Over the Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend it was!! It was the perfect temperature, not to hot not to cold with blue skies and sun. We had a lot packed in and it ended up being a weekend we didn’t really want to end. There were lots adventurous bike rides, a double feature at the drive in (the element is seriously the best drive in car ever!!), bridal showers, dressed up dinners and joint bachelor/bachelorette parties, relaxing and reading pregnancy books, swooning over our vintage pram, sunny outside lunches, afternoon naps and lots of time with Kev!
oh yeah and one elephant with teeth!

How was your weekend?


  1. OMG, that pram is so amazing! I love the white detailing and the basket underneath, I’m sure that’ll come in handy. Your weekend looks so idyllic, glad you had a good time!

    with love,
    Betty Noir

  2. The pram is gorgeous!
    I had a 4 day weekend but got into a big fight with my elderly downstairs neighbour on the first night so was pretty upset the day after until we worked it out. She can be pretty mean for such an old lady :/. I’ll be moving out later this year (thank goodness) and wouldn’t mind a home like that red one up there! And I discovered Glee (it’s not on tv here in Belgium) and got so hooked I ended up watching every episode up until now (the weather has been really bad so I had an excuse to play couch potato…)

  3. Umm I’m pretty sure I had a dream that you were in People Magazine haha

  4. You have the Element?! I do too! Ok, so from one expectant mother to another, I have a question. Actually, I brought up this question to my husband over the weekend. How easy, do you think, will it be to hold the carseat (with the baby in it) in one hand and attempt to get in the back of the Element with the other? Am I just making it sound more difficult than it actually is? I’m only 16 weeks pregnant, so I’ve only now started to think about this.

  5. Jen, you are seriously like my car twin! Our next car will be a civic (too)!!!
    Once you try it out with the baby and the car seat and the element, will you let me know how it goes? The thing that worries me is when the baby’s a bit heavier..20lbs+, getting into the Element might be a bit more difficult. We’ll see.

  6. Is that your pram? It’s super cute!

  7. i LOVE the elephant with the teeths!

  8. that sounds like a lovely weekend.. elephant with teeth? 😀 haha. don’t see that too often?

  9. Awww what amazing pictures! Love the pram! How adorable!!

  10. i love that you went with style over “practicality” with the vintage pram! you are going to be the classiest mom on the block!

  11. Awwww the elephant!!!

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