Weekend Style File 05.12.10

So it was freezing on Sunday. Like really cold. Can you see my red nose in the pictures? I felt like it was winter again. Anways, I have a funny story about this outfit. Well its not really funny but maybe a little more funny now that it is over.


So Sunday morning we got up early to go to the 10am service at our church. There are 2 services a 10am and a 12am. I wanted to go to the 10am because I wanted to go to TulipFest in Albany afterwards. It was mothers day so I dressed up a little more than normal for a Sunday. Kev gave me the sweetest mom to be card and got me an awesome basket for my bike as a gift. I was wearing this really pretty skirt, blouse, cardigan and my new amazing shoes. Off we went to the car to leave when I totally tripped. Not over anything other than air. Now I have read about how pregnant ladies have an off sense of balance and shouldn’t wear heels. I knew all this and well I guess I had to found out for myself the hard way. It was bare skin on pavement. Skinned knees and palms- it was 4th grade all over again. I wasn’t a very good mom to be that day. I was really shaken up and hurting so we went back inside and climbed back in to bed so I could rest and make sure baby was ok. Anyways, everything is totally fine- just a bruised ego. When we finally got back up to head out for our day I ended up wearing this instead, my trusty flat sandals and some jeans.


Cardigan: Banana Republic
Tunic: Forever 21
Jeans: H&M Maternity
Sandals: Sears
Necklaces: Forever 21

  1. i can’t say that i too dont have flashbacks to 4th grade from falling over and skinning my knees/hand for no particular reason, but i dont have the excuse of being pregnant (or drunk for that matter). very cute outfit i have to say.

  2. OOooowww! Skinning your hands is the worst, it is just like having a flashback to being little. This shirt is so cute, a great casual Sunday outfit.

    Betty Noir

  3. Awwww. I had no idea pregnancy could to that to you. I hope you used cute bandaids on your wounds! (I think my current bandaid collection includes Dora the Explorer and Diego bandaids!)

  4. sooo cute with your lil baby belly 🙂
    i love that maternity fashion is so chic now a days!

  5. Jen you look great… and I really feel so bad for you! I did the exact same thing at a similar stage in both my pregnancies… I think you just reach a point where your body has some weird balance issues. I’m really glad that you and baby are okay though!
    ps those heels are pretty ridiculously fabulous… i want

  6. Clair •

    Sorry to hear you tripped but the shoes are amazing. I think I would have tried wearing them, too!

  7. Aww! That sounds awful! I’ve never heard of a pregnancy effecting your balance – but it makes sense! Just goes to show I need to dive into some baby books! Hope you’re feeling better!

  8. Oh tripping is no fun. I’m glad you’re okay though and the baby as well. This is still a super cute outfit for Mother’s Day : )

  9. I’m so glad you’re ok, I hate those moments when you fall and hurt yourself and it hurts like hell but you’re super embarrassed too. This outfit is a perfect Sunday morning outfit, casual but still put-together.

  10. wow… that must have been scary, Jen! but seriously this is my favorite pregnancy look of yours to date. it shows off your bump so beautifully what with the skinny jeans and the elastic empire waist and a-line shape of the shirt! you look absolutely beautiful 🙂

  11. I’m just glad to hear you that you are okay! Maybe it was embarrassing and maybe you did crawl into bed afterwards…but I would have done so too :] All that matters is that you and the baby are fine. I hope that the rest of your day was great and happy belated Mother’s Day!

  12. Erykah •

    This outfit is super cute and I love how the shirt flatters HER =)

  13. Muffin! Be careful!

  14. Goodness! Glad you’re OK! Had no idea H&M made maternity jeans, it’s good to know there are so many options out there for moms-to-be. You look purty!

  15. Laura •

    Something about envisioning you falling to the pavement reminds me of how we became friends. Love you! xo

    PS, sorry you fell. be careful you! And this outfit is cute too.

  16. Aw, you poor thing! Do you read Megan Nielsen’s blog? She told a very similar story when she was pregnant a few months ago. Except it was her 2nd pregnancy and she was holding her toddler at the time. Everyone was fine, but it was her 2nd time around and she had to learn the heels lesson just the same. Oh, and hers was in line in a public place!

    her site is http://www.megannielsen.com

  17. awww I love your top! And I’m so sorry you fell! 🙁 What a scary thing! I’m sure you were shaken up. Hope you’re feeling better now!<3

  18. So glad you’re ok (except for some scrapes), that must have been really scary. I didn’t know about the pregnancy/balance thing but it makes sense, since you suddenly have some extra ‘balast’ on the front. Our mother’s day was the week before, and it was freezing too.

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