Friday Share and Tell

So this is going to be a post full of things. Great ready!

First off my students and me found a Walt Disney pandora station and it is blowing my mind right now. I am grinning from ear to ear with every song that comes on. Everyone is singing- its a great Friday!

secondly, The winner of the Ruche Giveaway is LOUISE from FifthSparrow Congrats lady!!

Thirdly, This week is my littlest sister Carrie and her husband Joel’s 4th wedding anniversary!! and she is coming next weekend to visit!!! (Amy you better get your butt her too!) Her and Joel live in Ontario so I am so excited to see her. I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, maybe we will have to do some more sister style files. Here are some pics from her wedding (in the group picture you can see how me and my sisters all have different hair color. I am dk. brown. Carrie has blonde hair and Amy has red hair. Amy is standing next to me on right.)

ok and lastly, here are some things that I have been loving over in the blog world in the last couple weeks…
1. Have you heard of Oliver Jeffers before? I love this guy so much. He is an artist that also illustrates childrens books. I have the Incredible Book Eating Boy Book, but I found this USA Map over on Swiss Miss and just loved it!

2. I have been in love with all Katy’s looks lately. I mean she always looks amazing but has been hitting it out of the park lately. This girl is on fire!

3. How beautiful is this picture of Marilyn Monroe? Its just gorgeous!!

4. I want our baby to have these cute ruffles on her behind!!

5. I don’t think Keiko could be any more adorable or beautiful in these pictures. I just love them!!

6. I laughed so hard at this post Indiana had over on The Wonder Love. I totally agree with everything she said. Although, I am sure when the 3d ultrasound is of your baby it might be awesome. Kev and me totally forgot about Manbabies. We laid in bed the other night laughing hysterical at the manbabies website.

7. How cool is polka dot cheese cake? Yes please!

8. So Cute! Dad and baby

9. Now this girl takes it to the next level, drawing a picture of her outfit as well. So sweet!

10. I can not get enough of Lulu Letty!! Maria is definitely one of my favorite bloggers!!

11. How amazing is this second birthday party? Can this be my next birthday party please!!

12. Haha these plates are awful clever!! They are so fun and cute- I kinda of want them!

Well, that’s it everyone! Happy Weekend!!

  1. Ohh I am trying the Walt Disney pandora station today! I love it so far!!!

  2. It is so funny that you posted the link to the ruffled bloomers. The other day I was wearing a pair of shoes with ruffles on the toes and I said that I felt like they were the equivalent of a little girl’s ruffled bloomers for my feet. They are simply adorable! I love all the little girly girl baby things!

  3. Your sister’s dress is really pretty.

    I love those plates too, I featured them on my blog this week!

  4. I’m SO excited about the necklace! Thank you!! Also, the polka dot cheesecake and the plates are awesome!

  5. have fun with your sister!

  6. I love the swing picture of your sister’s wedding photos! I hope her visit will help you start feeling more at ease with the pregnancy, I read your post the other day about finding it a bit hard. I think I would definitely be feeling the same if I were you! It’ll be nice having some sisterly relief 🙂
    If you want something totally adorable for your baby girl… try this!:

  7. I <3 Oliver Jeffers. How to Catch a Star is my favourite of his.

  8. Thanks, Jen! That’s so sweet and means a lot. xoxo

  9. I love these photos of your sister. Such a beautiful bride! Happy Anniversary to her and I hope you have an amazing time together.

    Aww, Jen you’re so sweet. I can honestly say the same about you and your blog!!

    Lulu Letty

  10. Hey there, I am new to the blog scene and just started reading your blog…. it’s lovely. Really love the pictures of your sister’s wedding and the polka dot cheesecake.

  11. i hadnt seen the sister style file post before — you two are ADORABLE!

  12. George •

    I LOVE Oliver Jeffers. There is a really, really great adaptation of Lost & Found you can buy on DVD, not sure if there is a US region one though. If you can you should definitely check it out, its really beautiful.
    You can watch some clips on the production website:

    Hope you enjoy!

  13. This post was full of amazing and happy things! My favorite! First, your sister’s wedding looked adorable, and full of personality! Love it!

    I didn’t know you are a runner! I always feel instantly bonded to other runners! yay! Isn’t is so hard not to be able to do something that you love, and that your body has become accustomed to having? I just feel so “blah” without it. I am very much looking forward to hitting the pavement again, as I am sure you are too! Do you run races? What distances?

  14. What a sweet post! Your sister is adorable!! I love the carefree pics.. they are just too cute! xo – karrie

  15. Jen, which Disney station? I made one myself that I love!! It’s funny because it’ll also play Glee stuff and some broadway!! I’d love to try yours, too! It makes me smile all day when I play that station…love it.

    Have a wonderful day, you look great!!

  16. steph •

    just found your site from young house love, who i also recently discovered. i am writing because i see you are pregnant and also love oliver jeffers, and i wanted to mention that my now almost 2.5 year old son LOVES oliver jeffers’ ‘how to catch a star’. star was one of his first words, and he would say it with such awe ‘stawwwww’ every time we read it, which was every night. we still read it, and he loves it, and he and i and my husband all know it word for word. the other night he woke up with a bad dream, and the only thing that soothed him back to a sleep state was me reciting ‘how to catch a star’. we are moving in a month and i’m thinking of ways to maybe make his room themed loosely around that book. maybe i’ll just frame some artwork from it…notice in it how the shadows are correct for the time of day in the story. i’ll treasure it always so maybe you will too. good luck.

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