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My sister is here- my sister is here!!! My sister Carrie arrived last night (well this morning) at 4am with her cute dog Holly. She drove from Canada after got out of work last night at 11pm. She’s crazy! Anyway, I can’t wait for work to be over so I can go back to the house and hang out with her! Having her here makes me think of this Roll & Tumble Press print. Its just so sweet! I love my sisters. Maybe I should get this print as a gift for them?? Hmm I hope they aren’t reading…


Have you been over to Roll & Tumble Press’ etsy shop lately? They have a few new things up and lets just say they are awesome like everything else. I really want this “Eat” print for my kitchen. I think it would be perfect.

What are your plans for the weekend? We are going to boston tomorrow to see some good friends we haven’t seen in like 3 years!!! Yay!

Here are my favorites from around the internet this week…

1. Dont you just love this girl? She is always dressed perfect and always adorable!

2. Mmm Cranberry Salsa! I think I will have to make this!

3. A Deer with tube socks– YES PLEASE!!!

4. Hmm?? Still seriously considering using cloth diapers and this post made it seem like so much more of a possibility.

5. I think this has to be the most beautiful pregnant lady ever. She is glowing!

6. Mmm another amazing food post. I think I will make these sandwiches next week for my last nights dinner. Sounds so good!!

7. I love how fun and playful this print is! The saying is so cute!

p.s. because someone was so kind to point out that “tell” is spelt with 2 L’s- I would just like to clarify that I know tell is spelt with two L’s and when I wrote the post it had two L’s. My title bar is funny and only lets the type go so far without cutting off letters. Sorry.

  1. That print is super-cute!

    The deer with socks is cute. My dog has tube socks. And no, he doesn’t like them. They line his boots in the winter. Haha, yeah, he needs them because in the city salt burns their paws!

  2. Joanie •

    I think you’re great but “tell” has to “l’s”

  3. chelle •

    Yay for wanting to use cloth dipes! I’ve been using cloth for about 14 months now. I use mainly bumGenius. They’re great for reluctant dads and babysitters. I am finding that after 14 months use, some of them are wearing out. But I would still recommend them. goodmamas are also lots of fun!

  4. Hi there! Deer with tube socks is awesome. I also love Another Day to Dres Up. Your post makes me miss my sister too! Sisters are the best. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

  5. michelle •

    tell your sis b and i said hello!

  6. Cloth diapers are where it’s at. Those sprayers work well, but we just use bio-liners. They look like dryer sheets and you just lay it in the diaper between baby and diaper and when they poop, the liner catches it and you flush it. Simple as that. THE best.

  7. LMFAO about the two “L’s”!! It’s okay, I also work for a school and one of the aides couldn’t wrap her tiny brain around why “actually” had an L in it, let alone two L’s. Holy crap, how does anyone not get that?

  8. Laura •

    I’m thinking about the cloth diapers and making baby food too. More to save money than anything. But I want to hear what your thoughts are about it. Lets talk soon.

  9. I promise this isn’t a blog plug for me – but I just posted about cloth diapers linking back to a post with all my research. I humbly submit it for you to check it out. I also have to confess to being a lurker – I love your blog but never comment! Having just had a boy three weeks ago, I’ve been excited to track your style as you move through your pregnancy. I’m a teacher too, albeit a substantially less chic one.

  10. aw have a fun visit with your sister! i wish mine was coming to visit anytime soon. maybe i can send her that print to convince her 🙂 ~joelle

  11. I am not a mom yet but I do know some stuff about your wish list. First my brother/sis-in-law have that stroller and they love it! It is really easy to use and you can definitely tell a difference in quality when you use that stroller and then use like a graco. I would say if you’re planning on having loads of kids it is a worthy investment. My brother also has the bumbo which is also awesome. First the colors are so bright and cheery and also it is great to put the baby there when you don’t want them to be laying down (doesn’t that get boring for a baby!?).

    Finally they use cloth diapers and though I hate changing the babies when they are wearing them it is cost effective and green.

  12. I love that print and actually purchased it last year for my own sister.

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