May Sponsors

Happy Friday everyone!
I just wanted to take a moment and share with you some of my favorite things from my May Sponsors. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet- you should definitely hop on over and explore what each one has much to offer!

Modcloth: My go to store for all things dresses- its so easy to create a spring/summer look over there. I have been obsessed with wedges lately and these ones would work so well with so many outfits. Plus with those socks! oooh they are just perfect!

Line After Line Dress $83.99 | Wicker-ish Wedges $34.99 | Heart Socks $11.99

Roll and Tumble Press: I saw all these “You are all I need” posters in different colors and thought how great would it be to get all of them and have them arranged in nice black frames in a row on the wall. It would look awesome. Roll and tumble is quickly taking over even our own art work in our house. If just fits our style so well.

You are all I need (Blue Sky) $15 | You are all I need (Olive Green) $15 | You are all I need (Tomato Red) $15

Ruche: This website always makes me feel like running away on a last minute vacation to wine country and laying in a bed outside in the country with birds chirping and a warm wind blowy. haha! The clothes are always so beautiful and romantic. I just can’t get enough!

Play Date with Polka Dots $39.99 | Mail Carrier’s Dream Bag $55.99 | 80%20 Jazz Sneakers $54.99

Vol. 25: I’d like to introduce you to a new sponsor!! I am so excited to be working with Vol. 25!! Their prints are incredible fun, warm and full of love. I have seriously added like everyone to my favorites on etsy. They are perfect gifts for friends, hubby’s, BF’s, or even for mothers day! I just love the spirit each one has!

Remember Happiness $20 | LOVE $20 | Heart Can Build A Home $20

Paper Sparrow: I don’t think there is art out there that is more enchanting them Paper Sparrow. I love thinking of fairytales and disney movies when I look at this etsy shop. its like she has captured a particular moment in a far off land where animals run wild and go on adventures all day. hehe! I just love it!

Panda Love Tree $6 | Foxes in Love $6 | Fox in the Forest $15

Finders Keepers: Another new sponsor to jenloveskev! Brittany does a wonderful job finding fabulous vintage pieces for her shop. She has fantastic Hats in there all the time, be quick though because they disappear fast! I love going and browsing thru all the dresses she puts up. Check it out!

50’s Pearl of Feathers Hat $44 | 70’s Buttons and Symmetry Dress $26 | Connect the Dot Heels $32

  1. Laura •

    Some of those paper sparrow prints would look great in your baby’s room. They are enchanting. You have some pretty cool sponsors. xo

  2. I love a lot of the clothing in Ruche, but am constantly disappointed by their over-usage of cheap fabrics: polyester and rayon. But I guess this is the same with a lot of stores, H&M, Forever21, etc.

    ‘Kind of challenging to find a shirt that’s not made of plastic these days 😉

  3. Ok, thank you for introducing me to Vol. 25! This one -wherever we are together / that is home – made me start to cry. I guess I’m a crier these days. It hit the nail on the head for me though, having my boyfriend live so far away, and the fact that I only feel really at home when he is with me. Click-ADD TO CART-.

  4. your sponsors, are absolutely fabulous! i have been long time fans of modcloth and shopruche.. and now you just shared some new beautiful shops with me!

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