whole pregnancy ride. I dont generally share about baby stuff other than on thursdays but this stuff is just so cute and it’s really been whats on my mind today so I wanted to share. I think they are all things I would like to buy ourselves or add to our registry. I am hoping we will get to register for stuff tomorrow night (I never had a wedding registry so I am pretty excited to be walking around with one of those gun things-hehe)

So my lovely sponsor Paper Sparrow has the most adorable prints in her shop and I was lucky enough to get to pick one out and I could not be more excited to have it framed in our nursery for the baby. Its so cute…


I have been searching thru nursery pictures like crazy lately because of course I want to decorate the nursery awesome. We can’t paint so I have been collecting lots of pretty art so I can frame them all cute for the walls. This top nursery is MY FAVORITE that I have found. I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! It is adorable- I can’t even stand it. I totally love the color theme and love that she painted the jenny lind crib yellow. I totally might do that! I do love the bottom one too though with the pale pink and yellow. So warm and pretty!


Now if there were no spending limit on strollers this would be my dream stroller. Our friends have it and lets just say its awesome!! Does anyone else have this stroller (the Uppa baby Vista)? Is it worth the investment? I feel like it would last a lot longer than those plastic gracco ones at babies r us.


I also want one of those bumbo seats. I especially love the lime green. It would match out house great. I mean how darn cute is that little baby sitting in that little chair. I also would love a Sophie the Giraffe and this drying rack for all babies goodies.


Now we have 2 full bathrooms in our place. Our master bath which just has a shower and then the spare that has the tub/shower mix. We use the spare tub to hide the litter box because we don’t have a basement and it works out beyond great. I dont really know if I want to give that up. So I love this sink tub for baby. Does any one have this and does it work good? I like that it folds open and is flat. Good for storage!


No I can not get enough of looking at homemade goodies for babies on etsy. I could look all day long. Here are a few of my favorites. I love these bunny slippers. They are sold out right now but I will be stalking them daily until they return and then these cute little crocheted maryjanes- ahh! so cute! I am hoping that the baby loves to wear headbands as much as her mamma because I might be buying her lots of different ones from Lou and Lee plus how sweet are these ruffle bloomers from Rae Gun


ok last but not least- I think this is the bedding I have narrowed it down to. I am really picky and really havent found a whole lot that I like but I like the quilt style and the colors of this set from Land of Nod and I also am not wanting some crazy expensive crib I really love the simplicity of the jenny Lind crib.


Alright, tomorrow I will return with a style file.
Have a nice Monday everyone!

  1. I think Princess Lasertron (@lasertron, http://www.princesslasertron.com) has one of those baby tubs, at least that looks and sounds similar to what she has. I’d ask her about it.

  2. I’m just an auntie, but the Bumbo seat is the best thing EVER! Not only is the green color fantastic, we love putting it on the dining table for the kiddo to hang with us when we’re sitting around chatting or eating. It will take a little while ’til she’s big enough for it, but definitely worthwhile!

  3. you guys are so cute, it makes me tear up!

  4. Jen! Don’t feel bad for missing some posts.. this is YOUR blog and while I and all your readers enjoy you immensly, I think everyone would agree that we hope you are taking time to enjoy yourself, family and life first. Take as much time as you wish to relax and prepare for the sweet little girl that’s on her way! Also, those crocheted maryjanes are the cutest!!!

  5. If you feel the need to take a break from the blogging world just to enjoy your first pregnancy (there’s only one first! :D) then don’t feel bad about it. We’re all women here and totally understand!

  6. Have you heard of SpaBaby?


    It’s a european baby bathtub. It’s basically a bucket that you fill with warm water and keeps the baby’s body submerged from the shoulders down which helps keep them warm. Apparently, you can use it with newborns as well. They have a video on their site that shows how to use it safely (you have to hold baby a certain way, especially when they’re too small to sit upright yet). I haven’t used this (not a mom yet) and I’d probably be nervous about using it the first few times, but it looks like it would be really comfortable for baby!

  7. what you really need is a good baby carrier! newbs are notorious for needing to be carried all the time, and there are so many really adorable carriers. i didn’t even use a stroller till my oldest was around 15 months.
    as a second time mom, i gotta say, you really barely need anything for a baby. advertisers make it seem like you need all sorts of random shit, but it’s a scam. lol. i had so much stuff the first time around that i never used, like a crib and all the little doo dads they make it seem like you are a bad mom if you don’t buy. so get what you like, and don’t stress out that you NEED stuff. really all a baby needs is you. and some clothes and diapers.
    here are some of the places i really like in terms of baby carriers:
    i have one of every kind and they have been the single most useful thing i have ever used as a mom.
    have fun planning!

  8. I am dying over those bunny slippers. So adorable!!!! That sink tub is pretty cool.

    Lulu Letty

  9. Bumbo’s are awesome and Sophie was my daughter’s favorite toy for a long time. We bought a bedding set from The Land of Nod and it is really nice but we didn’t ever use the bumpers (because of SIDS warnings) and we are just recently using the quilt (she’s 14 months now). I really suggest as a money saver to just by a bunch of sheets and blankets. Their sheets are really nice quality and clean up great. We got the cute polka dot sheets that they have because we didn’t find out the sex of the baby ahead of time.

  10. Jessica •

    Love the nursery pictures! The color scheme in the top pictures is so perfect for a girl’s room. And all the babies and moms I know love the Bumbo and Sophie the Giraffe. Also, a Boppy is essential for nursing. So exciting!!

  11. Cute! Cute! Cute! Baby stuff is so fricking cute. My little sister is preggers (her 1st) so this totally gives me gift ideas! Thanks Jen! xo- karrie

  12. winnie •

    I never write comments but I love your blog and I just wanted to say that I think it’s completely normal to struggle with pregnancy. It has nothing to do with how much you want/love your baby, but the first pregnancy, especially, is a time of enormous change and upheaval and physically it can be very demanding. I found my first pregnancy with my daughter five years ago very, very hard. In fact – I hated it! I am now pregnant again and I can’t tell you how much easier it has been so far, even though I am extremely busy and juggling a lot. So don’t feel bad. Women need to talk more honestly about pregnancy and motherhood rather than just going on about how wonderful the whole thing is – though of course it is that too!

  13. I’ve been reading or a few months and have never commented, but since I have both the UppaBaby and the PUJ, I thought maybe I’d give it a go.

    The UppaBaby is really nice – Its definitely meant to be the star in your baby transportation arsenal! The organic fabric in the bassinet attachment is very soft and my 2 month old loves to sleep in it – we even parked the stroller in our room to use at night (you can buy a separate stand, but I didn’t feel it was worth the extra $$). Its a very smooth ride, which took a bit of getting used to actually, because I expected to have to push harder.

    I’m not as in love with the PUJ as I am with the UppaBaby. We liked it for the storage aspect, too, but at two months, my little girl is already starting to outgrow it (she’s 10 pounds) and its become hard to get to the water around her. Its meant for babies up to 6 months, but I think we’ll be giving up and buying a Eurobath pretty soon.

    Oh I almost forgot that we have the drying rack, too and I love it! If I have to have a bunch of bottles sitting out, then at least they should be in something stylish!

  14. Ok I love this stuff! it’s so cuteeee. I love the first nursery too. show us pictures when it’s done!
    good luck with everything!

  15. Not a momma yet, but since I work with little ones for my job, I have to give a HUGE shout out for the Bumbo seat. We have like 30 that we pass out to our families (i do home visits for babies with special needs, but the seats are awesome for all little ones!) They help babies build trunk strength to sit up on their own, and you can get these little trays that fit on top so that your little one can feel extra secure. Definitely a great purchase – bet you can find a lime green one on Craig’s list if you look around, because they really only work until 5 months.

    Whew, maybe they should be paying me to do such a big plug 🙂 Everything else you picked out is ADORABLE, especially the room with the yellow crib and embroidery hoops. Way too cute. Cheers for you, your honesty and positive thinking are appreciated!

  16. Supermom •

    Almost got the Uppa Baby Vista but the baby can put there hands in between the side frame bars and can get stuck. So, I got a Flyer by Bumbleride and love it.

  17. I LOVE those nursery photos! Gosh i wish I was talented in that way… I would love to have made our nursery that gorgeous. Meanwhile I think I have a little stroller lust…

  18. Oh dear this is making me terribly clucky!
    I’m in love with the pictures of the blue nursary with the yellow crib.

  19. Tina B •

    Such cute things! I adore nursery # 2’s colors. It made me calm just looking at it! LOL

  20. Ooh, love the colour scheme of the first nursery! I think it’s more versatile than soft pink – you may need to redo that one when baby turns into a lil’ miss.
    That giraffe toy is all the rage with the smitten kitchen baby too, that kid is the most photogenic thing I’ve ever seen (yet! 😉 ).
    And YES to ruffled bloomers!!

  21. i love both of those nurseries and used them for inspiration on my own!! ohdeedoh.com is the best for inspiration : )

    as for the UPPA baby stroller. they are worth the investment especially if it’s compatible with your car seat. also, if you do a lot of walking in urban areas. i remember you being a runner. jogging strollers are great!! but i would get one at a consignment shop or craigslist (so much cheaper!)

    also, the bumbos are great. again i found mine at a consignment shop for $10. so either register for one or look around!! because, although they are great, you don’t use them that long.

    i have a ton of those lou and lee headbands! but you could make them really easily since they look a lot like your pins. the black part is just cut up opaque tights!

    almost there!! i’m so excited i am expecting baby #2 in january : )

  22. I just thought I would tell you the biggest thing I took into consideration when shopping for a stroller….I knew we were planning on having more than one child…and we were hoping to have them within 2 years apart…I didn’t want to have to buy a whole new stroller when I had 2 kids so I got one that would adapt for a 2nd child. Basically the reason for this is because toddlers are only happy to walk for so long…so if it’s just you and the kids out for a stroll…or shopping you are going to need a stroller to fit 2 kids…and the thought of spending alot of money on a stroller for one kid…and then a few years later having to spend the same amount on one that seats 2 it just doesn’t make sence when there are many strollers out there that will adapt for a second child. I ended up getting the “Valco Baby”..It’s a 3 wheeled stroller, with it you can purchase an adaption that will allow you to just slide on your carseat for when the baby is still quite young…and then when you have 2 kids you can buy a toddler seat add on that allows the toddler to sit at the front of the stroller and the baby to sit or lie behind. I love my stroller SO much and I would highly reccomend it!!

  23. The design of that tub is awesome (I love that designers are bringing a modern sensibility to baby stuff), but I never used a bath for either of my kids. We just take them in the shower with us. I suspect that’s why both of them have loved the water at a very young age and don’t mind getting it in their face–they’re used to the spray from the shower. A note of caution, though: babies are extremely slippery when wet. it takes a little bit to get used to!

  24. April •

    Hi Jen, I’ve never commented before but really love your blog! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I bought the Maxi Cosi Foray stroller for my little girl and it is so wonderful! It is very similar to the one you posted, but half the price. We really love it.

  25. MacLaren strollers are AMAZING. They grow with your baby and they go anywhere so easily. I can’t say enough about them – I’ve steered lots of friends to them after traveling all over the world with my nieces and nephews with them.

  26. Laura •

    I have a few comments. I didn’t get to read the post fully but i did glance through it. I think the bumbo seats are great, I have one in teal blue. I don’t know the stroller that you listed but I believe it’s worth the investment. We have the travel system stroller and it’s great but very bulky. So we bought a cheap graco stroller from target because it’s smaller. I wish we had splurged and got a more expensive one because now that he’s heavier (and yes, although he’s 3 we still use it) it’s so hard to push. You need to consider when buying a stroller that you and Kev are both tall. Look for one that you don’t have to slouch over to push. I dont know why but like mostly all strollers are even too short for me. I find myself pushing it wiht my finger tips just cuz my back hurts. Maybe they think all people are 5′ 4″. With the new baby I am going to splurge and get a better stroller. You will use it so much it is so worth it. Also, you can look into getting a used one. Or if you put it on your registry people can go in on it.

    I had saved a few of the paper sparrow prints in my favorites. I want to get some baby deer prints and birds, like a wilderness theme. I might even use your birch tree mural 😉 I’m excited to actually have a real nursery for this baby. And you gotta stop web surfing because I was going to get you that giraffe toy! And make you baby booties very similar to the ones you listed! I’m not kidding. I dont know about the drying mat. I saw that one on another blog and thought it looked so adorable. But It looks like the sort of thing that would get nasty like moldy down in the grass.

    The yellow crib is so beautiful. If you can’t paint your walls it’s such a nice idea to have everything else colorful. I want to vist you and just sit around talking about baby stuff. I feel like I dont have the time to think about it and research as much as I want to. There is so much new stuff even since I had Anthony and I know there are things I want to do different this time. I’m going to beg Anth to let me come see you. Don’t buy anything for yourself yet. Wait till after your shower.

    PS, your crib set is beautiful. I hope I can find one just as nice for a boy. Haven’t found one yet. But I also haven’t had the chance to search as much as I would want to. Dont stress about always keeping up with your blog, it’s good to take time for yourself. Just relax and talk to your baby girl. xo miss u!

  27. Laura •

    Also, I got an idea from one of your pictures so THANK YOU. I have an ugly glider chair that I hate but it’s functional. I didnt even want to put it in the room. But in the pic you have it looks like she recovered it. I’m going to do that for sure. It would make it look SO much better.

  28. I love the things from the Land of Nod and I love the things you’re considering for your baby’s room! It almost makes me want to find out what I’m having (I’m 15wks along and haven’t decided about knowing the gender yet-so far I’m saying no). I just started reading your blog, and I love it. I, too, live very far from my best-friend having relocated from CA to KY last year after 19yrs and reading your account has made me feel less alone. Keep up the good work and thank you. I’m just coming out of a mini-funk so maybe I’ll be better about keeping up my blog too. Anyway, I love what you have to say 🙂

  29. I have that boon drying rack! I am a pediatric therapist and use it for drying oral motor supplies. I picked mine up at target for around $15. It is definitely functional and adds some cute style to my otherwise blah countertop. Get one! Boon also has some really neat bath and feeding supplies that you can find on their website. 🙂 Have fun shopping for baby!

  30. Okay, so we definitely have the same baby taste. The inspiration photo you chose is almost exactly like one of my faves and I ended up painting my daughter’s teeny nursery a pale blue and then the colors are a smattering of pastels and some primary colors. I totally wanted to do a yellow crib, but we ended up with a hand-me-down crib from my mother-in-law that is white and exactly like the Jenny Lind. And that Land of Nod bedding was in my top 2. It is SO hard to find good bedding! I ended up going with the PBKids Brooke Quilt and Cribskirt (http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/brooke-nursery-bedding/?pkey=bgirls-nursery-bedding) and then mix and matched sheets and got a red gingham bumper. I haven’t hung the art in the nursery yet as she isn’t sleeping in there yet, but when I finish it, I’m going to post on it and I’ll send you the link so you can see the finished product.

    We have the Bumbleride Indie Stroller and I loooove it. We considered the UppaBaby, but I can’t remember why we decided against it… ha ha. Helpful of me, huh? I also have the Bumbo Seat (my sister’s 5 month old loves it), Sophie the Giraffe (so cute!) and that drying rack. The drying rack looks really cute in the kitchen. I wanted that sink tub but decided I’ll probably wash her in our tub anyway so I just got a normal (super ugly plastic- blegh) tub.

    I also have all those Etsy sellers saved. Other cute ones you should check out are:

    And one of my fave baby/kid sites is fawnandforest.com. Free shipping and no tax and way too many amazing things!

    Have fun shopping and dreaming about buying all the things that are way too expensive. Ha ha. Some things just can’t be justified for a baby. : )

  31. omg do you have a direct link to that shop?! that print is so so perfect for the nursery room I’m setting up for my twins. Sorry for bothering you but I have a baby wish list for my shower at myregistry.com and I want to add a few of her prints on there (currently only have boring standard baby necessities on it). They are so enchanting! 🙂

  32. thank you so much for the info, Jennifer! 🙂

  33. that bumbo seat is amazing. my niece LOVED it, and my sister said it was so helpful. Sophie gave my niece a weird rash… i’m not sure if this is at all common or just her, but she broke out into a rash on her face when she would chew on it.

    Makinginlovely.com has a lot of adorable baby ideas… and one darn cute baby too.

  34. wow!

    thanks for the shout out!
    i’m so glad you liked my little norah’s nursery! i had so much fun putting it together!

    it was fun to see it on here since i’m a big fan of your blog!

    good luck with all things baby! it is so much fun!

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