Ruche Summer Lookbook

So I have shown some of the Ruche lookbooks before but man o’ man they keep steppin’ it up everytime a new one comes out. They are just so well done. I love all their new summer looks. The heart cut out dress is like the more adorable thing I have ever seen. I was trying to share just a few pictures on here but couldn’t narrow it down- I just loved them all so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as me, I just had to share. Make sure you head over to the Ruche website and check out the rest of the lookbook. They have some great shoes, accessories and handbags as well!!

  1. Oh, I’m dying. These are all so amazing!!

    Lulu Letty

  2. Thanks for sharing. I always forget to check their site, but I always love their stuff and it sells out quickly.

  3. The heart-back dress is cute. A friend of mine actually had a dress like that ages ago! I don’t recall where she said she got it though.

  4. ohhh that dress w/ the heart back opening is sooo pretty and unique! sigh i heart ruche!

  5. L OVE ruche. They do a great job at marketing their products. They make me want every single one of them! They use such a great photographer too. That’s what really makes the photos stunning.

  6. Oh yes, the heart back dress is cute! I very recently made one, actually. It’s super fun to wear! I love the blue floral dress at the bottom left!

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